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Issue #65 - October 15, 2007
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1) Teen ideas
2) Teen ideas
3) Teen ideas


Halloween Origins
Wordless book song
Mustard Seed Story
Mustard Seed Story
9) Champ Camp...could be adapted for soccer


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1) Teen ideas

For Edgar:
Inspiration Vault has a great selection of ideas for teens. You have to sign in but it is totally free. They also are idle right now but have dozens of games, activities and other ideas you can use.
Helen Setser


2) Teen ideas

Hi Edgar,

Iím the Youth Director at our church as well and Iíd be happy to email you directly with our activities and structure. Please email me directly at tracy@hiscpc.com. 


--from SSTN: please copy to the network so all may benefit.



3) Teen ideas

There are some great teen ministry resources we've selected for our bookstore. Check them out at:


4) Halloween 

> I was raised in a Christian community by Christian parents & grandparents. My friends and I went 
> trick-or-treating every Halloween and lots of fun every year. Some of the adults would dress up and go 
> along with us. Even one of our minister's wives had fun doing this each year! 

Actually, Halloween is what's left of a pagan tradition, and "influence by other cultures in our society" (not sure who you mean) have nothing to do with the reasons why it is inappropriate to "celebrate" Halloween as Christian people. It's not about the costumes they choose, and it is certainly more than "the opportunity to do something a little different on one night" as you pointed out. Who exactly are you referring to when you say "the persons who have made our country their home..."? Again, Halloween is not a "holiday" that should be recognized by Christians, simply on the basis of what it is all about...not for the reasons you mentioned which are confusing, and don't seem relevant to the issue. ~~ Jal1221



Halloween Origins

i really need someone to explain to me what halloween really is because many of my kids and parents here believe its not a good thing 

from SSTN: check out the following link regarding origins: http://www.carm.net/questions/halloween.htm  
Also, search our archives. The "Search" link is listed at the top of this newsletter.

Your webservant,
Sarah Keith <><


6) Wordless book song

Hi everyone,
The Child Evangelism Fellowship has published a song with this same title. It corresponds with the actual wordless Book that they also have. Thanks for all you do in Christ's name


7) Mustard Seed Story

In response to Renee looking for a children's sermon on Luke 17:5-10. If you go to www.sermons4kids.com and look in the New Testament section, you will find two children's sermons on this topic. They also have colouring and puzzle pages that go with the message

QLD, Australia


8) Mustard Seed Story

> Iím new to Sunday School Network and am looking for an idea for a childrenís sermon based on  
> Luke 17:5-10. This is the Mustard Seed story. Iím also looking for ideas for an intergenerational event 
> focusing on All Saintsí Sunday, Nov. 4

My church did this for a children's camp almost ten years ago - cannot remember what was covered, but some ideas used include:
1. Matt 6:28-30 - addressing worry
2. Matt 8:23-26 - addressing fear
3. Matt 14:22-31 - addressing doubt

Application include - thinking about the worries different people may have and what will enable them to say "No worries" and to consider what the child is personally worrying about.

There's a song - The mustard seed by Robert C. Evans from the album "Resurrection Celebration"


9) Champ Camp...could be adapted for soccer

Last Thursday, we had our first CHAMP Camp meeting. This is our newest theme in our Great Adventure Club after school Bible time at the local intermediate school. We have 73 kids (3rd, 4th, and 5th grade) registered. We had our theme CHAMPIONS - shortened to "CHAMP" picked out - the sub theme being football this semester. Going with the idea of Jesus/God being the HEAD COACH - I had picked out Jeremiah 29:11-14 for the verse the kids will memorize. A couple of weeks later -- a huge AHA moment hit me when I saw the word CHAMP! It is an acrostic for .... Christ Has A Mighty Plan! ----- CHAMP was PERFECT!!!!!

The kids are awarded 5-yard tokens for things like - attending, bringing their "Play Book" (Bible), wearing their CHAMP Camp shirt, stages of finding a scripture in the "Play Book", sharing a prayer request, good behavior --- basically anything the squad coaches want to reward them for doing. They immediately put their tokens in a can that is decorated like a football. Long story short -- at our closing - someone adds up all of the tokens - 20 = 100 yards = a Touchdown (because each day we "touch" a child - "down" deep in their heart with God's Truth! 

Kids can also earn a personal TD when they can say their memory verse. The kids get to run down the center of the gym floor with the football and the rest of the kids and coaches cheering! WooooHOO!!! They also can score a field goal by completing the take home assignment (Field Goal Attempt) and return it the following week to get a special token, points and recognition. You have to remember - the majority of these kids do not attend church -- yet. Oh - week #1 the CHAMPION TEAM scored 105 points! (Satan - 0!) YAY Team ! 


This issue's Bible Trivia answer is, "False. The Bible was originally written in three languages:
Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek". Used by permission. From the game, Bible Stack-O!

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