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SSTN # 5 - January 17, 2006

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Lady Bug Hunt

1) On the Eve of the Pageant
2) Western Theme VBS in KJV?
3) S-L-I-D-E Song Actions
4) Animal Christmas play?

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5) After Christmas program
6) Kids Praise 'n worship Music
7) Christmas Carol Skit?
8) Class of Two Boys?
9) SS Music

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Lady Bug Hunt

If you had fun finding the Lady Bugs @ ChristianCrafters.Com,
then you'll love the book, "Big Thoughts For Little People".

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will win the hearts of children and parents alike! (For ages 2 to 6.)

There are surprises in every picture. For example, how many ladybugs can
you find in each illustration? You'll also have fun finding all the
objects on the page which begin with the theme letter. The questions are
thought-provoking and an important part of each lesson.

You can find "Big Thoughts For Little People" by typing the title into the
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1) On the Eve of the Pageant

There is a song by that title in the SSTN Archives. 
You might try that. 
God bless,

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2) Western Theme VBS in KJV?

I am so glad that my friend told me about this site!!  I am the VBS
director for our small church.  We only use the KJV of the Bible, and it
is really tough to find curriculum out there for VBS.  Last year, we wrote
our own "Down on the Farm" VBS, including songs, puppet shows, etc.  But
we would love to find a complete curriculum this year.  Our theme is
"Yeehaw for Jesus!", which is a western theme.  I have searched your
archives and have found some wonderful ideas for games and decorations,
but we need a curriculum in KJV.  Any suggestions?  Thanks!  Sandy from
Kokomo, Indiana

--from SSTN: why can't you alter the verse for your own needs? If a
pattern or overhead sheet uses a translation other than the KJV
translation, why not type and print out the KJV translation?

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3) S-L-I-D-E Song Actions

This message is in response to Vivian who posted about motions for the
song S-L-I-D-E one of the things that I did whenever I bought a new CD for
my Sunday school class was to make up simple motions ahead of time. It is
really easy to do, you just look at the lyrics of the song. You only sent
the chorus of the song, so here's what I would use with a chorus like
this. If you wanted to send me the whole song via e-mail, I would be more
than happy to help you with motions for the entire song, if this is the
kind of motions that you are looking for.
"We're gonna slide down on the rainbow..."
(Raise arms straight above head, with hands bent at the wrists, so that
fingers hang down, make a sliding motion, bringing both hands down and
then slide away from the body, makes a cool slide like motion)
"And then we'll climb back up again."
(March in place, lifting legs high to look like climbing, lifting fists in
air one by one to look like climbing as if you were climbing a rope
"And slide down on the rainbow slide..."
(Repeat the sliding motion again)
"Down Mr. Rainbow's Stripes."
(Hold up your left hand, with the palm facing you, put your thumb down,
start your arm either above your head, for stripes that come down, or out
to your side for stripes that go side to side, and slowly move your arm
side to side or up and down to look like you are "painting" stripes)
Hope this helps!
Love in Christ,
Sarah in California

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4) Animal Christmas play?

I am looking for a Christmas play titled "The Animal Christmas". My
brother's church did this play about 6-8 years ago.
The animals (the children dressed as animals) talk & they sing "Do You
See What I See" in the play. Do you possibly have this play or know where
I might look.
Thanks, Katy

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5) After Christmas program

We had our program last night, Jan. 12, 2006.  It was a little after
Epiphany but because ours is an after-school program that was the date
that worked.  The program focused on the Wise Men seeing Jesus.  An adult
reader read from the Bible and also mentioned other stories about the Wise
Men.  The children ages 4 through 3rd grade had made crowns the week
before and wore those with their "good" clothes and were all Wise Men.  We
covered a star with foil and the youngest of the group led the rest into
the sanctuary singing "Twinkle, Twinkle" with "you brought Wise Men from
afar" being used in place of the original words.
The congregation joined in singing "We Three Kings."
The children with help from the Seekers (4th-6th) as back-up singers then
sang "Jesus Christ is Coming to Town" from the archives of SSTN, followed
by "Dashing through the Snow" from the Nov. 21, 2005 SSTN.
Other songs included:  "Fully Rely on God", "I Am So Happy" and "The
B-I-B-L-E" after which time the 3rd graders were presented with
Bibles--the New International Reader's Version.  The program closed with
prayers and "We Wish You a Happy New Year."  Refreshments followed.
I appreciate all who sent suggestions for the program.  Several parents
said how nice it was to have something after Christmas so this may become
an annual event.
God Bless You,  Ellen

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6) Kids Praise 'n worship Music

>I am wondering if anyone has any ideas for Music/praise 'n worship with
>kids ,aged between 3 and 13 at our Sunday School.

I have done music with this age group, and it can be a bit challenging
with such a wide variety of ages. Here are some tips I have learned over
the years:
I have found that songs with motions are a big hit (Father Abraham, etc),
however, it is very important for the teacher to do the motions with as
much enthusiasm as the kids, or else the older ones tend to feel self
conscious. I never make anyone do the motions - I tell them if they don't
wish to participate, they don't have to, but they must stand up with the
rest of us and not be a distraction. A lot of my kids love to be song
helpers - I let them come up front and "lead" the song.
Once we've established some familiar songs, I generally ask the kids if
they have a song they want us to sing in addition to any that I feel
really go with that weeks lesson. A lot of times, we end up doing the same
songs over and over. I also rarely do really slow songs. They tend to get
Instruments are a great addition as well. We have a box of various hand
instruments that we pass around every so often. If you don't have
instruments, you can make do quite easily with spoons, "tambourines" made
with paper plates stapled together with bells or beans inside, etc. If you
have a cd that you are playing, have the kids march around the chairs with
the instruments.
I have found that passing out sheets of paper with the words to a new song
is sometimes more of a hindrance than anything, particularly if you have
little ones. It is sometimes best to just project the words on the wall or
write it on a large posterboard. Kids pick up the songs pretty quick.If
you have the songs on a tape or cd, you can also use it to play in the
background when kids are arriving, during snack time, and during games
such as musical chairs. This helps the kids subconsciously pick up the
Hope these ideas help get you started!
Trinidad, CO

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7) Christmas Carol Skit?

I am looking for a Christmas Skit for next year...  Does anyone know of a
skit that is based on "A Christmas Carol"  (Dickens)  My older kids would
like to do one.  Thank you,  You may respond at


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8) Class of Two Boys?

Last year I had five or six kids in my upper elementary class.  We were
to do funny skits and active games and the kids loved it.  Our small rural
church has had some changes this year, and now I only have two boys in my
class (one 4th grade and one sixth grade).  I've found that it's nearly
impossible to do skits or active games with only two, and just reading
through a lesson and doing a crossword puzzle doesn't hold their
I could sure use some ideas from SSTN!  Thanks!
~Trish in Nebraska

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9) SS Music

I would love to give you some ideas... however, I know that the site that
I use there is a very small charge and SSTN cannot post this site. I've
tried before. Email me at nfsheltie@comcast.net and I will get you the
information. The site I use is AWESOME!!!

SKC Director

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