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SSTN # 68 - August 25, 2006

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Have you told them? Do they know?

1) Servant Song?
2) Gossip
3) African Mission?
4) After School Club
5) Nativity set for toddlers?
Get on the Super Hero Team!

6) Monkey VBS
7) Monkey VBS
8) Battlezone VBS
9) Watermelon story
10) Watermelon Lesson

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Have you told them? Do they know?

Have you told your kids the story of Jesus? Do they know him?
Have you captivated their attention?
Have you told them in a way that makes sense to them?

Check out, "Tell Me the Story of Jesus", a two-semester, hands-on Bible
lesson series on the life of Jesus, from childhood to Pentecost. 

Learn more in the Bible-4-Life curriculum section at:

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1) Servant Song?

Could anyone please tell me where I can get a cd or cassette with the song
brother let me be your servant?can I also take this oppurtunity to say
thanksfor a wonderful and helpful website. Thanks and God bless from hazel
in the UK.

--from SSTN:
you can find it here:

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2) Gossip

     It is important to remember that no one is perfect, and that we are
all trying to think and do the right thing so that we can make it to Gods
Church should be viewed as a HOSPITAL
every week we get sick and we go there for healing.
We meet sick people and well people there. Everyone that goes to
church/hospital they are going for a reason, to be healed. 
We cannot watch what other people do  we just need do what is right
Gossip is a hurtful thing, and we all do it at one time or another, pray
for yourself and for people who do hurtful things to you ask god to give
you the strength and the courage. I ask God for this everyday. i ask God
to help me to not hold grudges. I can always forgive but not forget.
Any advice is welcome
ANNIE  (Bham England UK)

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3) African Mission?

I've just been told that while I'm visiting my mom in Africa, I will be
giving her kindergarten class their Bible study lesson for the two weeks.
The class is taught in Swahili so I will have an interpreter - I've
decided on doing it on "God made me special." I can only do two crafts so
don't need craft ideas. I'm going to begin with Genesis and cover why we
were created.
I also thought I could do one on being fearfully and wonderfully made and
bringing some magnifying glasses to look at our fingerprints.  After that
I am drawing a blank here! I'm leaving the first week of Septermber and
need ideas quick. Luggage weight is very limited so must rely on supplies
(which also will be quite limited I'm sure) over there. 

--from SSTN: great opportunity. It's important to tell the kids the
solution to our problem too. We were created to love and serve God, but we
have a problem, sin, it comes between us and God. A simple way to
communicate this with kids, of all languages, is to use the Wordless Book
or Colors of Christ. You can see examples of this in our crafts section:

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4) After School Club

In response to an after school Bible study. My daughter does 2 after
school programs. The school will not pass out the materials but allow my
daughter to come in at the beginning of the school year and pass out
flyers and permission slips for an after school "Good News Club". They let
her use the school free of charge naturally. She uses programs from CEF
(Child Evangalism Fellowship). You can go to their website and find out
more. www.cefonline.com/ministry/gnc.php 

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Get on the Super Hero Team!

Get your kids on the Super Hero team when you use,
"Super Heroes of the Bible", one of our two-semester series from our
Bible-4-Life curriculum section. You'll find it listed at:

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5) Nativity set for toddlers?

I want to buy or make a nativity set that can be used by our toddler
class. I've seen the Fischer Price and Playskool sets on ebay, the FP is
cute but I'm not sure if I want a set where everyone looks like a child. I
also want one that can be handled but the kids and will hold up over time,
any suggestions?
Linda in Edmonds

--from SSTN: any of the sturdy plastic or wood ones, so long as the pieces
are not too small, will work. I've always allowed my own kids to play with
the pieces over the years. In fact, one of the advent preparations we've
done in our family was to place the kings across the room, then each day
one of the kids was allowed to move them closer to the baby Jesus.

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6) Monkey VBS

There is a monkey song the kids choir has sung in the past - "Who is the
King of the Jungle?" and in it we used the monkey sound and motions.
This would go with your VBS theme.

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7) Monkey VBS

"Animal Fair" sings about a monkey. The original version includes a line
"The monkey, he got drunk" but the "Wee SIng Silly Songs" version says
"you should have seen the monk" instead.

Also, this is not a monkey song, but there's an old children's hymn "O be
careful little eyes what you see"

Other verses are "...little ears what you hear"... and "../little lips
what you speak.."

Also ..."little feet where you go..." and "...little hands what you do..."

If you'd like the entire words I could give them to you. Might also be
able to locate the sheet music for it. My e-mail is laebanks@htomail.com

Laura (Cayman Islands)

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8) Battlezone VBS

This is in response to the request for some ideas for a Battlezone VBS
theme.  First hello to a fellow Kentuckian!  We have never done a
battlezone theme but I had a few ideas. I would treat the kids as new
recruits.  When you're doing your large group teach time you could address
them as private first class and have them answer you "sir yes sir!"  I
would have the main storyteller dress in army gear and be the general
there to share stories.
First you could talk about the different vehicles used for battle- tanks,
fighter planes, choppers etc.  You could even make up some sort of
personality test with these.  For example, are you a fighter jet,
leading others into battle or are you a supply truck, taking care of the
needs around you or are you a helicopter rescue vehicle- always helping
your friends out when they have a problem.   All of these vehicles are a
vital  part of the army.  God made us all different, and we're all
important to his army.  All of these vehicles need fuel if they want to
run.  We need fuel if we're going to run and the fuel is God's word.  When
you do your Bible memory time say, "Privates, its time to fuel up!"
As far as Bible stories if I was doing it, I would do 5 lessons on Paul
and the battles he faced.  The battles could be loneliness, fear,
rejection, wanting to give up, peer pressure, discouragement,
pride,etc There are so many great Bible stories about Paul- his
conversion, initial rejection by the apostles, being lowered in a basket,
shipwrecks, jail time, and more.  Each lesson could be about a battle he
faced and how he used the armor of God to fight that battle.  After all he
did pen the verses in Galations about the armor of God so who better to
talk about it.  If you have one main teacher, they could be Paul,
telling his story each day.   The thing I like about this theme is that I
think it would be very applicable to kid's lives today and would hit on
things that they face today such as loneliness, fear, etc.  Your Bible
verses each day could deal with that particular battle.  Or you could just
have the kids memorize the armor of God verses over the whole 5 days.
If you don't want to do Paul, you could also do great battles of the Old
Testament- Joshua/Jericho,  Moses vs Pharoah,  Gideon and his whittled
down army, Daniel vs Lions, David vs Goliath, etc.
As far as a song, once we did a song with our kids that is like the army
chant from the Tony the Tiger commercial.  You would have to change the
words to go with your theme.  You chant the line and the kids repeat you
Everywhere we go
People want to know
Who we are
So we tell them
We're God's soldiers
Mighty mighty soldiers
Taking a stand
Following his command
and so on.
Hope this helps get your gears turning!  Blessings!

--from SSTN: check out the S.O.S. lessons
in our Sermons and Lessons section at:

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9) Watermelon story

The Watermelon story is from Child Evangelism Fellowship. The black seeds
stand for sin. The meat of the melon stand for Jesus blood. The white
rhine is for a clean heart. The green rhine is for growth. With the book
you get the story pictures plus game ideas for a watermelon party. I've
done it a couple of times and had lots of fun.

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10) Watermelon Lesson

Concerning the request about the watermelon story.
Child Evangelism Fellowship had a story about the
watermelon.  I'm not sure if it's still in print, but
this might be a good source.

Sheila Lake

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