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SSTN # 6 - January 25, 2007

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1) Theme Ideas
2) Planning A Conference
3) Craft Ideas for pre-teens?
4) Valentine Banquet

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5) Children, Money & Investing?
6) Multiple Aged Lessons?
7) The Wedding at Cana
8) Ideas For Kids 5-12?

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1) Theme Ideas
We have three morning coming up in the next little while
one is for our kids Zone ages 5-12
we are calling it   THE BIG CHILL
a winter theme...It's COOL to Follow Jesus
we will have songs and stories,  make your own ice cream sundaes, relay
races,  with snow shoes (indoors),  melting ice cubes relays,  dressing up
in winter attire relays etc.  and a winter craft.
Our next one is for our CLUB 56 (kids in grade 5 & 6 ages 10-12)
It will be a beat the mid winter blues with a Hawaiin Luau
and all that goes with that.  fruuit smoothies, grass dresses, leis, etc
Our next will be for the KIDS ZONE again
and we are planning a mexican theme with pinata and and festivities, 
nacho chips and salsa, etc
Eileen in Frozen in Canada

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2) Planning A Conference

I'm not sure they still do it, but if you are having a large enough group,
some publishers, like Gospel Light and Scripture Press, may be willing to
send a representative to teach seminars for you. My husband used to do
such seminars, and your only obligation is to provide them a forum and the
opportunity to show their materials.

Norman, OK

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3) Craft Ideas for pre-teens?

   Our church will be taking our youth (age 12-16 ) to a State Park for
the weekend. We plan to have worship and classes with other activities. I
am in charge of the crafts for the children and I need ideas. We will be
going at the end of March. There will be boys and girls both attending.
Does anyone have any suggestions? They would be greatly appreciated.

God Bless You,
JoAnn from Alabama

--from SSTN: make sure you check the crafts section at:

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4) Valentine Banquet
In the past we have had musical entertainment.  Preferably love songs of
sort wether they are Christian or secular.  A nice dinner of course. 
After dinner we usually have the newly wed game.  This is always a big
hit.  We have the men leave the room to answer the same questions that the
wives have to answer about the husbands or each others relationships.  And
then there is a prize for the couple that wins.  It is always funny to
play.  We started doing this with just our sunday school class but then
did it church wide and all age group couple came and it was even more
interesting to see the older couples that have been married 30 years or
more missing some of the questions. 
The other game we played was each couple wrote down the story of how they
met or the most embarrasing date they went on before they got married or
how the proposal went down and then the rest of the group would vote to
see if they could figure out whos story went with which couple and the
couple with the most right answers wins the prize. 
Hope these activities help.
Lisa Pannell
Austin Tx

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5) Children, Money & Investing?

My name is Denise, I teach pre-teens Sunday School. Our them for the 1st
quater of the New Year is "Getting you finicial houe in order".
Everything we teach or are taught will all relate to the above mentioned
subject ie.
Sunday School. Bible Study, and Sunday Service, children and adults.

I have a book entitled Your Child and Money by Larry Burkett, this is a
very good book, it has  key scripture and and key Bible Stories that
co-inside with the topic of the lesson.
What I'm looking for is a book or some material to teach the children
about investing, something on their leval.  Any help/information I can get
will be greatly appreicated.
In His Service

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6) Multiple Aged Children?

I teach a sundayschool class every third sunday of every month.  My church
is just beginning, so we have one class with the age group of about 5yr
olds, all the way up to 10 to 11 yr olds.  Does anyone have any ideals on
different lessons I could do and activities.  Just keep in mind that since
my church is just starting it isn't our building that we are using, so I
don't have many supplies.  Thanks
Kali in NJ

--from SSTN: check out the Bible-4-Life series at:

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7) The Wedding at Cana

(John 2:1-11) was one of our Bible readings in worship
recently.  I had an object lesson in which I explained to the kids a bit
about how wine is sometimes made at home with a milk jug, grape
concentrate, sugar, water, and yeast.  I had some of these things to show
to the kids.

