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SSTN # 58 - August 2, 2006

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1) Explaining the Church?
2) Large Class
3) Large Class
4) Lessons For 2 Year Olds?

Cultivating Jesus?

5) Large  Class
6) Learning Centers For Large Class
7) Keeping Senior Highers Interested
8) Keeping Teens Interested: Build Relationships
9) Getting kids to pray

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1) Explaining the Church?

I am in need of a lesson before Friday to teach preschoolers why we have
the church, it's not a building but it's the people, and how God calls us
to be a church family (all ages belong).  Anyone have any ideas on a way
to teach preschoolers using visuals?  Thanks!

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2) Large Class

The problems/blessings of a large class can indeed make you wonder if you
are accomplishing anything of eternal value. Keep at it though, for we do
have God's promise that His word will be effective when we present it.
A group that large is too much for one person to handle alone. Can you
arrange for a helper ? If there isn't an adult , could 2 or 3 of the young
people alternate weeks to assist you?  They need to learn how to work
within the church body but also need the instructional time of Sunday
School, too. That is why having a few to swap off would be a good idea.
Ideally, another adult  to co-teach with you would be available so you
could share the instructional time and the games/activity time. You might 
also find it a  benefit to have  another adult to work with in the
planning and preparing of the lessons, too.
Speak up to your Sunday School director before you become any more
frustrated with the situation. If you don't tell him there is a problem,
he may not realize that one exists.
God bless you , Susan for your desire to teach the children.
Ruth in ME

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3) Large Class

 Hey Susan as a Sunday School Director that I'm in Jesus Christ.  I would
recommend a couple of things.
           1) I would suggest that you separate your class to have a
smaller group again, you can either separate according to there school
grade or age.  This way you would decrease your class and it would make
your job more interesting.
           2) If the first advice dose not work or you have no control
over that subject I would look for more activities that include small
groups of kids and you would focus teaching on the groups and not as an
individual.  You can find games that would make you put your class in
small groups and teach them that way.
          3) If none of those tips work then I would suggest talking to
your Sunday School Director or your Pastor.

   Hopefully I could be of some help if not then you can e-mail me for any
questions at

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4) Lessons For 2 Year Olds?

Hello to everyone,
   I would like to know if anybody knows any lessons that can be taught
 to 2 year olds kids in Sunday school?  If anybody has ideas please let me
know, I'm desperate in finding new ideas for these precious kids.

--from SSTN: I know these have been suggested before, but they are
excellent rsources:
Pray & Play Bible (Vol. #1 and 2). You can find them by typing the titles
into our bookstore search box:

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Cultivating Jesus?

Are you cultivating Jesus in the hearts and lives of children? 

Try our kid tested and teacher approved series,
"The Fruit of the Spirit - Jesus Growing In You and Through You".

You'll find it listed in our Bible-4-Life Curriculum section at:


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5) Large  Class

There  are  about  50  children  in  our  Sunday  School.  The  children 
are  divided  into  4  groups.  There  are  3  teachers  in  every 
groups.  Each  week  we (the  teachers)  gather  and  pray  God  about 
us  and  children  and  God  help  us.  You  may  every  time  pray  God 
and  use  this  method:  You  may  say “ Who  sit  silent  the  first, 
he  or  she  will  get  a  prize”.

In  His  wonderful  love

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6) Learning Centers For Large Class

I would suggest Learning Center type activities. For the first part of
the hour the students can choose among a few choices of activities.
Even with a small room I've been able to achieve a couple of areas
using small rugs in corners and taping materials on the wall or using
"project boards". {In one church I didn't have a lot of set up time so
I made the Learning Center Project Boards at home and took them to
class.}  After a certain amount of time call for group time where the
lesson is given.
    Art activities to follow the lesson can be done in "team" set-ups.
Change as problems arise.
    Game activities can be done in teams instead of individually.
(SundaySchool Network has alot of the games suggested in teams.) 
     Ending activities can be individual types or a calling back to
Whole Group to do a "memory Verse" activity from a poster at the front
of the class.
Diane Plum

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7)  Keeping Senior Highers Interested

>I know that our church is not the only church to start losing >kids after
confirmation. I >am struggling, need HELP!  Cindy

Cindy, our church also is going through a similar problem so keep in mind,
you are not alone! This year we are starting a small group mentoring
program meeting two Sunday’s a month for our 7th & 8th graders. We have
approx. 30 7th & 8th graders so we are breaking them into small groups of
6 and having a Bible study/ fellowship time with them in addition to
confirmation. We are also having a fellowship group for our senior high
starting Wed. eve this fall. I was told that kids will not drop out of
church if they are mentored as junior high students. They need some kind
of connection to keep them in church. I pray that your ministry will
blossom, at the same time, please pray for us, we’re in the same boat!
Blessings, Jeannine    

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8) Keeping Teens Interested: Build Relationships

My nephew (age 24) is in seminary studying to obtain his ministerial music
degree. He has recently been hired at a church to build the middle and
high school choir program. I asked him what steps he is taking to get kids
to join and his main response was, "build relationships with them - i.e.
one on one, group activities and hanging out with them. Once a friendship
is established, they want to help, they want to participate."

sarah keith <><

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9) Getting kids to pray

First off, your site is wonderful.  I began teaching a 3rd grade religion
class last February and have so enjoyed it.   I have never taught anything
before in my life.  I wanted to do more than lecture, and found your site
to give so many helpful ideas.   One thing that I wanted to stress to the
kids is to reach out and pray to God.  It doesn't have to be a lengthy
prayer, just talk to God.   One thing that I did with the children is
create their own personal prayer book.  We cut pieces of paper (index
size) of all different colors and punched holes in the top of them.   We
then tied them with yarn.  Every week, I would bring in "kid friendly"
prayers that the children would paste in their books, and then I supplied
stickers for them to decorate the prayers with.  The kids looked so
forward to getting new prayers every week.    I also had each child write
their own prayer, and then typed those up and brought them in the next
week.   We then added those prayers to every child's prayer book, with
their name as the author.  My hope was that the children would refer to
their "personal" prayer books often.   We also made simple craft  items
that served as "Prayer Reminders".  So that each time they seen the item
they crafted, would remind them to say a short prayer to God.
Sarah .... Keep up the awesome work you are doing.
Your Friend in Christ, Angie in Ohio
--from SSTN: thank you, Angie.

For those who don't know, I've written a book called "The Prayer of Jesus
- Teaching Kids to Pray the Lord's Prayer". It can be found in the
Bible-4-Life Curriculum section at:

sarah keith <><

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