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SSTN # 64 - August 16, 2006

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1) Seventh Grade Topics?
2) Decorations for Super Heroes?
3) Bible reading plan for 9 - 13 year olds
4) Lesson for older kids
5) Styrofoam paint
 6) Boys' Night of Fire
7) Bible Reading Plan for Children
8) Activities for boys
9) Painting Nails...for boys?
10) Activities for Boys...mystery food

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Get your kids on the Super Hero team when you teach them about the
"Super Heroes of the Bible"; one of the great choices you'll find in
our "Bible-4-Life" curriculum series at:

(you may need to copy and paste the link to your browser)

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1) Seventh Grade Topics?

Happy Summer ALL-

I am seriously considering becoming the 7th grade Sunday School teacher at
my church this year, but would like to ask you for suggestions.  I still
remember my Jr High and High School Sunday School classes.  They left a
real impression on me and I would like to do the same for this class.  I
would like to be able to talk about current events with the kids, music,
what is going on in their lives with a Christian perspective.  I would
like to get them excited about Jesus and what he can do in their lives and
have them see how easy it is to access Him every day in everything they
do.  This might be a lofty idea but I was wondering if any of you have
curriculum suggestions that talk on these subjects that is age
appropriate.  Thanks for you input!

Michelle Jerome, SD

--from SSTN: hi Michelle, check out our bookstore for the following teen
"Wild Truth", "Dares From Jesus", and "Case Studies and Talk Sheets"
(Simone & Burns). The first two are featured on the main page, the last
one you can find by typing the title into the search box at:

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2) Decorations for Super Heroes?

I have purchased the Super Heroes of the Bible curriculum and will begin
using it next week. I am thinking about trying to decorate my room a
little for the Super Heroes theme. Any suggestions as to what others have

Thanks again.
Lisa Dawson

--from SSTN: draw or trace images from a Bible story book of some of the
super heroes which are featured in the book. Then project them onto large
sheets of butcher paper or cardboard, and then color them in. You could
even cut out the faces on the drawings so your kids could put their faces
in the holes for photos.

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3) Bible reading plan for 9 - 13 year olds

Check out The NLT One-Year Bible for Kids, Challenge Edition as a
wonderful resource already put together for reading the Bible for kids.   
I have found the one-year Bible to be a great way to read through the
Bible in one year.

--from SSTN: you can find it in our bookstore at:
Just type the title into the search box to locate it.

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4) Lesson for older kids

Hi there everyone
Here is a beautiful lesson for older kids
Let them write a small note to their best friend telling him or her how
much they love them then put it in a baloon blow it up and put it in the
centre of the room
The teacher then tells them they have written to their best friend now
their best friend who is Jesus Christ has written back to them and each
child picks a baloon and read what is written on the note
It can be very touching

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5) Styrofoam paint

The Jewels for Jesus Idea is great.  I do have one suggestion, though.  If
you spray paint styrofoam, especially with the metallic paints, the
styrofoam tends to melt away.  Instead, try painting with a craft
paint.  You may have better results.

--from SSTN: you can purchase Styrofoam paint at a craft store.

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6) Boys' Night of Fire

We recently held a "Boys' Night" for boys of all ages and we chose the
theme of "Fire."

A devotion on the fire of God in their lives was given.

This was followed by a hands on activity (the entire event was held
outside). Campfire sites had been prepared and a huge stack of twigs, etc.
had been gathered. The boys were split into teams with the older teen boys
and men. They then competed to see who could build the best campfire the

Prizes were awarded and we ended the event with a Hot Dog & Marshmallow

By far, this was the best Boys' Night we had ever had! They are still
talking about building the fires. The possibilities for object lessons and
devotions about fire are almost endless. Hope this idea helps.

Marla in Kentucky

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7) Bible Reading Plan for Children

I love to use "God's Story: The Bible Told As One Story" by Karyn Henley.
It starts with Genesis and tells the story of the Bible from cover to
cover. Scriptures are listed before each section. I have had some trouble
lately locating it, but you might check your local library or bookstore!


--from SSTN: Look no more, you can find it in our bookstore at:
Just type the title into the search box to locate it.

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8) Activities for boys

For Angie in California, SSTN #62

Angie, This works for both boys and girls, but boys probably associate
better.  Have you ever done a "Drive-In Movie" night?  The boys could take
a large enough box that they could sit in, cut the bottom out, decorate
like a car or truck, can use styrofoam plates for the tires, steering
wheels, etc.  Tape off sections on the floor with duct tape to represent
parking spaces. Can judge for best theme, etc.  Have popcorn and snacks,
each child then sits in their "car" while watching the appropriate movie. 
Hope this will work for you
Peggy in PA


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9) Painting Nails...for boys?

"I know boys are not interested in painting nails! "  Yes, this may be
true, but they would be interested in paint AND nails! We are having some
of the fathers who are builders and carpenters, get together with our
boys (after a sleepover!!) to teach them some basic woodwork.
--from SSTN: love it!

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10) Activities for Boys...mystery food

My experience is that boys love anything to do with food - and the messier
the better!  In the UK we have a TV programme called "Ready Steady Cook"
where chefs are given a bag of mystery ingredients and have to cook
something.  On camps we've given groups of children a bag of ingredients
and challenged them to make something and then we give it marks for
presentation, taste, imagination etc.  Typical ingredients given are:
ready made jelly, ice cream, mini roll cakes, sprinkle decorations etc - and
squirty cream is a must!  Then they get to eat it!  If you have fewer
children - maybe 6 or 7, another thing I have done is a Chocolate Factory.
Bake chocolate cakes in round and rectangle shapes and then buy anything
chocolatey - chocolate spread, sprinkles, sweets, mini rolls, choc
fingers, chocolate icing - challenge them to make a spectacular cake - I've had a
castle made and also a cruise ship!  Loads of mess and loads of fun!

Sue, UK

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