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SSTN # 66 - August 21, 2006

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1) W.H.A.M.
2) Shake Up Youth Dept
3) Monkey VBS?
4) Teen Icebreaker: The Color of My Week
5) Styrofoam paint
>> Have you told them?

6) Battle Zone VBS?
7) After school Bible group?
8) Good Computer Program?
9) Taking prayer seriously
10) Note on Gossip

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1) W.H.A.M.

I did a junior high group for several years. We decided to call the group
W.H.A.M. which stood for We Have A Mission!  The kids loved having a
program geared to their unique age group. I used  curriculum that I found
at our local Christian book store. I am a big fan of Group
Publishing...they have excellent materials. There are many good materials
available through different publishers that deal with grade specific
topics. Talk sheets are also a good method to get kids discussing
different topics. The kids always knew they could discuss any questions or
concerns in WHAM, which is vitally important at that age. That is a very
important age, and many times churches lose teens because there is nothing
at church to really help them. May God bless your endeavor!

--from SSTN: these resources, including "Talk Sheets" can be found in our
bookstore at:

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2) Shake Up Youth Dept

Dear Vicki, 
I think you have two issues here to be asking God's direction on.
As Sarah has said if the leadership is closed  to addressing real
problems, that is your major  concern - will they diagloge with you and
other parents about the purpose and direction of the youth group?
Sometimes one group will only see part of what another is doing and not
see the big picture. Do they have a plan? They might and are just not good
at sharing their vision - or it could be as you say that it's being poorly
lead. Inquire, don't attack (I'm not saying that you have, only that it's
easy to do)
Secondly, if you get involved with the youth, you need to have an attitude
of wanting to serve them and to build real relationships with
them, not just "shake them up".  Are you and others willing to make a
committment to them. One of the hardest things for youth ministries are
finding those willing to make long term committments - it's difficult for
kid's to trust the leaders if they are changing every 6 months. And not
having committed help can cause a overwhelmed Youth leader to only offer
"chocolate milk".  An Associate Pastor I worked under had a sign in his
office that said "They won't care what you know, if they don't know that
you care." And that is what helped direct our Children's and Youth
I praise God that you have a heart for these young people and their
relationship with Him. I'm praying that this will work out for all be
resolved with little conflict.
Linda in Edmonds

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3) Monkey VBS?

Hello everyone,
I just want to start by saying how much I enjoy this newsletter, it is
always full of great ideas.

VBS for this year is just barely over and I am already on the hunt for
next year.  I am changing from a weeklong VBS to just Thur, Fri and Sat. 
I am not going to buy a kit this next year, I've come up with my own
theme, and would like everyones input if they have any.  I have chosen a
tropical theme because the kids love the decorations, but I'm going with
monkeys, and using the ideas of
"See no evil, Hear no evil, Speak no evil" (3 days worth of lessons).

I have found many "monkey" snacks and crafts, and even a game from
SSNetwork, but I am looking for monkey songs and lessons to go with
#1.  See no evil
#2.  Hear no evil
#3.  Speak no evil
or ANY ideas you might have to help me out.

Thank you so much for you help...keep op the GOOD work!!!
Michele - NAC
Galesburg, MI

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4) Teen Icebreaker: The Color of My Week

Ask each person to say their name and describe what colour their week
was...they don't need to explain what the colour means: that is between
themselves and God.
This works great with teenagers who want to be private or are that
embarrassed age. It's interesting to watch their faces as they silently
review their week and assign a colour to it that means something only to
them and their Lord. Lovely!

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Have you told them?

Have you told your kids the story of Jesus?
Have you captivated their attention?
Have you told them in a way that makes sense to them?

You can when you use, "Tell Me the Story of Jesus", a two-semester,
hands-on Bible lesson series on the life of Jesus, from childhood to

Learn more in the Bible-4-Life curriculum section at:

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5) Styrofoam paint

You can purchase water based spray paint which will not eat the styrofoam.

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6) Battle Zone VBS?

I am the Sunday School teacher for a very small church in Morehead, KY. We
don't have a big budget to spend on VBS each year. Next year we wanted to
create our own theme instead of buying the ones that are in the
bookstores. We decided on the theme battle zone and thought we would focus
on putting on the armor of God, soldiers working for Christ etc. Some of
the stories from the Bible would be about David, Joshua and others. Some
of the songs we know we can use would be "I'm in the Lords Army", "Joshua
fought the battle of Jericho". Anyone have any suggestions on songs or
stories, games, crafts etc. We are wanting the KJV lesson plans for this.
My email address is adkins5@alltel.net.
Peggy Adkins

Have a blessed day!

--from SSTN: there is an entire series in the site based on the armor of
God. You can find it in the Lessons & Sermon's section at:

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7) After school Bible group?

I was considering starting up an after school Bible study group - but
similar in format to a VBS. I would like it to be a fun place for the
children to come, and not a place where you just sit and read the Bible.
Does anyone else do something like this? If so, share your ideas and any
type of fees you would charge. Thanks!

--from SSTN: make sure you check the archives for "after school programs",
as well as the Lessons page. As to fees, if you must charge, determine
your costs and then charge accordingly. Depending on your population, the
kids might not be able to afford coming. If that's the case, maybe you can
find sponsors to scholarship those children.

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8) Good Computer Program?

Can some one tell me what is the most user friendly program to get to do
projects for my sunday school class. I have brought the print perfect
fonts by cosmi which is terriable. User friendly but freezes up the
computer alot. I am new with a computer and just need something basic,
with fonts and christian pictures.
Thank you :)

--from SSTN: check out "Click Art Christian Publishing" in our bookstore.
Type the title into our search box to locate it at:

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9) Taking prayer seriously

Regarding the section on children not taking prayer seriously, prayer must
be taught carefully to the children, it is nothing that should be taught
exclusively by rote.   Also, it would be a good idea to keep track of
answers to those prayers.
I have taught children the value of prayer by making prayer booklets and
keeping track of answered prayer, so that the children see that God does
indeed hear each prayer and answers it by "Wait"  "Yes" or "No". If we
take the teaching of prayer as a vital important part of our Walk, then
the children can see it for themselves.
If we  simply pray as a "to do list", then they think it's just not
important. Please remember to teach children to pray in their own simple
way, not to use fancy and huge words.

Hope this helps.

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10) Note on Gossip

Please let this lady know that its not just in her Church or State
This is going on in alot of Churches...and so much more as the
time for Christ return is closer then ever..the sad thing is these
"Christians" will be stand before the Lord one day to account
for the things they say and do...we are to love one another and
win others to Christ...all you can do is pray for them...you will
Never find a perfect Church...(However if its that bad) move on
and try to find a Church that is winning souls...judi

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