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SSTN # 59 - August 4, 2006

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1) Creative Teaching
2) T&T Ideas?
3) Large Class
4) Summer Outreach
5) Jewels for Jesus?

Fall Sessions...Ready, Set, Go!

6) Large Classes
7) Small - Multi-age Class?
8) Stories for Children?
9) Names of God?
10) Teacher Appreciation?

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1) Creative Teaching

In response to the request for ideas for working with large groups of
Our 1-5th graders are combined into 1 class.  We have over 120 kids in
this age range but they are divided between 4 services.  I generally have
30-50 kids in my class so this is the only thing I am used to.  We have 3
adult or teen helpers during our busiest service.  These people serve as
shepherds.  We break our classtime into 2 main sessions.  A large group
teaching time (This is also when we do worship songs.  Worship can be
awesome in a larger group esp. if you incorporate fun motions.).  The
second park is a small group time.  During this time we do life
application, story review, maybe a craft, and get to know the kids more
As far as doing games that engage everyone, you can do it in a small group
or large group. There are so many great games you can play with a large
group.  I recommend buying a good group games book and adapting the ideas
for your class.  We do alot of relays, freeze dance (play music and then
they freeze), ice breaker/get to know you games, fruit basket upset.  Alot
of games can be adapted to go along with your lesson.  For example, this
past weekend we were learning about Daniel and his resolve not to eat the
food of the Babylonian king.  We did a relay for this.  4 boys came to the
front and put on a XL white t-shirt.  They represented Daniel and his
friends taken into exile.  The relay part was this.  Since they were
prisoners everyone had to hop down to them with their hands behind their
back.  Then they picked up a card which had a food listed on it.  If the
food was a vegetable (something Daniel and his friends would eat) then
they stuffed a balloon in their teammates XL shirt.  If it wasn't (say a
milkshake) then they took a squirt gun and squirted it in their teammates
mouth.  Your team continued the relay, and the first team with all 10
balloons in their captain's shirt, won.  At the end the 4 boys ended up
looking like big muscleman so it was a great visual representation of how
Daniel and his friends got strong when they obeyed the Lord.  That's just
one idea.
As far as incorporating creative teaching methods, everyone knows kids
love to participate.  Sometimes it can be as easy as having them shout our
something every time you say something.  For the story of Moses and the
burning bush we had 2 posters.  One said "I'm not good enough" and one
said "I am"   When I would point to a poster the kids would shout it out. 
So for instance.  God tells Moses he's sending him to the Israelites to
free them from slavery but Moses says "I'm not good enough"  but God says
"I am"  Moses says "Who shall I say sent me"  God said tell them "I am"
sent you.    on and on.  Another way is to let participate as part of a
drama.  For the story of the parable of the weeds I divided the kids into
4 groups.  One of the groups were the seeds that feel on the path, the
rocky soil, the thorns, and the good soil.  Each group had to figure out
how to act it out.  Some kids were birds that carried off the seed.  Some
were weeds that choked out the good plants.  I walked around like the
gardener planting the seeds and then each group acted out their part. 
Another teaching method that seems to keep their attention is to have
someone besides you come in dressed as a character and tell the Bible
Praise the Lord for the kids He's given you to plant seeds in!  May God
bless you efforts!

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2) T&T Ideas?

Hello All,
My husband and I have been asked to be the T&T directors for the Awana
club at our church. Does anyone have experience with this club? I would be
interested in ideas for games and incentive ideas. Thanks in advance.
Connie , Tenuhcmama@wmconnect.com

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3) Large Class

How blessed to have a growing class of young kids!!! I
have found that the key to managing any age group is
ORGANIZATION! It's OK to keep detailed lesson plans of
your lesson up front where you will see them while
teaching.  Also, for this age group (and most any
other) try changing the activity every 7-10 minutes. 

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4) Summer Outreach

>Besides VBS, what other outreach activities does your church provide
>during the summer?

My church  has youth nights twice a month on every other Friday DURING
SCHOOL MONTHS. However, we don't have ''regular'' sunday school in the
summer.  All the teachers get a break.  We rotate Sundays to take the kids
down.  Therefore, we only have to do it about twice during the summer
months.  It is a nice break.  THe drawback is we have to prepare for all
of the kids and find helpers as well.  To take place of youth nights, we
have a couple get togethers at the beginning, middle, and end of summer. 
We rent out the local pool for the night so just the kids from church can
come.  We also our doing small group activities.  Teachers plus other
adults take about 5 kids around the same age and gender and have to do an
activity with them at least once a month. For example all the girls around
the junior high age in three different groups got together and we had a
sleepover for our monthly activity.  We stayed up late, did the limbo,
twister, and hide-and-seek in the dark.  We have games and watched
movies.  Afterwards, we had a small devotional time for the kids. Also, We
have fundraisers every month to help with the cost of the activities we
do.  We stay VERY busy but it is a lot of fun. 

