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1) Children's Mission Project:
44˘ Cure
2) Easter Skit: Are You Ready?
3) Book of Numbers
4) Preparing Children's Sermons
5) One Night VBS

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6) One Night VBS
7) Tweens?
8) Missions Lessons
9) Skit for Sweetheart Banquet?

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1) Children's Mission Project: 44˘ Cure

44 Cents will cure a child in a developing country. It will also teach a child to love God by serving people.

The Kids’ 44 Cent Cure Children’s Project offers children the opportunity to help hundreds or thousands of children around the world by collecting coins. 

Approximately 40% of the world’s children are affected by intestinal parasites, usually caused by dirty water and poor sanitation. Parasites affect a child’s development and cause hunger, nausea and lack of energy. In about 60,000 severe cases each year, they kill.

For a VBS outreach project, Bible clubs and Children’s departments; the Kids’ 44 Cent Cure Children’s Project gives children an opportunity to make a significant impact through a hands-on experience while teaching them about other children around the world.

This project can be found at

Mark Lamb | World Concern
Ministry Development Coordinator
19303 Fremont Avenue North
Seattle, Washington 98133
Direct: 206-546-7386 | Toll Free: 800-755-5022 ext 7386

"You have not lived until you have done something for someone who can never repay you." - John Bunyan


Easter Skit: Are You Ready?

We want to meet Jesus when we die, but are we ready? This introductory skit presents Lenten Easter lessons on the final week of Jesus' life and all of His resurrection appearances. You'll find the skit listed in our Easter Skits section at:  


3) Book of Numbers

Greetings, my name is Mary. I lead/teach Junior Church currently, and have led Children's Church, etc.. We recently passed through the book of Numbers.

If you are going through the Bible, I would recommend two books for you: 1."The Big Picture Bible Time Line" (coloring pages which can be duplicated (only one for Numbers)) from Gospel Light, 2. "Reproducible Maps, Charts, Time Lines & Illustrations" from Regal A Division of Gospel Light.

If you have a Scofield Reference Bible, there is helpful information in the introduction to each book. Other Bibles may have the same or different types of helps.

Numbers is so named for the numbering of the people.
Theme: How to serve in the presence of THE Holy God.
Key Verse: Numbers 9:17
Main People: Moses, Aaron, Joshua, Caleb, Miriam and the priests.
I hope this is helpful. There are key stories and lessons to be learned. If you need help with this I can do a follow up.

Mary Starke

--from SSTN: you can find the aforementioned books in our bookstore by using the search tool at:


An excellent Easter resource...sample Lesson here!


4) Preparing Children's Sermons

This may be helpful to the person looking for help on writing children's sermons.



5) One Night VBS

Last year we did four Back Yard VBS's . We went to four different homes of some of the older members of our church. We did the VBS about Joseph/Egypt. First week my husband and I built a bamboo cage. He was prison...we did the class time in the cage. Kids loved it. Next time he was Joseph again as a Vizier. Regal robes. Kids made mud bricks (with their feet). Then Joseph met his the Palace...We stayed outside, under carports or in garages. We only used the host's bathrooms, an electrical plug, and so on. The host at each house prepared the snack items and drinks. We set everything up the night before. It was done every other Saturday. The older members loved it because they felt they were able to contribute to VBS. The kids enjoyed seeing the members at different places other than just the church. The last VBS was done at the church (again on a Saturday) Joseph telling his brothers who he was...later that day with we ended with water fun. We did this in June and July...skipping the July 4th weekend. It was a complete success! Dianne from Alabama

--from SSTN: sounds wonderful! What a fantastic, personal way for kids to connect with the adults @ church!






6) One Night VBS

We did VBS differently at my small church last year also. Instead of having it one night a week I covered as much of the VBS material as I could every Sunday during Children's Church. It took me almost 4 months of Sundays (45 min. each Sunday) to cover the weeks worth of VBS curriculum, but it worked much better than I expected. We did Egypt Joseph's Journey from Prison to Palace. Another church gave us the materials and supplies they had left from their VBS earlier that summer. When we finished learning all of the material I had the kids (12 kids) run a 1:30 Mini Marketplace VBS after church for the adults. We were very pleased that 30 adults stayed after church to attend! Everyone really enjoyed it. I will be doing VBS the same way next year.



7) Tweens?

I am the Education Director for my church and have been searching for lessons that are directed for "tweens" children that are 11-14 years of age. They tend to grasp lessons better if there are activities to correlate with the lesson, but I have difficulty finding material directed to their age range. Can you please help me with this? Thank you for your time.

Tracie Smith 

--from SSTN: Hi Tracie, Check out these tween and middle schoolers resources we have set aside in our affiliate bookstore at:


8) Missions Lessons

google and then you can go to resources or kids - this is a great resource - they have a lot to offer - you can also check out CEFonline - They have many missionary stories in flashcard form - you may even have a local CEF (Child Evangelism Fellowship) chapter in your own town - they would also have resources.  And then there is also YWAM, JAARS, Discipleland (My Volcano Adventure) and MAF.
God bless you 

--from SSTN: you can find "My Volcano Adventure" in our bookstore by using the search tool at:



9) Skit for Sweetheart Banquet?

Do you have any skits for a couples get together? (for sweetheart banquet)
I'd appreciate any information you might have.
Thank you!

I love your materials! I will be sending a small offering soon!
Mary Grace Eccher

--from SSTN:
thank you, Mary! You might try our search tool using Valentine for your keyword. I don't recall a skit, but there are some valentine ideas that might get your creative juices flowing! You can find the search tool on our home page at:  (check our links pages too).

Your webservant,
Sarah Keith <><


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