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SSTN # 55 - July 24, 2006

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1) Labor Day Lesson
2) Sidewalk VBS
3) Large Class?
4) Labor day

Teach The Children Well

5) VBS on the Street
6) Bible Quiz Bowl?
7) Day of the Open Door
8) We've Got Work To Do!
9) Women of the Bible?

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1) Labor Day Lesson
>For my fellow USA teachers, do you do anything special
>in your church to celebrate or observe Labor Day?
I usually will try to link a verse to go along with the holidays.....we
usually will do some patriotic craft for the kids and I will explain the
relevance of the holiday and how it relates to our walk with God.  Looking
for a patriotic theme the other day, I found a website that has a great
lesson for younger kids, however could be adapted for older kids. This is
actually for toddlers for 4th of July, but we could use parts of this
lesson for Labor day, Memorial day, or even Flag day!

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2) Sidewalk VBS

Our church has done this for the past 3 years, maybe 4. We go to a city
park, preferably near an apartment complex with children. We take
everything in with us:  Lessons, puppet stage, we have a small  karaoke
machine, crafts, games, drinking water and cookies. It goes over quite
well. This year because of remodeling of the local park (into a water
park), we held the VBS in our church's parking lot.  We have anywhere from
15-30 children. We also prepared small “gift bags” for any parents who
come and encourage them to stay – we provide lawn chairs for them. The
children sit on blankets on the ground.    We did not seek permission as
the park was public.....We hold this every Wednesday evening in June and
July and our church is a small one, but everyone pitches in to help. We
even have a clown at the beginning walking around attracting attention.

We never know how many children will attend and it is a lot of work, a
true labor of Love but we feel we are planting seeds of faith for the

In Christ,

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3) Large Class?


My Sunday School class of 1st-3rd graders has recently increased in size
from about 9 children to nearly 20. While I'm trying to rejoice in this
opportunity, it's been years since I've taught such a large group and am
having trouble re-orienting myself. For example, when we play Bible
Jeopardy or other review games, the children lose interest because it
takes so long for their turn to come around. Also, I've noticed that the

younger boys don't seem to understand the lesson unless they are doing
something active - like acting it out, for example, or finding some other
way to incorporate movement instead of lecture. The problem is that with
20 kids, the logistics of doing ANYTHING but lecture becomes complex. By
the time we get everyone ready and instructed, corralled AGAIN into the
right place, all our time is gone. I'm frustrated, ineffective and hoping
for help from some of you who teach large groups regularly.

Susan Verstraete

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4) Labor day

Historical info link:

Christian link to Labor Day? Yes, read on:

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Teach The Children Well

Learn how at:


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5) VBS on the Street

> My husband and others we know have done VBS on the streets of
> Philadelphia. They often set up in a park or even in a parking lot.  A
> couple of times they have done just a one day lesson on a play street....
> It's a great way to get kids to know about Christ.


Thank you for some encouraging news.  Presently, doing VBS this way 
may become a viable option.

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6) Bible Quiz Bowl?

I could use help teaching 3 & 4 year olds John 3:16.  We are having a
Bible Quiz Bowl in August and our class is to recite this verse.  Any
suggestions would be much appreciated.

--from SSTN: check the archives for "Bible memory" and "memorization

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7) Day of the Open Door

Mark and Becky,

Your event sounds like a great idea.  Our church is doing something
similar.  We are teaming up with another church in the same area and
having a carnival.  We'll have game booths and inflatables and all the
prizes will be Christian related.  We will also have free food and

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8) We've Got Work To Do!

Research shows that despite the extraordinary missions efforts of the
Church, three out of four people alive on the earth today still have not
heard the Gospel: http://www.assistnews.net/Stories/s06060084.htm

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9) Women of the Bible?

This fall I am splitting the 5th grade boys and the 5th grade girls for 8
- 10 weeks. The boys are going to study the Tabenacle, and the girls
will study some women of the Bible. Does anyone have a good book idea for
the girls?

from SSTN: Check out:
"Bad Girls of the Bible and What We Can Learn from Them",
"Women of the Bible: 52 Bible Studies for Individuals and Groups",
"Daughters of Eve: Women of the Bible Speak to Women of Today",

Also, type, "Women of the Bible" into our bookstore search page:
or archives page: http://www.sundayschoolnetwork.com/archives.html 

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