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1) A Muslim Sees Jesus
2) Book of Numbers?

3) Missions Lessons?
4) One Night VBS - Pilgrims Progress?
5) Lesson plan or syllabus? 

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6) Excluding Children
7) Worship, Making it Child-Friendly
8) Teaching Ideas for Children in Worship?
9) Planning Children's Sermon?

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1) A Muslim Sees Jesus

This is a fascinating video of a Muslim who was wonderfully transformed by Jesus. With the unrest In Egypt and across the world, particularly with radical Islam, pray that God will continue to move in powerful ways like he did for this man! PTL! 


Book of Numbers?


Please can I have learning aids on the bible book of Numbers for GRADE R,1,2 & 3. Our Sunday school is starting soon & I need much information as possible.

Thank you

Lee-Anne Chetty


3) Missions Lessons?

Hi everyone,

Greetings from Penang, Malaysia!

Presently I am looking for a curriculum (focus on mission) for Sunday school children ranging from ages 1 to 12. Appreciate if you could kindly give me some recommendations. Thanks very much. 

God bless
FGA Centre

--from SSTN: the following link may help you:
Also, use the search tool on our home page and type "missions" to find even more ideas!


An excellent Easter resource...sample Lesson here!


4) One Night VBS- Pilgrims Progress?

Our church is considering changing our VBS to one night a week or maybe Thursday & Friday nights during July. Has anyone tried this format & was it successful? I am using the story of Pilgrim Progress so we can stop at an exciting moment and the kids have to come the next week to hear the results. I have used Pilgrim Progress for Kids Krusades & 5 Day Clubs but never for VBS. I need some ideas for crafts to go with the theme. I may have the kids make a shield when Pilgrim receives the armour but I still need craft ideas for kids ranging from 4 to 12 years for 4 other nights.

--from SSTN: check out this link for God's Armor:
Also, if you provide more theme nights--such as the armor--you may have more of a specific response.



5) Lesson plan or syllabus?

hey i kind of wanted to get the lesson plan or syllabus if you have any.

--from SSTN: you can find our curriculum lessons with samples on the following page: 






6) Excluding Children 

I am in a very small country church and we struggle with attendance also. 
I normally have had only 1 or 2 in my class. We have kids that are in shared custody and must visit the other parent every other week. We also have children that must get themselves up and get ready alone. Last week I had 6! I praise the Lord for them! 
Yes - I had to rework my schedule to go and pick some of them up - but that is ok. 
We have a party every quarter and I invite all of the kids and tell them they may bring a friend - That is how we have grown - the friends sometimes start coming to Sunday School. I also reward individual progress in attendance and I count it if they bring me a bulletin to show they were at a different church. 


7) Worship, Making it Child-

We currently use Sarah's worship pictograms in our children's bulletin, and we love them! Our bulletin shells come from, and we receive them electronically, though you can also subscribe to receive hard copies in the mail. They are lectionary-based, and dated, and include one sheet for the outside cover and one for the inside. They are available for younger and for older children. We use the outside covers for the bulletins, and instead of using the worksheets intended for the inside of the bulletin, we insert our own church's order of worship (in child-friendly wording), using the pictograms to help younger children know when we will sing, read the Bible, pray, etc. Then we use the worksheets for our children's worship activity bags - canvas bags that include a clipboard with the lectionary-based worksheets, blank paper for drawing, a notebook for taking notes, and a baggie of crayons. During a Preparation for Worship class each fall, parents and children and taught some basics about worship, encouraged to engage in the active parts of worship (singing, praying, reading scripture, saying creeds, offering, etc.), and to use the worship activity bags during quite times, when it is hard to sit still. We also actively include children in the worship service by providing a Time for Young Disciples (children's sermon), and by having them serve as acolytes, Bible bearers, lay readers (reading the scripture), and ushers/greeters. Additionally, they begin the worship hour by ringing the chimes, and the children's choir sings in worship on a regular basis. A terrific resource for helping parents with bringing their children to worship is Robbie Castleman's Parenting in the Pew. Hope this helps, and blessings to you as you encourage children to worship our Great God! Kit MacLeod, Children's Ministries Director, South Highland Presbyterian Church, Birmingham, AL, USA

--from SSTN: thank you, Kit! ;o) It was your inspiration! For those who are interested, you can find the worship pictograms at:
and Parenting in the Pew  in our affiliate bookstore by typing the title into the search box at: 


8) Teaching Ideas for Children in Worship?

Thank you for including my request. I am looking for teaching resources and lesson plans to help encourage the children to worship God in a relevant way for their age, etc. Looking forward to some great ideas from other Christians. 
Carolyn from Fleurieu Vineyard Church Plant



9) Planning Children's Sermon?

I just want to know how to get information on how to plan my sermon for children

--from SSTN: many church's plan/write their children's sermon to coordinate with the main pastoral sermon.


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