While some might be horrified at this, Lutherans believe Jesus made real
wine at Cana and we use real wine in the Lord's Supper.  I explained how
very careful someone must be to clean the jug of any foreign yeast strains
that would turn the solution to vinegar.  The same necessitates using a
water bubbler air lock to keep foreign yeast in the air from getting into
the grape juice solution.  If all goes well, it will be as much as twelve
weeks before the wine is ready to use.  Yet, Jesus said nothing other than
to have the wine steward taste the water in the stone jars nearby. 
Although freshly filled with water, the steward found high-quality wine. 
It was Jesus' first miracle, yet really important part is that it points
to Him as the Messiah.  Wine is an Old Testament symbol of God's coming
kingdom in Isaiah 25:6f., which sounds a lot like Revelation 21:1-4.  The
stone jars for purificatioin were part of the Mosaic law to be
overshadowed when Jesus came with grace and truth (John 1:17).  The
disciples saw His glory and believed on Him.

Rev. Philip Bohlken
Grace Lutheran Church
Caldwell, Idaho

--from SSTN: to reveal Jesus as Messiah is exactly the point of this
"water to wine" miracle. Thank you, Rev. Bohlken, for making this point.

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8) Ideas For Kids 5-12?

    Praise God! I just joined your site and am very excited about the work
you are doing, hats off to you!
I have a stumbling block set before me and hoped to get some ideas and
thoughts from your association. I have the honor of working in a small
church with a great group of kids. However we are lacking in the teacher
department. In the past we have had three classes consisting of Beginners
ages 2 to 4, Juniors 5 to 12 and Teens 13 to..., well some are 22. The
Beginners class has had the same teacher for years, unfortunately our
Juniors have had many teachers over the past few years. For one reason or
another the teachers of this age group choose to leave. Then we have the
Teens which I have been working with for years as their teacher and youth
group leader.
    The situation now is this: I am now teaching both Juniors and Teens in
one combined class. For several years I have been accustom to writing my
own lessons/activities and diving deep in scriptures with our teens on
topics such as verse by verse in depth study of the entire book of
Revelation. I find it difficult to now challenge my teens while
maintaining learning and interest with my Juniors. My own daughter is now
in this Junior class and it really concerns me when there is talk of
splitting my now "Children's Church" to have another "new" teacher. My
fear is having someone else come in only to leave again, I can only
imagine what effects this may have on the children. We average 11 to 14
kids total between the two classes and the teens are very understanding
and helpful. I really hate to see this class split at this time and hope
to find some great ideas for maintaining learning with all ages. I am not
really looking for literature as stated I write my own, however I am
looking for fresh ideas to teach the younger ones without boring them and
still yet challenge my teens on an every Sunday basis.
Thanks for your time and suggestions.
Determined to Serve

--from SSTN: Dear "D.T.S.", I'm so glad you've joined SSTN. Welcome! There
has been lots of previous discussions on teaching multiple-aged classes
and you can read those past articles in our Archives section at:

I hear your concern and can really appreciate your desire to want to
protect the kids under your care. There was a time, when after teaching
for several years the 5th and 6th grade boys, that I didn't want to turn
them over to the next level up, because it wasn't as "grounded" as "our
department". However, over time, directors and teachers changed and now
the upper levels are sound and doing well. God heard our prayers and
provided the necessary teaching staff. So, continue to pray for direction
and find ways to train dedicated teachers, because in the end, to have
challenging material for middle school (and up to age 22...wow!) as well
as for younger kids is a VERY tall order. Someone will miss out.

I do encourage you to look at the past articles on multi-age or multiple
ages classes and consider ways to break your department down into
age-appropriate groups, if at all possible. And if you end up needing help
with curriculum, consider the Bible-4-Life series for K-5th grade:

Again, welcome to the network! I hope it's a blessing for you!
Your webservant,
Sarah Keith <><

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