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Issue #56 - September 17, 2007

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"For where two or three come together in my name, there am I with them." -- Jesus

1) Killing Egyptian Babies
2) Autumn Leaves / More Submissions
3) Award Badges
4) Killing Egyptian Babies

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5) Children's Day Service
6) God Killing Egyptian babies
Killing Egyptian Babies
8) Ages for Children's Service Day?
9) Family Game Activity


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SSTN submissions


1) Killing Egyptian Babies

What an opportunity to teach children how sinful people are without God. God did not kill the babies. Pharaoh did. People blame God for all the bad things that happen in the world but it is sinful man who causes them. Even unbelieving adults ask how a loving God can let such things happen.

Again, we have to know who God is. Holy God cannot stand sin and is never the cause of it. When sin came into the world it began to destroy all the wonderful things the Lord had put here for our benefit. The first murder was caused by Cain's parents' choosing to sin and thus Cain inherited the sin nature.

Without the Lord Jesus Christ, we would all be as wicked at Pharaoh. As children realize what sin is, and they, too, are sinners, how sweet it is to see them come to the Lord and be forgiven of their own sin and believe in Him.

Helen Setser


2) Autumn Leaves / More Submissions

-- Hi Tina, I was thinking along the leaves of the colors changing in fall and relating that to how our lives are changed because of Christ. Something like "Changed in Christ"? Another thought was "We're FALLing in Love with the Lord". -Amy S.

-- We used the theme "Falling For Jesus" one year. The kids each decorated a 
leaf with their name and then we put it on our fall tree. We had it hanging 
in our fellowship hall.

-- A good theme would be "FALLING FOR JESUS"

-- Since all of creation is shouting God's praises, my Sunday School class wanted to, also. We took paper leaf cut-outs and each wrote a praise word on it such as "Awesome" "Wonderful" "Almighty" "Loving" and then we have hung them all over the classroom by string from the ceiling. It looks so festive and shouts God's praises!



3) Award Badges

There are templates at office supply stores to make your own badges.


4) Killing Egyptian Babies

I am guessing this was part of a lesson on the 10 Plagues in Egypt. The Bible does have some stories that are not all about love, and we cannot pick and choose just the stuff we like. There is a great story here, how that Pharaoh would not let the people go, he made many promises that he did not keep, etc. That is what needs to be accented in the story. The first born dying was only one of the consequences of his disobedience. I taught this story not too long ago and we talked about obedience and the consequences of disobedience. Because one man was disobedient, many had to suffer. 

If you have questions, talk to the Cm director or the teacher and kindly ask what the lesson objective was and how it was taught. If your granddaughter is 5 she is at an inquisitive age. Maybe she just wanted to know and her question was not answered at church. Don't make a big deal about it, answer her question and drop it.

Just my 2 cents.



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This issue's Bible trivia answer is:
"Books". Used by permission from the game, Bible Stack-O!
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5) Children's Day Service

For scriptures - use a good concordance, PC Study Bible, or any other good computer program.

Songs - God Has a Plan For My Life.




6) God Killing Egyptian babies

The truth to God's love is it's so much more than our love - His love includes justice, something that is hard to grasp but truth none the less. We are effected by other's sins, the Egyptian babies were effected by not only the sins of their parents but also the sin of their king (who was to be their protector and overseer). It's a great lesson in how our choice to sin effects not only me but others.

We answer the best we can and leave the rest to God - He is able to help them understand His truth. We do not need to make excuses for God.

Andi T. - "The Gathering Place" Jacksonville, IL



The BE-Attitudes

for adult Bible study...Get over yourself and live life approved by God!

Follow this link to discover more at:


7) Killing Egyptian Babies

The impact of this story as it relates to Moses hit me one day as I was reading the Scripture in
preparation for the lesson for first graders. As I remember, the passage indicates the sons were
to be thrown in the river. (To me this represents how hard hearted the Pharaoh was against God.)
Moses was “thrown into the river” to keep the Pharaoh's law, but his name means “drawn out”. 
When teaching that portion of the story, I emphasized how mean the Pharaoh's law was and
that Moses’ family kept the law, but how wonderful it was that God rescued Moses and
he had 2 families – how good God is.

Fortunately a 5 year old will not remember this negative part, if the negative part is emphasized
from this point on. It is too bad the one really horrible aspect of the story was emphasized. You must show your daughter (I think it was your 5 year old daughter) the other side of this story – the part that God wants her to know and understand. And yes, bad things do happen, but, the Lord is in it all to
work out good things for those who love Him and are called according to His purpose.

Hope this helps a little.
Nancy <J><



8) Ages for Children's Service Day?

to the person that was asking about the children service day she leave an e-mail address. but i was wondering what ages does that pertain to and what are some of the things they do i would like for our children to do this please e-mail kfc924@charter.net 
thank you


9) Family Game Activity

If you did not try the UNO card game it's wonderful and funny for families.
Also you can play competition game. make two teams, and one should run the game.

1st stage: person to person competition. you get one person of each team, you ask a question from the Bible, the one that knock on the table the 1st has the right to respond. You can make a series of questions to cover the number of competitors. 

2nd stage: same concept but right or wrong question game.

3rd stage: each person of each team should imitate a Biblical personality and their team must guess who.

hope this is Helpful,

To His Glory
Jalil from Lebanon


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