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Issue #55 - September 14, 2007

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"For where two or three come together in my name, there am I with them." -- Jesus

1) Pray for Muslims during Ramadan
Autumn Leaves / Multiple Submissions
3) Christmas Ideas
Ten Commands

God's Top Ten - Understanding God's Love In the Ten Commandments

Indoor / Outdoor Games?
Christian School...HELP!?
7) Kids Club Badges?
8) Grandparents Day Present
9) Teaching Respect?


Kids In Worship...Really?

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1) Pray for Muslims during Ramadan

Here is a great Web site to help you pray for Muslims during Ramadan:

Please join this prayer effort! Defeat the enemy in the spiritual realm.


2) Autumn Leaves / Multiple Submissions

-- for the autumn leaves theme. I have put Were falling for Jesus across the top and since i have only less than 30 in my whole department I put each of my kiddos names individually on a leaf.

-- Here's an Autumn Leave theme that might be useful:
Children could find scripture verses using the word "leave." The verses could either be written out or printed onto address labels and pasted to each leaf of the tree, e.g. I will not "leave" you comfortless. (John 14:18); "Leave" me not, neither forsake me, O God of my salvation." (Psalm 27:9); I will never "leave" thee, nor forsake thee. (Heb. 13:5) Peace I "leave" with you, my peace I give unto you (John 14:27). God Bless You Sarah for your wonderful site.
Kris Barry

-- In response to the fall tree, we did a lesson on how the seasons change and 
other things change but Jesus never does it was a big hit. Also could do 
one on "Falling for Jesus" put all your children's pictures on the leaves or 
their names and at the top put "We are Falling for Jesus", then do a number 
of lessons on why we should "fall for Jesus" have the class participate by 
coming up with people in the Bible who fell for Jesus. There's all kind of 
possibilities and games that you can make up to go with the lessons. Good 
Luck Kathy

-- Tina, Have the children write the names of people they want to pray for on the 
leaves. You can extend the theme into Nov. by having the kids write things 
they are thankful for or their blessings on the leaves. I hope this works 
for you!

-- For Tina who was looking for a Christian theme to use with a tree and fall leaves. I saw one bulletin board online and used it in my classroom. It had the tree and leaves set over a blue background with green hills. The caption should read: PROMISES YOU CAN BE-LEAVE. You may also want to right your class' names on some of the leaves,

-- Why don't you consider writing the name of a book of the Bible on each leaf on your tree. You could put just the books of either the Old or New Testament on your tree or you could put the books of the Old Testament on one side of the tree and the books of the New Testament on the other side of your tree. You could put the books of the Law on one branch, the historical books on another branch, etc. 


3) Christmas Ideas

There are tons of craft, game and skit ideas in the site. 
You'll find them listed in the F-R-E-E Stuff section at:



4) Ten Commands

I'd love the lesson plans for this. Thanks!

Tanya arthurmc@gwtc.net


God's Top Ten 
"Understanding God's Love In the Ten Commandments"

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Follow this link to discover more at: http://www.sundayschoolnetwork.com/curriculum_bible4life.html 



5) Indoor / Outdoor Games?

Dear mam:

Good afternoon, i really appreciate your ministry mam, please don't get tired on this doing. God bless your ministry...please send me more indoor/outdoor games for highschooler/children too.
We have AWANA/JV in our church.
Thank you once again.

tarcela aragon

--from SSTN: Check out our games at: http://www.sundayschoolnetwork.com/page10.html 



6) Christian School...HELP!?

Hello, I taught public school for 8 years, i quit to run a family owned
business for 17 years, we sold our business and i decided to go back to
teaching.  Well--i decided to try the Christian school.  This is a new
school and new to me as well, i have 17 students and they range from 1st
grade to 10th grade.  Has anyone ever done this type work before????  Right
now we are giving diagnostic tests to see what they know and where to start
teaching them.  I am excited and a little afraid.  Testing has been really
rough, 1st graders cant read and their attention span is very short.  Next
week we are supposed to start on their PACES.  Can anyone relate to me and
give me some advice???  The students are all in one room, I love children
and i want to serve the Lord.  I am nervous because i feel like i am not
qualified to teach all these levels.  I looked at the PACES and some things
i honestly do not know.  The pastor said the PACES are really good and do a
good job explaining.  He said there would be very little interaction with
the children.  All i know is that testing this week I never sat down, they
had 1000's of questions and i am a little frightened.  Please Help!  Karen  

--from SSTN: Dear Karen,  Feeling frightened is definitely an appropriate response if you haven't been trained in this area of expertise. Testing in public or private schools is usually administered by someone who has been trained to do so. There must be educators in your county who are trained in this area. I would seek out their advice and strongly encourage your Pastor to make sure his staff is trained and up-to-par with state academic standards. 


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7) Kids Club Badges?

We're considering using Christian patches or badges as an incentive for our children to learn Bible verses and apply scripture through life actions. Can anyone who's used such a concept share their thoughts on what they like or don't like about this? Also, what materials have you used? We're considering making up our own badges as we don't have any budget and want to keep costs down. All ideas are appreciated. Thanks and God bless, Amy S.



8) Grandparents Day Present

I did this with my kindy class - we had boxes of plain old wood beads. The 
children painted some and then together with thier grandparents thereaded 
them - they made necklaces and also key ring things. The children really 
loved giving their grandparents the special beads and doing the activity 
with them - the grandparents loved it as a great memento of the day.


9) Teaching Respect?

do you have a lesson referring to respect?

--from SSTN: the archives are a goldmine of ideas. you can search out topics and specific past issues at: http://www.sundayschoolnetwork.com/archives.html 

See especially: http://sundayschoolnetwork.com/archive187.html 


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This issue's Bible trivia answer is: "The book of Jude".
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