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SSTN # 69 - August 28, 2006

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1) Monkey & Battle Zone VBS
2) Monkey VBS
3) Promotion Sunday Bibles?
4) All talk is not gossip
5) Prayer with children

The Prayer of JESUS....Did you know?

6) Good Computer Program
7) Mascot Swap?
8) Nativity Set for Kids
9) Kid skit @ wedding 
10) Chalk Talks?

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1) Monkey & Battle Zone VBS

There is a great song by One Way Street that has monkey sounds in it.
It is on Puppet Trax, Vol. 2.  It is called "Me No Wanna Sin No More."

We have used it in several different ways in our puppet ministry.  It has
a great message and is a really cute song.

Our Children's Leaders wrote their own VBS this year with the theme
The Lord's Army.  It was great!
We used three stories:
    David and Goliath
    Joshua and Jericho

In the Bible Story, we focused on the shout.  David told Goliath, I come
to you
in the name of the Lord.  So we ended with the children shouting, In Jesus

In Joshua, after walking without any talking, we all shouted.
And in Gideon's story, we all shouted the sword of the Lord and of Gideon.

It turned out great!  Our children's group has kind of gone through a
and is mostly comprised of younger children right now.  The kids loved the


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2) Monkey VBS

Hi Michele,
Our Sunday School enjoys a cute song called "Who's the King of the
Jungle?". It incorporates monkey sounds and motions, with a main theme of
Jesus being the King of the jungle, sea, and universe. If you are
interested I can seek permission to send the words.
I find it very interesting that you are putting together your own VBS
curriculum and songs. I have found that some of the music which comes with
the purchased kits can be a distraction from our desired focus for the
day. It seems like our kids get all wound up with what they and the other
kids are doing (yelling, being hyper, rocking out) instead of focusing on
the meaning of the words, the point of the day, and on worship.

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3) Promotion Sunday Bibles?

Many years ago our Childrens Minister wrapped the promotion Bibles in
different wrapping paper and told a story about each one.  Has anyone else
seen this done?  Anybody know what layers there are?

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4) All talk is not gossip

gossip is a bad thing but all talk is not gossip. sometimes people Will
accuse you of gossip just because everyone has confidence in your opinion.
when you maliciously attack someone to tear them down this is gossip. my

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The Prayer of JESUS....

Did you know that the prayer of Jesus, The Lord's Prayer, is the ONLY
prayer Christians are instructed to pray? This model of how to pray is
what Jesus taught his disciples.

You too can tell the children in your ministry how to pray correctly
when you use our easy-to-understand Bible-4-Life series,
"The Prayer of Jesus" for K-5th grade.

Learn more at:

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5) Prayer with children

I am replying to the person writing about prayer with  children.  I teach
a 5 year old program.  It's a christian preschool and prayer is a major
part  of the curriculum.  I started a prayer circle for the children
because I also felt they were saying the words but didn't realize why. 
Every day we gathered together in a circle holding hands.  Every child had
the opportunity to offer prayer for anyone.  We even prayed for animals! 
Not every child would ask for prayer in the beginning.  By the end of
school, we needed to reserve more time for our prayer circle.  The
children saw their p;rayers answered and never let me forget to end our
day with our prayer circle.
I hope this helps you in some way.  It was a great time to also offer
praise for other things, too.

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6) Good Computer Program


I use American Greetings Spiritual Expressions 7 from Broderbund.  It has
several fonts, clip art galore and you can create cards, newsletters,
crafts and much more.  You can contact Broderbund at their website to see
what version they are currently offering.  I've been teaching Sunday
School for 6 years now and this program is the only one I use.  I picked
it up for under $20.  Hope this helps you in your search. 

ysiC, Patty  :)

--from SSTN: you'll find it in our bookstore for 13.98:
use the search box to locate it.

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7) Mascot Swap?

I would like to find a group to swap a mascot with, i run a Sunday School
in England and our group have swapped with an American group before and
would like to swap again, maybe from another Country. Mascot swap is like
penpals but with a mascot and we wrote as a group and sent pictures,
crafts and a dvd etc,


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8) Nativity Set for Kids

There are quite a few really cute sets in SSTN's bookstore at:
Type "Nativity Sets" into the search box and you'll find one made by
Playmobile, as well as a plush set, a veggietales one and even a Russian
nesting set. Some of them come with a book which tells the Christmas

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9) Kid skit @ wedding
There is a great site on the traditional Jewish wedding and how it relates
to Jesus as the fulfillment (The church as the Bride of Christ) at: 
While it is not an actual skit, you could incorporate the ideas given to
present a clear gospel message, using a marriage as the visual.
Further questions?  I can be reached at:
Lori Plummerlorilyn6@myway.com

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10) Chalk Talks?

We are looking for chalk talks for use as Children's sermons. What I mean
by chalk talk is you make marks on a board as you tell a story, the marks
relating to a specific part of the story. At the end of the story, the
resulting picture matches up to the point/message/ending. Any sources
would be much appreciated. Thanks!

Tanya M.
Philip, SD

--from SSTN: you can find "Dewey's Chalk Talks" by using our bookstore
search tool: http://www.sundayschoolnetwork.com/bookstore.html 

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