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SSTN # 54 - July 18, 2006

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1) VBS on the Street
2) What happened to SSTN?
3) Christians Unite During Ramadan

Teach The Children Well

4) Labor Day Lesson?
5) Day of the Open Door
6) After VBS

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1) VBS on the Street


My husband and others we know have done VBS on the streets of
Philadelphia. They often set up in a park or even in a parking lot.  A
couple of times they have done just a one day lesson on a play street.
They didn't need permission to use the parks, but in smaller cities or
towns you may. They couldn't do some of the same things as in a church
(with scenery, etc.) but they have set up different "stations" so the kids
could go to one area and play a game, another for a small craft, another
for the Bible lesson, etc. They also do Bible clubs once a week on the
streets. It's a great way to get kids to know about Christ.


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2) What happened to SSTN?

Hey, what happened to SSTN last week?

--from SSTN: one of two things has happened, the server didn't pick up new
postings and they weren't received or no one posted to SSTN. If you did
post a response or question, and you don't see it in today's SSTN or the
previous one from July 7th, then please resend it.

Remember, everyone's participation makes SSTN possible. ;o) If subscribers
don't post their questions and their ideas, then SSTN doesn't go out.

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3) Christians Unite During Ramadan

On the 24th of September 2006, many Muslims around you will begin to
prepare themselves to fast. In fact, about 1.3 billion people across the
Islamic world will all fast - men and women and even children from about
seven years old.

This time of fasting happens during the month called "Ramadan", from
sunrise to sunset. Since the Islamic calendar is based on the lunar cycle,
a year is 11 days shorter than ours (354 days). Thus, Ramadan moves slowly
backwards each year - in 2005 it was in October. In many Muslim countries
this year people will be fasting during long, hot days with approximately
16 to 18 hours of sunlight.

The fasting month of Ramadan belongs to the earliest obligations of faith
in Islam; Muhammad mentioned this around the year 610 A.D. in partial
support to Jewish fasting. Later it became one of the "5 Pillars" of the
Islamic Faith.

In Islamic understanding, the patience and obedience of the believer is
put to the test during this fasting month. People remember through fasting
the qualities of Allah and his care for the poor. Because of the spiritual
dimension to fasting, many Muslims study the Koran and visits increase to
mosques during Ramadan.

At the same time, fasting becomes a lifelong, heavy burden. Many people
don’t get enough water and health problems arise. Although fasting during
Ramadan is a statement of Islamic faith, in radical Islam it is punishable
not to fast.

World-wide, Christians pray in a united way during Ramadan for Muslims,
who do not experience Jesus as their advocate with the father, their
unconditional acceptance as loved children of God and the firm certainty
of forgiveness and salvation. As Christians have prayed, many people in
Islamic countries have in many different ways heard and entrusted their
lives to Jesus.

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Teach The Children Well

Learn how at:


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4) Labor Day Lesson?

For my fellow USA teachers, do you do anything special
in your church to celebrate or observe Labor Day?



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5) Day of the Open Door

Greetings from sunny, southern Austria! This weekend is the IRONMAN
competition around Lake Worth. Later, there's the Harleywood motorcycle
event around Lake Faaker and I think after that, a gathering of mopeds and
their riders. So the main tourist season is underway here. "Exciting"
things are offered to attract people. With the "Day of the Open Door" that
our church is putting on September 16th, we want to attract people too,
especially those in the closer neighborhood of our church who would
otherwise not step foot onto our church property. The doors of the
building will be open. One of the ladies in our church will display her
paintings, my baseball team will have our new, portable batting cage up
and running and there will be a drawing for things people are donating.
The proceeds for that will go to an orphanage in Russia. There will be
free coffee, tea, juice, cake and cookies. Becky and I will do a couple of
programs for children. At  five in the afternoon, the Aistleitner family
will give a Country Concert and afterwards we are inviting everyone for
chilli. All visitors will get an envelope with tracts and information
about our fellowship. Some might say it is a "gimmicky" way to reach out
to people. I think it is like using mammon to the advantage of the Lord.
It is just one of many ways to make connections with people. Our "E" team
has put a lot of time and energy into planning the event. A list of prayer

requests has been copied and handed out. Every Sunday we are encouraging
our people to get involved by praying and signing up for certain tasks and
responsibilities to take over on Sept. 16th. We want to see every one in
every age group in our church get involved with this outreach. They will
all also have the opportunity to help get the invitation out that I have
to get ready for approval by the Evangelisation Team when we meet Monday

from Mark & Becky Bryan serving in church support ministries.
address: Schilfweg 1, 9065 Ebenthal, Austria, Europe
email: marknbecky@aon.at
tel/fax from USA: 011-43-463-35902  
cell:  011-43-676-4938272

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6) After VBS
People come and go during the summer months due to their vacations.
Therefore, our church provides only a short 5 week program on Wed. nights
for adults and kids.
Over the past few years our children's ministry has used the Psalm Series,
activities from the "Goin' Buggie For Jesus" book, The Good Shepherd
Series and the Armor of God series. All of which are available in the
Sermons and Lessons section at
http://www.SundaySchoolNetwork.com .  
However, this year we're using a book of skits called "Quick Skits / New
Testament" by Steven James. We've focused our five weeks to skits based on
the book of Acts (the beginnings of the church). So far it's going great.
Each week we perform an impromptu skit and then video tape it. The kids
have had fun performing and watching their skit!

If anyone else is interested in the book you can find it in the bookstore
by typing the title into the search box at:
Sarah Keith <><

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