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SSTN # 6 - January 19, 2006

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1) Cowboy song
2) Valentine's banquet ideas?
3) Special Needs Children?
4) Teaching One Year Olds?
5) Soul Survivor Camp Ideas
6) End of the Spear
7) Room Theme?
8) Kids Under Construction?
9) Prodigal Son?

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1) Cowboy song
This is sung to the tune “I’m in the Lord’s Army”:

I’m the Lord’s cowhand, yahoo!
I’m the Lord’s cowhand, yahoo!
I may never stomp on a rattlesnake,
Ride down a canyon,
Shoot a pair of six guns—
I may never round up the outlaws
But I’m the Lord’s cowhand.


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2) Valentine's banquet ideas?

Does anyone have anything different but yet cute, for Valentine's banquet
ideas? We have done a dinner where the ladies hosted and last year the men
hosted it. We have played The Newlywed Game and other games but are
looking for a new theme entirely. I would really like some ideas please.
Thanks and God bless.
Sarah Hawkins

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3) Special Needs Children?

Thank you so much for the ministry you provide with this site and
newsletter.  I have reviewed your archive and found very little on the
ministry I am now involved.  I have been teaching Sunday School and
Children's Choir for about 25 years and the Lord has led me into a new
direction of teaching.

Our church is now offering a class for special needs children and I have
volunteered to lead this class.  We had two autistic boys this last Sunday
both with very different characteristics.  Jacob is constantly moving and
has difficulty stopping long enough to focus and Daniel is very sedentary
but still the same difficulty in focusing.  I am obviously going to need
to have more planned to be able to try and get their attention.

Our Sunday School time will be approx 45 min to an hour and I not sure how
detailed, varied, or stimulating I need to make the lessons.  I have many
resources acquired over the years but need to know how to adapt to Jacob
and Daniels needs.

Are there any of your readers that have dealt with teaching autistic
children that could offer constructive advise?  Any suggestions

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4) Teaching One Year Olds?

>I am the Director of Preschool Ministries at our Church. In response to
>your Nursery age question, we actually started this year buying
>curriculum for 1 year olds.
Can you give me some ideas on what you do with the one year olds?
I know they can be taught but we have a new preschool coordinator who
isn't quite convinced.

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5) Soul Survivor Camp Ideas

>My husband and I are youth leaders for Jr. & Sr. High.
>We are planning a "Soul Survivor Camp" this summer for
>four days.  We would like any ideas anyone might have
>that would pertain to this type of camp. 

My husband and I have been the activity directors at our church camp for
about 5 years.  Every year my husband comes up with awesome ideas for the
activities.  The first year the theme was Soul Survivor, but every year
after he has kept the "survivor" type of challenges but made it match the
"theme" of the year.  To email all of the ideas he has come up with would
take too much room.  Here is just one that he has done: "Carry your
cross"-he made crosses that were pretty sizeable.  He cut them up so that
they would have to be re-assembled in a puzzle like fashion. He also spray
painted them to match the team color.  The pieces were spread out in a big
field that we use.  Then he had each group divided into three groups.  The
first group was tied together and they had to go pick up all of the pieces
and put them in a pile for the "builders".  Once they had all of the
together, then the builders ran to the pieces and had to assemble the
After it was assembled, the 3rd group from each team was the "runners". 
The "runners" ran and picked it up and had to run it up this HUGE hill
that our cafeteria is located on. My husband had used a post hole digger
to make a hole in the ground for each of the crosses.  Once the 3rd group
had the cross in the ground, the adult that was at that point gave a
signal for the other 2 groups of kids from that team to come up.  The
first team who had all of their kids at the top of the hill won. It was a
lot of fun!
Of course, he always has the "controversial" food challenge involved.
done those many different ways also. We don't eliminate kids.  Each team
gets so many points for whatever position they are in.  At the end of the
week we give everybody a little trophy that we get from Kipp or Oriental
Trading Company.  I make labels that say "I Survived Youth Camp 2005" or
whatever the year.  We always give every body a Snicker Bar also.  We
usually give the first place team a dollar each also.
If you want more information, maybe I could send a list of the games to
Sarah.  We have indoor and outdoor activities.   God Bless!  Sherri (IN)

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6) End of the Spear

A major film, called End of the Spear, will be launched January 20. I
believe God will use it in a big way. It depicts the effects of the grace
of God in very powerful and spectacular ways.

The story begins in 1956, when five Christian missionaries (Jim Elliot was
among them) gave their lives in an Ecuadorian jungle, attempting to bring
the gospel to the Waodani stone-age people. At that time they were the
most violent tribe on Earth -- and yet they became the most loving and

The missionaries made friendly contact, but something went terribly wrong.
The Waodani speared them to death. A tragedy? Yes, but God turns
everything to good, for the blessing of many and for His glory, and this
was no exception.

God used this tragedy to motivate more people to become missionaries than
any other event in modern history -- perhaps ever. He also used two women
to complete the work of the five martyred missionaries, bringing the
Waodani to himself. So the deaths of those five men did more to advance
the kingdom of God than their lives ever could.

God's ways are so great!

By the way, the producers of End of the Spear is Bearing Fruit
Communications http://www.bearingfruit.org/About/ . They have more plans
in the works to advance the gospel through similar means. Find them on
their web site.

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7) Room Theme?

Hi~ I am getting ready to teach on the parables of Jesus.  I would like to
decorate the room with a Bible theme.  Does anyone have any ideas or
suggestions?  I am cover the walls with 'tyvak' so that I can paint a
mural.  But I can sure use some ideas.
Also, do you know where I can download coloring pages?
Blessings. linda

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8) Kids Under Construction?

I am planning on doing our VBS this year with the theme
"Kids Under Construction."  Any ideas for stuff to include with this

--from SSTN: some general Bible themes which come to mind are:
"The Wise Man Builds His House On A Rock" - Matt. 7:24
"Jesus, The Cornerstone" Eph. 2:20
"Jesus, The Rock" Rom. 9:33
"Christians are living stones being built into a holy temple." 1 Peter 2:5

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9) Prodigal Son?

Hi, our sunday school children are going to do the entire church service
and our theme is on the "Prodigal Son".  Any tips,or information
would be greatly appreciated.   I need help with songs, decorations and
maybe a skit?  Any ideas???  God Bless, Karen 

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