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Fall Sessions...Ready, Set, Go!

Bible-4-Life Curriculum from SundaySchoolNetwork.com is a
non-denominational publisher and is designed to systematically help your
children learn about Bible-times and God's plan for their lives today,
tomorrow and for all eternity!

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5) Jewels for Jesus?

I am preparing a special Investiture service for the kids in our 
Adventurer Club (aged 4-9yrs), with the theme being "Jewels for 
Jesus." I wonder if anyone could help me with where I might be able 
to find, or how I might be able to make large "jewels" for some of 
the kids to carry down the aisle in a procession, perhaps on white 
satin cushions. These "jewels" will need to be large enough for the 
congregation to see, so about 5" x 7" perhaps?
Thank you in anticipation!!

--from SSTN: cover small boxes in brightly colored iridescent paper. You
can also glue fake jewels and sequins onto them.

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6) Large Classes

I teach 25-30 3 year old to 5 year olds and you are right it can be very
difficult to teach this many in the younger age group. Here are some keys
you are right the children will do better when they are involved but this
doesn't have to be all the time or everyone some of the things that i have
found that work are

- give the children all props that they can use in the story - it might be
cut outs of the characters and at the right time they can 'act out' what
is happening.

- When you are presenting stories make sure you make it entertaining - if
you are doing the story of Jesus calms the storm have the chidren imagine
they are in the boat (mark out a boat on the floor if you can) have them
make the noises of a storm, and move and rock like a boat in a storm.

- Another piece of advice is break everything up - do something active and
then something that requires the children to sit, and then do something
active again. By structuring this way children don't get over excited but
they also will sit with less wriggles and concentrate better.

Hope this is a help


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7)  Small - Multi-age Class?  

Hi,  I am teaching a class that is rather small but has different ages in
it.  Does anyone have any ideal on what I could do to get the kids more
involved, but yet have a fun time doing it.   Thanks
Kali in New Jersey

--from SSTN: All the Bible-4-Life curriculum is for multiple ages:
http://www.sundayschoolnetwork.com/curriculum.html . Also, search the
archives for "multi-age" or "multiple ages":

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8) Stories for Children?

Could anyone recommend a book of short stories for children with moral
themes? I'm looking for something to have on hand to read aloud to my
class occasionally when the worship service runs a little long or while
they are eating a snack. I'd rather not use a Bible story book for this
purpose, since I'll be teaching a bible lesson and don't want to confuse
the children with two bible stories a week.

--from SSTN: You didn't say the age group, but if you need them for
younger kids, try these, they are excellent: "Big Thoughts for Little
People", "Big Thoughts for Little Thinkers" and "Character Billders" (it's
spelled correctly). Type the titles into the search box to locate them at:

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9) Names of God?

I'm a missionary working in the Philippines, and am currently teaching a
Sunday school class at our church.  I'm about to begin a new series on the
Names of God, focusing mainly on the "I AMS" in both the Old and New
Testaments, showing the continuity of the Old Testament Yahweh with Jesus'
"I Am" claims in the book of  John.  [Ex. Yahweh Jireh (God is my
protector), Yahweh Nissi (God is my banner), Yahweh Rohi (God is my
Shepherd), etc.]    The kids' ages range from 7-12;  there about 20 in the
class.  Any ideas for lessons, crafts, games, object lessons, that go
along with this theme, etc?
Thanks!  I've enjoyed reading the great ideas from this site, but this is
the first time I've asked for help.
Barbara W.

--from SSTN: many of these God-names are explored in
"His Name Shall Be Called..." in our Bible-4-Life curriculum series at:

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10) Teacher Appreciation?

Good Morning:
Sunday School Appreciation Sunday is coming up the 2nd Sunday in October
and I have run out of ideas for our program.  Can someone please give me
some suggestions for showing our Sunday School Teachers how much we love
and appreciate for the hardwork they do.

God Bless,

--from SSTN: make sure you search the archives and craft page too at:

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