Issue #5 - February 2, 2010              For where two or three come together in my name, there am I with them. ~ Jesus  

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1) Jesus, the One True Avatar
2) Teaching Method: Echo, Echo, Echo
3) Teaching Method: STAR
4) Story Telling Method

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5) Ten Commands...don't change them
6) Ten Commandments Song
7) Old MacDonald's Tune
8) Crisis in Nigeria
9) Samson & Delilah Skit?

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1) Jesus, the One True Avatar

Read Dr. Peter Jones' latest critique of the blockbuster movie, Avatar. You'll find it listed in the Teens and Adult
sermons section at:



Teaching Method: Echo, Echo, Echo

This is a fun way for kids to memorize Scripture! Divide your children into 3 to 5 sections. Section one should be closest to the teacher, section two a bit further away, section three further still, etc. Teacher begins by saying the first few words of a memory verse. Section one repeats it loudly, section two follows section one, saying it a bit softer, section three says it softer still and so on until the words are echoed by each section. Teacher then says the next part of the verse, repeating the process as before until the entire verse is quoted. Your kids will concentrate on getting the echo effect just right, without even realizing how many times they are saying and repeating the verse!

Your webservant,
Sarah Keith <><

SSTN Recommended Resource:

Adult lesson book available too!


Teaching Method: STAR

I enjoy the newsletter so much! I would like to share my method for teaching preparation, no matter what the age level.
I remember it by the acronym STAR. 

S-stands for scripture: read it, study it, make sure that the story is at the appropriate level when you're teaching young students. Decide your aim & state it at the top of your notes. This helps you to communicate clearly. Do your research, even for the younger age classes.

T-is for the teaser: the attention grabber. It could be a science experiment, or a personal story or a visual aid, anything that will bring your students minds to the Bible story! And mix it up! Don't use the same kind of thing each week. If you use visual aids or props, make them big, colorful & simple. Use your imagination & initiative & leave your inhibitions at the door.

A-application: The "So what?" of the lesson. What can the student do to implement the point of the lesson? This is SO important, especially for junior high & high school students. They must practice reflecting God's love to others. So, if you are teaching about Jesus feeding the multitudes, then suggest that the students bring canned goods to the local food pantry, or work at a soup kitchen the next Saturday, or get together to make a meal for some folks who are home-bound. Then, help them follow through. 

R-review: The type of review depends on the age of the student, but all of us learn by repetition. As you get to know your students, you will learn what works best. A show of hands will work for small, shy kids, easy flashcards for beginning readers. Review games can be created for all ages, once they are comfortable with each other & with you. Please remember to review past lessons also. 
Thanks again for all your good work with the newsletter. 

In His Love, 

4) Story Telling Method

> Please share any unique story telling methods or techniques you've used when teaching Bible stories.

I came across a unique and fun way to tell Bible stories, etc. once while surfing the web. It might have even been on SSTN. 
Can't remember.

Anyway, you use various brooms and mops as puppet characters in the Bible story. Cut out white paper circles for eyes and blacken in a pupil (just a smaller black circle) and tape them on the brooms/mops. You can add accessories such as a crown for a king or queen, etc. Even fake beards work. Then I assign each broom character to a different child and give them some phrase or sound to make each time their character is mentioned. Such as "long live the king" or an evil laugh for the bad guy. The audience can join in too. You can even tape a sign of the sound/phrase to the handle of the broom. Have fun. The kids love it! 

Hope this helps, 


5) Ten Commands...don't change them

With all due respect, let's teach our children the truth... even in song. Please get your Bibles in hand and read and re=read the 10 commandments. There are 4 commandments to honour God and 6 commandments to order our relationship to our fellow man. Written by the hand of God, what on earth gives us any right whatsoever to change them? Don't forget the verse that says, we must not take from, or add to the word of God. For me God's word is final whether I like it or not.

Thank you for allowing me to have my input.
Sue from Australia.

Ten Commandments Song

THANK YOU SO MUCH to Denise S., Karen B., Mike and the other person who sent all the information on this song! I was having a difficult day and sat down to read the messages and YOU lifted my spirit! I can't wait to use this in my classes!! May God Bless and Keep You! Mary Anne 


Old MacDonald's Tune

Praise the Lord sstn team
I just want to appreciate your site its really helped me. I am trying to apply all the knowledge learned to the Sunday school children I teach I have recently learned the ten commandment song I found but I have used the tune of "old MacDonald had a farm" May the Lord bless you for the wonderful work you are doing in the children ministry. One common thing I have observed is that the children ministry faces challenges which are most times ignored, because the church leadership seem to concentrate more on other issues other than children issues. Dear workers in the children ministry with more prayers and dedication I believe the Lord will continue using us in this ministry for his glory. Much love.

Mrs. Phoebe Ndung'u
Presbeterian Church of East Africa
Nairobi, Kenya


8) Crisis in Nigeria

In the central Nigerian city of Jos and the surrounding area, a systematic orchestrated attack on Christians is underway. Young Muslim men dressed in army fatigues are moving from house to house pulling out residents and shooting them dead. Rows of shops run by Christian traders have been burned to the ground. Churches have been destroyed by fire throughout the city as well. 

The mob action began with Muslim youth invading a Christian worship service on Sunday, January 24th, 2010. Many of the churches have yet to be able to count their dead as bodies are still lying in the streets unable to be retrieved due to the violence. 

The city of Jos is situated on the fault line, if you will, between the Muslim north and the Christian south of Nigeria. Muslims have been bullying, torturing and killing Christians for some time now and the situation is worsening. Many Muslim youth are carrying sophisticated arms and wearing military uniforms while others simply use sticks, stones and gasoline. There is unarguable evidence of pre-planned and coordinated assaults on believers. 

To make matters worse, both the General commanding the Nigerian Armored Division in Jos and the officer commanding the troops tasked with ending the riots are Muslims. False reports about the origin and nature of the conflict have been given to the international media in order to bring disrepute to the Church.

Fervent, prevailing prayer is desperately needed to support our brothers and sisters in Christ who are suffering and dying in large numbers at this very moment in Nigeria. Wont you join us in prayer?

9) Samson & Delilah Skit?

I'm looking for some ideas for a 10 min skit about Samson and Delilah. The skit will be performed by high school kids for primary school kids. Have you got anything that will be useful for me.

Thank you
Tania Schwim

--from SSTN: Use Scripture from a child-friendly Bible, then construct the skit adding actions, and if you choose, humorous comments. Check out these following techniques of skit writing:

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