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Issue #58 - September 21, 2007

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"For where two or three come together in my name, there am I with them." -- Jesus

1) Kid's Club Badges
2) Christian Schools
3) From the Suggestion Box
Christian School...HELP

5) Bible Trivia? 
Wordless Book Song?
7) Involving Kids in Missions?
8) Skit for Abraham, Sarah and Isaac?
9) Kids Club Badges

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1) Kids Club Badges

Years ago I started a "club" on Wednesday nights called KFCC (Kids for Christ Club) I had the children wear dark pants and a white top, any top, and had a lady in the church make each of them a sash to pin the badges onto it. I used my "girl scout badge book, cub scout badge book, and other resources to come up with badges. I always tried to find a Bible verse to go along with each badge. I did not use the actual badges from these books but created my own badges and requirements with the help of these books adding other requirements as I was lead spiritually. I used a button machine and designed the badges. Since I had such a wide range of ages I made a sheet of requirements for each badge...the youngest children were to complete the first ten or so requirements and the older children completed the full page. Some badges were completed as a group while others were completed on an individual basis. Some badges I created were: Safety & Stranger Beware Badge; Mapping our World Badge; Private I (eye) Badge; many others. We had a few guest visitors and went on a few field trips...They kids loved the program...I plan to start it up again in the near future..Dianne, AL


2) Christian Schools

I taught a combined 1st/2nd grade class at a small private Christian School. (The other teacher taught 3rd/4th/5th). I learned quickly to make sure each grade level had something easy to start the day off with...handwriting, Bible, etc...something all the students could participate in no matter what their skill level. From there, I would start one grade off with a written review of the previous day's lesson and start instruction lessons with the other grade. (Reading was a bit more challenging because out of a class of 12, I had 6 reading groups!) I also used my more advanced students to help those who were a little behind. Like you I was nervous at first...it took two or three weeks to get a solid routine down...but once I did, I LOVED IT! I would go back to teaching a combined class again in a heart beat! (I must admit though that I am unfamiliar with PACES. We did however do all our own diagnostic testing and proctored all the required state/federal testing).

In His Service,



3) From the Suggestion Box:

"I would love to see dramas and skits - thank you!" 

Tabitha O. says, "I want to see more lessons for teenagers."

--from SSTN: we are currently working on our first skit book to be released very soon. It is called, "Lights, Camera, Action Bible Skits". It is based on the Gospel According to Mark. 

As to more teen resources, we do have some recommended resources in our bookstore at:
 http://www.sundayschoolnetwork.com/bookstore.html. However, currently our ministry is primarily aimed at k-5th grade.



4) Christian School...HELP


Been there, done that! LOL
Please email me if you want to discuss it. Msfunstuf@aol.com

You really should attend an ACE School of Tomorrow Convention or workshop. It will help you understand.


This issue's Bible Trivia answer is: "Amen"
Used by permission. From the game, "Bible Stack-O!"


5) Bible Trivia?

Dear Ms. Keith:

Good morning,...thank you again for your reply to my inquiries. May I again request for a Trivia or Bible Quest for my kids and young people as well as ladies and laymen too. I always the game leader in our entity. I am a sunday school teacher for the juniors, also a counselor for the junior varsity/AWANA ministry.

God bless you always and peace from our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ be with you.

tarcy a. aragon
First Baptist Church of Pildira
Manila, Philippines

--from SSTN: hi Tarcy, our Bible Stack-O! game is a great resource for Bible Trivia and lots of fun to play for kids and adults! You can learn more at: http://www.sundayschoolnetwork.com/Bible_stacko.html 


6) Wordless Book Song?

I remember there is a song that goes with the Wordless Book. I remembered singing them in VBS. If you have it could you send me the lyric and music score to it. I could only remember the first line.

"My heart was black with sin, Until the saviour came in...."

Please help I am writing the program for a Thai Mission Trip to an orphanage in Chiang Mai and I would like this to use this as a salvation message for the kids there.

Patricia Siew
Kam Yam Methodist Church 

--from SSTN: type "Wordless Book Song" into google.com and you'll find it.



The BE-Attitudes

for adult Bible study...Get over yourself and live life approved by God!

Follow this link to discover more at:


7) Involving Kids in Missions?

Hi. I would like to know how to get children involve in mission work?

from SSTN:
There are various ways to get involved. You can start out locally in your community via soup kitchens, retirement homes or homeless shelters. You can organize short trips in your county or surrounding counties and even trips to places further away. Some of the missions mentioned in the site at:
provide opportunities for people to come to their mission to help out.
If you contact them directly they will help you get started.

Your webservant,
Sarah Keith <><



8) Skit for Abraham, Sarah and Isaac?

Do you have a short skit that goes with Genesis 15:5-6; 18:11-14; 21:1-8, Abraham, Sarah, And Isaac

--from SSTN:
You can try searching the archives. Also, check out "Bible ACT-ion Skits" under the General Skits at: http://www.sundayschoolnetwork.com/skits.html 

Your webservant,
Sarah Keith <><


9) Kids Club Badges

There are two programs I'm aware of that award badges for learning Scripture Memory Verses: Awana and Master Club. Both badges and vests must be purchased and are somewhat expensive. The badges are sewn onto the vests. I'm sure you can google and find additional information about both of these programs. I came up with an idea that a friend used in her church. Use clip art to make any kind of badge you desire. You can also use words on the clip art, but make sure to use mirror image when you print as letters will print reverse of what you see. You can print the clipart/words onto transfer paper, which can be purchased at Michaels Craft Store. I've even seen it at Dollar Stores. The tranfers can then be ironed onto T-shirts, which can be purchased economically. White or light colored T-shirts work best.
Kris Barry


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