June 3, 2014 -- Issue #6 - Volume 15


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1) Taming the Tongue
2) Solid as a Rock - When Life Crumbles


1) Taming the Tongue

> Have you created a lesson, craft, or game on
> taming the  tongue, (ref. James 1:26, 3:5-9)? 
> If so, please share.

Actually I did an illustration of that. Had a "lion tamer"
using mostly just a whip and hat.

Announcer says, "Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls...the world famous tamer will amaze you with his skill as a tamer." 

(Music - maybe circus music) 

Tamer comes out and says, "Yes I am the greatest tamer in the whole wide world and I am about to tame the impossible!"

(Person in tongue costume runs out. I made it with 2 pieces of red felt cut bottom curved like a tongue, drew a line down center almost to end. Left room for arms to stick out, head and feet. Also to look sillier, a pair of funny glasses. Tamer comes out cracking whip telling tongue to do things, and of course the tongue totally doesn't do it and even mocks and runs away. Finally, tamer gives up and leaves while announcer says the Scripture about no man can tame the tongue.)

Kids loved it!

--from SSTN: awesome illustration! Thank you for sharing your #creativeimagination


2) Solid as a Rock - When Life Crumbles

“Oh Lord, preserve my faith. Preserve my faith, O Lord!” I found myself praying that prayer—again. You see my husband, Bob, of 32 years, fainted and fell October of 2013; he sustained a traumatic brain injury. Twelve days later my mother died. My world crumbled. The grief was unbearable. I thought I would die of a broken heart. During those dark days it was almost impossible to think, let alone pray. Most days I could only utter, “Jesus.” Of course I also asked God to heal Bob. But I found myself praying, “Oh God, preserve my faith.” I wrestled and struggled with doubts about what I believed. But where else could I go? Who else could I turn to? Who else is there besides the Lord? And who else has opened the gates of heaven to sinful mortal souls, and holds the words of eternal life?

Then God in his providence preserved my husband’s life and over the course of seven months brought him back from death’s door. Bob still has many physical and mental deficits. Even so, he has made much progress, and this gives me hope! But it is not clear whether or not he will be completely restored on this side of heaven. I question, “Are you there Lord? Do you care?”

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