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SSTN # 61 - August 9, 2006

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Are You Current?

1) Girl's Class?
2) New and different lessons
3) Lord's Supper Craft?
4) No interest in senior high
5) Bible reading plan for 9 - 13 year olds?

Non-denominational Curriculum

6) Jewels for Jesus
7) Small - Multi-age Class
8) Past Issue #56?
9) Stories for Children
10) Stories for Children

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1) Girl's Class?


I'm not sure how this works.  This is the first time I've responded to an
email.  I have a question.  I teach a 5th & 6th grade  all girls Sunday
School class.  I'm in need of curriculum appropriate for them.  Do you
think the "The Fruit of the Spirit - Jesus Growing In You and Through You"
would be too young for them?  Do you have any other suggestions for this

Thank you.
Kim Spontarelli

--from SSTN: yes, the Fruit of the Spirit book could be used for this age
group of girls:
http://www.sundayschoolnetwork.com/Bible-4-life.html  .
Also, at the end of the year, when your group is a bit older, you could
use: "Bloom: A Girls Guide to Growing Up". You can locate it in our
bookstore by typing the title into the search box at:

There's also one for boys called, "Boom: A Guys Guide to Growing Up"

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2) New and different lessons

To reply to the lady who wanted new and different
bible lessons , I would like to tell you what we did
this year . After Easter , instead of leaving the
story of Jesus , as we usually do .We developed our
own rotation called Where is Jesus now ? We touched on
doubting Thomas , the Holy Spirit , the great
commission , and the ascension. We covered what
happened to Judas , The road to emaeus and finally
with a decision tract to personally follow Jesus which
each child could sign and date to remember their
commitment to Christ . Where is Jesus now? He is
sitting at the right hand of God the Father until such
time as he comes again ; and He lives forever in our
hearts . We all watched as a white baloon asended into
heaven . We had a dinner of fruit and bread as Jesus
did with his deciples . Once we had a teaser at the
closing : Next week we will learn about " Tounges of
Fire" , the " Holy Ghost ", and The " biggest decision
you will ever make ". It was great fun and our
children really learned a lot about their faith.

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3) Lord's Supper Craft?

I am trying to find a craft for The Lord's Supper. It can not be a food
that we make because with this being done during church at our childrens
church, I can't let them get messy. I need some kind of craft that will
teach them about The Lord's Supper.
Bless you all,

--from SSTN: have them design a "coin" with "the cup" on one side and "the
bread" on the other. Around one pic would be the words, "Do this in
rememberance of me". On the other side, "I did this for you." You could
use cardboard, a lid or wood round to make the coin.
sarah keith <><

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4) No interest in senior high

This is in regard to Cindy's request for help in keeping kids once they
finish confirmation and enter high school.  That is a problem in most
churches with a special confirmation instruction program in the junior
high stage of life, and many confirmation or youth programs attempt to
address it.  I am reading a book that may have some relevance to the
problem.  It is called "Why Men Hate Going to Church" by David Murrow
(Nelson).    While Cindy's stated problem seems to have no connection to
men, Murrow points out that Christian churches the world over cater more
to feminine temperament and interests than to male temperament and
interests, and have for several centuries.  This is different from the
days of the New Testament where Jesus called men to follow Him and to die
for Him, if necessary.  Males have learned much of the Christian faith
from their mothers.  Most have had female Sunday School teachers.  When
they begin cutting the apron strings with their mothers as a normal part
of growing up, they often cut their ties to the church, too.  Churches
that have difficulty holding young men also have problems holding young
women, according to Murrow.  Take a look at the web site listed above.  If
it intrigues you, buy and read the book.  The book contains a number of
practical suggestions.
Rev. Phil Bohken
Grace Lutheran Church
Caldwell, Idaho   

--from SSTN: you can find "Why Men Hate Going to Church" in our bookstore
by typing the title into the search box at:

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Non-denominational Curriculum

Bible-4-Life Curriculum from SundaySchoolNetwork.com is a
non-denominational publisher and is designed to systematically help your
children learn about Bible-times and God's plan for their lives today,
tomorrow and for all eternity!

You will find our products distributed to a wide variety of church
congregations and denominations throughout the world.

Are you ready for Fall sessions? Get set and go to: 


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5)  Bible reading plan for 9 - 13 year olds?

Dear fellow servants in Christ
I am in need of a Bible reading plan for ages 9 to 13.
We have recently had 8 new children saved (last week) they are so keen to
be in Jesus's army - I would love to give them a reading plan and we would
then discuss it as part of our lesson as feedback and questions .
I would most appreciate your assistance - thanks for all your assistance
Rene Brandt
Kingz Kidz
Cape Town SA

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6) Jewels for Jesus

You could also take different shaped Styrofoam and use glitter glue or
small jewels to glue onto them.

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7) Small - Multi-age Class

>Hi,  I am teaching a class that is rather small but has different ages in
>it.  Does anyone have any ideal on what I could do to get the kids more
>involved, but yet have a fun time doing it.   Thanks

I teach a small mixed ages class too.  I really stress working together
and helping the person next to you.  As the body of Christ, we are all
good at different things and we need to help and encourage others.  For
instance, if we look up something in the Bible, the kids that are fast and
good readers are encouraged to help the other younger kids find the right
book and guide them to the verse.  I make sure to praise the child that
was helpful and group in general for getting something done together. 
It also helps to have activies that can be changed to suit the child.  We
have a box of wooden blocks that each have a book of the Bible on them
that the kids play with when they come in.  The lid of the box lists the
books in order, so younger kids can follow that but older ones can do it
on their own.  If someone is extra quick, I encourage them to group the
blocks according to the type of book, alphabetically, etc. 
As always, a helper is great to keep the younger ones ones focused and to
help keep the peace!  Some years the kids work great together right away
and have a great attitude and some years it takes more time. 
May your work be fruitful, Kara

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8) Past Issue #56?

There was a great idea in the  #56. It was about a "sidewalk VBS" or
something like that. I loved that idea and others, but ques what. It got
deleted. Is there any way I can get that again.

Thank you and Thank You for the wonderful works you are doing for our
God Bless

--from SSTN: all past issues are posted in the archives at:

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9) Stories for Children

I like using the stories from Precious Moments books for younger
students.  There are 3 or 4 of these books that I'm aware of.  Many of
the stories can easily be adapted to work with Bible stories.

Connie G.

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10) Stories for Children

You might try "The Book of Virtues for Young People : A Treasury of Great
Moral Stories" by William Bennett published by  Simon & Schuster
Children's Publishing ISBN: 0689816138

It is a collection of fables, stories, and poems covering a variety of
virtues that include courage, friendship, loyalty, honesty,
self-discipline, compassion, responsibility, friendship, work, and faith.
Each topic includes an introduction and short commentary.


--from SSTN: an excellent resource! You can find it in our bookstore by
typing the title into the search box at:

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