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SSTN # 57 - July 31, 2006

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1) Large Class
2) Large Sunday School Class
3) Large Class
4) VBS on the Street

Season's Mosaic ... For Support Partners Only

5) Large Classes
6) Large Class
7) Large Class
8) Large Class
9) More Lessons?

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1) Large Class

Dear Susan;

20 is too big for a Sunday School class for all the reasons you listed...
Can't you split into two classes of 10?  You need to be able to know where
each one is spiritually and pray for them and build them up and develop
relationships.  too hard to do with 20 children for 2 hours once a week. 
Get your fellowship to pray in that new teacher.

blessings, Susan G

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2) Large Sunday School Class

Hi Susan V.
Praise the Lord!!!!!
You must be doing something terrific in your class.  What a privilege to
have the Lord trust you with so many of His children!!!
Do you have someone to help you out? 
At one time, I had a very large class too--and  maybe some of the ideas
that worked for me might help you out too. 
Here's some ideas that you might be able to try:
#1.  Do you have any helpers?  How many?
    If you can't get a full-time aide, how about asking the parents of the
children to take turns coming in and helping out?
Yes, they'll grumble--but some will come to love working with the kids and
volunteer on a more regular basis.  Parents of kids that aren't in the
class might even be willing to help out sometimes.  I know it's extra work
to get them all rounded up---but believe me, it may make a big difference
in the classroom.
#2.  Have you ever worked with "centers" in your room?  Divide the room up
into 4 or 5 different centers that the kids will take turns visiting.  One
for Snacks, one for Art, one for Music (a CD player and headphones make
for a quieter room), one for Games, one for Skits,  one for Bible study,
Tell the Bible story the first thing (or try doing it just before kids
leave for the day).  Either way will work.
Then the kids are divided up into "teams" to go visit the centers.  The
rule is they have to finish any "project" they start.  (No roaming from
center to center and not doing a single thing.)  Let the kids work at a
center for a set time, get their attention and tell them to finish their
project because in 2 minutes they'll be going to another center.
Try to get the kids to go to 2 or 3 centers if possible.  Everything at
each center will be the theme of the Bible Story.  Even the snack is
related to the story.  I think Sarah's site can give you ideas on snacks,
etc. that are story related.
This way the "wigglers" can stretch more often.  The kids that like art
will love the art center, etc.
This really worked for me.
Also, to divide up into teams, write all the kids names on cards, mix up
and just draw cards for who will go on what "team".  I found that
"friends" being together in "teams" did not always get much done--too much
visiting, etc.   Plus you don't have to worry about someone being picked
last--and feeling badly about it.
I hope this will help you out a little.
If you'd like more ideas, please feel free to contact me at: 
I'd be more than happy to help out if I can.
May you be richly blessed through teaching your class!

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3) Large Class

To Susan,
I teach a large class of fifth graders who have been with me second grade
and include a large group of boisterous boys. 
One thing I would do for games such as bible jeopardy is put the kids into
teams so they don't have to wait to long for their turn.  You could pit
the boys against the girls. They love that. 
Group activities are very useful for large classes.  Pair students up to
help each other with reading and crafts and get some of the more quiet or
responsible ones to be your helpers.
Activities such as freeze tag and Jesus says ( instead of Simon says) can
be done in a small space. 
Try to recruit a few teenage or parent helpers who can rotate
their Sundays and lend you a hand with the kids.
If you have the extra space and another willing teacher in your church,
you may want to consider splitting the class up. 

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4) VBS on the Street

Thank you so much for your replies to my post!  I praise God that 
there is this outlet for reaching our children.



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Season's Mosaic ... For Support Partners Only

If you're a current Support Partner, then there's a new
activity posted in the site for you at: 


Have fun!

