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SSTN # 5 - January 20, 2007

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1) Prayer Songs
2) Planning A Conference
3) Children's Church
4) Children's Worship

Bible Fun Facts...Do you know?

5) Building Solomon's temple
6) Father Daughter Dance?
7) Children's Church
8) Valentine's Dinner?
9) Solomon's temple

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1) Prayer Songs

This is for Mary Ann who was looking for prayer songs for VBS. Below is
a website that I found when I did a K-1 SS class series on prayer,
using the Lord's Prayer as a framework. The songs are available for
free download and use. I put them on CDs and gave them to the kids with
a note to their parents about the website and other resources available

The website states - "The songs are the heart of Family Worship, and
we've always had a policy of making them freely available to use. On
this site you can download free audio files (mp3, midi, RealAudio and
Windows Media), pdf sheet music, Sibelius files, guitar chords and

Here is a direct link to the page with the song list.

Some of the songs we used from this site were: Pray at all times, Oh
Don't Worry, Our Father in Heaven, When you pray, Prayer can make a
difference, If you believe, Is anyone in trouble, Watch and pray, Be
joyful, Oh I'm fighting.

This is a wonderful non-profit website ministry based in the UK with
family-friendly music in various musical styles. They also have
articles on how to include all ages in worship and what children need
most, seasonal resources (including Mothers Day), and a Kids Zone.

Another website with music from scripture is Pastor Pendleton Brown of
Georgia (US). He has downloadable samples on the page listed below.

One is a song called 'The Effective Fervent Prayer' which includes the
Lord's Prayer in it. Another fun one on this page is 'No evil for
evil'. I found this site when searching for a song for a unit on the
Apostles Creed. He has a wonderful song that will help children (and
their parents) learn the creed easily. He also has other CDs available
that are not listed on his website yet. I have another one of his
titled 'There is No Other Name'.

I hope these sites are helpful. God bless you for your work on a VBS
program. Many of the churches near us didn't have VBS programs last
summer and some have stopped children's Sunday School. It is a sad
statement about our society's priorities.

Kathy in MN

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2) Planning A Conference

Here are some great resources:
a.  Takeout Training For Teachers by Group Publishing
b.  Teacher Training On The Go by Group Publishing
c.  Teacher Training Series by Karyn Henley (Not such if still available)
d.  Help For New Teachers by Gospel Publishing (Also great for experienced
e.  Step One Guide: A Guide For Teachers by Gospel Publishing (Nursery,
Early Childhood, Elementary guides)
f.  O Taste And See That The Lord Is Good: Enriching Your Teaching
Ministry by Abingdon Press

Tonita in Texas

--from SSTN: these books may be found in our bookstore by typing their
titles into the search box at:

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3) Children's Church

Here are some great resources:
a.  Children's Ministry Resource Bible by Child Evangelism Fellowship &
Thomas Nelson Publishers
b.  Growing A Healthy Children's Ministry: A Step-By-Step Handbook To
Cultivating Christian Kids In Any Environment by Steve Alley/Standard
c.  Children's Ministry Smart Pages by Gospel Light
d.  Hearts, Brains, & Growing Pains: Terrific Teaching That Changes You &
Your Kids by God Prints/Cook Communications Ministries
Tonita in Texas

--from SSTN: these books may be found in our bookstore by typing their
titles into the search box at:

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4) Children's Worship

A wonderful thing I have been doing in our
church is following the Pastor's sermon teaching.  Each week I put
together an activity and children's sermon based on the same scripture and
sermon title that our preacher is preaching on.  I encourage the children
to share with their parents what they have learned as they will have heard
many similarities in adult worship as their parents.  You need to have a
creative side to you however it is a satisfying feeling knowing you are
providing families with ways to share their faith experiences together.  A
quick site for children's sermons is sermons4kids. It has scripture based
sermons with coloring pages. Their are many resources and books and I must
say that things are running quite well.
Our families rotate each Sunday and I (children's minister) take the first
and last Sundays of each month.  We provide children's worship for both
services and I schedule our folks so that all may attend Communion which
we have once a month.

Be His,
Ms. Laura

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Bible Fun Facts...Do you know?

The Bible was written over 1500 years by 40 different authors.
The Bible is the world's best-selling book.
There are more translations of the Bible into different languages than any
other book.

These are just some of the fun Bible facts included in the
Bible books card game, "Bible Stack-O!

Great fun for kids and adults! Learn more at:
(you may have to copy and paste the link to your browser)

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5) Building Solomon's temple

We used the shoebox idea for our Solomon lessons and the temple. Check out
our pictures at http://faithquest.spaces.live.com/ 
Look under photos, Solomon workshops.
The older children started the temple one week and the
younger children finished it off the following week.

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6) Father Daughter Dance?

Greetings to all in Christ:
    Our church is planning a Father Daughter dance for March 17.  We are
wondering if anyone else has held such an event. 
    All we have in mind now are the following:
    2 sessions, one for 2 - 4 year olds, one for Kindergarten-5th
grade year olds to last 40 minutes
    Sessions are ''back to back'' so everything is done on one day and
Fathers with daughters in both age groups could take both
    No theme (no St. Patrick's)
    A church member to take Father-Daughter photos in front of a backdrop
(swag sheet) and print the photos from a small photo printer
    Cookies & (easy, non-staining) punch
    Local dance studio to give mini-lessons before dance.
    Holding the cost to about $10-12 per family.
    What we need specific suggestions with is wording for invitations, how
to publicize in church, and table decorations.
    Thanks for your ideas.

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7) Children's Church

To the person who wanted some ideas for organizing children's church for
ages 5 - 8:  We wanted our children's church to be more than a play time
or a repeat of Sunday School. Our youngsters 3 - 8 leave the adult
sanctuary after some hymns, prayers, and a children's moment.  A member
suggested we read the book entitled, "Young Children and Worship" written
by Sonja Stewart and Jerome Berryman.  If you want children to have a
worship experience in community with their peers, but led by adults,  I
recomment the approach and material from this book. We have been been
using their material for 6 years now and the children enjoy it. Parents
report back that the children tell the stories at home and sing the songs.
We sit in a  circle on mats on the floor, following a simple order of
worship: Greeting, songs, story and wondering questions, presonal creative
activity in response to the story (not necessarily a craft), come together
again to light the Christ Candle and leader reads scripture pertaining to
the story, extinguish Christ Candle, take offering, have feast, distribute
bookmark w/scripture to take home, blessing and benediction song, "Go Now
in Peace".
Lasts about 45-50 minutes.  We have orientation at the beginning of
September to familiarize new children with "worship. We say and that it is
important to "get ready" to be with God  and to learn the stories of God
and the best way is to do that is enter quietly. We have very, very few
discipline problems.  If you would like more information on how to get
started, you may email me at rosem@bellsouth.net.

--from SSTN: you can find this book in our bookstore
by typing the title into the search box at: 

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8) Valentine's Dinner?

Our Church is planning its annual Valentine's Dinner and would love some
new ideas for games or activities.  Thanking you in advance, Janet

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9) Solomon's temple

I remember making Solomon's temple out of sugar cubes and glue when I was
in elementary school.  It worked pretty good, but it took a while- you'll
need a bit of time.  Judy

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