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SSTN # 62 - August 11, 2006

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Bible-4-Life Curriculum  (For Sundays and Midweek Classes)

1) Names of God
2) Large group, thanks
3) Stories for Kids
4) Baptismal prep 7-10 year olds
5) The Watchmaker Video
6) Jewels for JESUS
7) Bible Reading Plan for Kids
8) Explaining the Church
9) Activities for Boys?
10) Lessons for two year olds

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Bible-4-Life Curriculum (For Sundays and Midweek Classes)

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1) Names of God

That is wonderful, to know the names of God in Hebrew is beautiful. Here
is something that you might be interested in is banners. Small home
banners can be made simply by using a small piece of felt and gluing the
letters on with tacky glue. Then outlining it with glitter paint will
reinforce it and give it a beautiful look. The finishing touch is to sew a
ribbon along the top so they could be hung up. On one side you can put the
Hebrew name, then in English or another language you can put on the
reverse side.

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2) Large group, thanks

I just want to thank Dawn for her great suggestions for teaching large
groups of kids.  How refreshing!
Helen Setser

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3) Stories for Kids

I had a book of really sweet childrens stories. each story had a biblical
lesson within. it is called "Paw Paw Chuck's Big Ideas in the Bible". It s
a great book for small children because it connects situations of our day
with biblical principles. hope this helps.

--from SSTN: find it here:

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4) Baptismal prep 7-10 year olds?

I am priveleged to be the leader of a small baptismal preparation class
this year. I am interested in any exciting videos, books, visuals or songs
or puzzles that we can have fun with. My class will attend 20 times before
our Baptismal Day so I have the luxury of sharing God's joyfullness in an
unrushed atmosphere. 
So any crafts or involving water, butterflies, white garmets, new life
that have worked well for some of you would be appreciated. I will be
keeping you updated throughout the year of how things are working for us.
Loving Him with you, Connie

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5)  The Watchmaker Video -
Check out this wonderful creation video for kids:

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6) Jewels for JESUS...

Sharon asked about how to make large jewels.  One of the
treasure-related VBS message boards, someone suggested spraying
styrofoam balls with silver, gold, or irridescent paint and stringing
them together to make large necklaces of silver, gold, or pearls.    You
might also be able to buy a sheet of thick styrofoam and cut other
shapes out and paint them to represent emeralds, rubies, sapphires etc.
Good luck!

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7) Bible Reading Plan for Kids

You might consider using The One Year Bible for Kids or The One Year Bible
for Children. Either one is available in SundaySchoolNetwork.com's
Just type the title(s) to find it:

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8) Explaining the Church

Group publishing has a free lesson about the church at

It's written for the kindergarten age group, but it might give you 
some ideas.


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9) Activities for Boys?

I love the ideas on this network!  It is great to be working for the
Kingdom of God together instead of competing over programs!  I was
wondering if anyone had some good ideas for activities for boys -- 1st -
6th grade.  We are planning a sleep over for the girls but I know boys are
not interested in painting nails!  Thanks for your help!
Angie in California

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10) Lessons for two year olds

There are so many creative ideas out there for teaching Two year olds.
Other great web sites that you can easily adapt lesson/crafts for toddlers
are http://www.daniellesplace.com/index.html,
http://www.childrensermons.com/sermons/sermonhome.htm and
http://mssscrafts.com/about.htm . As a teacher of Two year olds I also use
http://www.preschooleducation.com . Hope this helps.
From: chipchildren@chippewaumc.org

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