Your webservant,
Sarah Keith <><

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5) Large Class

For the Bible story, I would encourage you to look for ways to continue to
involve as many of the children as possible, since that is what they seem
to thrive on. It's funny how the smallest things can help keep a child
interested. Try to involves the five senses. We did one lesson about
people having sour attitudes, and my teaching partner sliced up a lemon
real thin and had them all taste it to get the sour look on their faces!
Props are another really fun thing to do. You can have several children
holding props - either in their laps or beside you. You can say key words
that they have to listen for to bring their props up for the class's
attention. Sound effects are great, too. Do whatever you can to bring the
story to life - squirt water for rain, have them eat unleavend bread, etc.
A really good curriculum for this is Kids POWer Hour from Pentecostal
Publishing. They offer a variety of ways to present their lessons, they
tend to be short, and they are really fun. They give you suggestions on
how to keep the kids attention and how to involve them.
It also helps to do review games a lot in order to motivate them to listen
carefully. One lesson my teaching partner brought a baggie of dimes and
nickels, and, every few minutes, she would backtrack and ask a question.
Whoever got the answer right got a dime or a nickel, depending on how hard
the question. They were certainly attentive that day! One little guy went
home with a pocketful. While that's not practical for every Sunday, it was
something differen and it was effective.
As for the kids losing interest during the games, I would recommend trying
to stick with games that don't have long waiting periods. Play games like
hot potato, relay races, etc, that can involve as many kids at once as
possible. Any game can be turned into a review game. Contests are really
good. Split the group and give each team the same task and let them race.
I hope these ideas help!

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6) Large Classes

I currently teach a class with 15/20 3-5 year olds. One of the first
things I did was establish two simple rules. When I am talking you are to
listen. When it is your turn to talk I will listen. I have them sit on the
floor. I separate buddies who will talk to each other rather than listen.
I provide opportunities for them to " help" me with the lesson
such as hold my visual aides.I choose a "quite area "and reward the group
who is sitting in the "quiet area" are if they listen and behave.Part way
through my lesson I provide a "wiggle time." I may have them stand and do
an action song relating to the lesson or just shake all their wiggles out.
I have music playing when they enter the room.It is a big change but
remember that you now have a bigger opportunity to reach more kids for

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7) Large Classes

We have a large group of 30 children aged 3-11!  We find fast action the
key, it keeps everyone interested.  Don't stay on one thing too long!  We
have a Bible memory verse, Bible story, game, object lesson or gospel
illusion and quiz followed by craft activity.  We keep it moving on so
hopefully they don't have time to get bored!  Age difference is difficult
but try and aim part for the little ones so they at least grasp
something.  We try and do team games where everyone is involved and again
they don't have time to get bored.  Hope this is of some help!
Shirley Watts UK

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8) Large Class

I would like to comment on "Large Class?" submitted by Susan Verstraete

Susan, you are right both times. Yes it is wonderful to have a class that
grows. It says something of the love those children receive wile they
learn from the Word in your class. And yes, it is difficult and sometime
borderlines to chaotic. Last year I had anything between 16 and 24 3rd
grade boys and girls in my class every week as I was the only teacher for
that year group. Braking the kids up in smaller groups and giving each
group more responsibility within themselves gave me time to spend more
time with each individual group. This is not ideal as you don't get to
spend so much time with each child, but you are able to get the message
through, well relatively unscarred. Also try to do things that I like to
call  'delayed release activities'. Something that don't give the kids
time to respond immediately. Something they need to give some thought or
need to do for a wile in order to get to the message.
I have also found that knowing each kid outside of class a bit more
personally, made that they respected me more, and that they then listened
a bit better in class. 
Please do not feel ineffective. Trust that those kids will take something
from your classes that not even you imagined. You are doing a wonderful
job by simply showing up and taking part in there lives. You are not alone
and those children will remember you long after they're in your class

Nelius Nieuwenhuys
Student of Theology
South Africa

"Laat dit Juig"

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9) More Lessons?

I am trying to find other lessons to teach my 5,6,7
year old sunday school class. I've taught the basics:
Jonah and the whale, the creation, daniel and the
lions, etc. I want to teach these kids things that
maybe they've never heard. I know there are lots of
stories in the Bible, but I need them to be on a
child's level of understanding. This site has helped
me with many of my lessons and crafts, and I thank you
for all you have done. If anyone has any ideas for me
they would be greatly appreciated. I am also trying to
find a back to school lesson for these kids that has
to do with the Bible, any info would be appreciated! 
Thank you, Tracee

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