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Issue #53 - September 7, 2007

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"For where two or three come together in my name, there am I with them." -- Jesus


1) Kings of Judah and Israel Songs?
2) Esau-Jacob rivalry
3) Autumn Leaves Theme?
4) Grandparent's Day?

The Great Promises of the Bible
From Genesis to Revelation

5) Christmas Ideas?
6) Ten Commands for Pre-Schoolers
7) Baghdad Prayer Patrol
8) Haggai Study
9) Toddler's Tithing Game



1) Kings of Judah and Israel Songs?

do you know any songs that teach the 20 kings over judah and the 19 kings over israel?
kristi egenbacher


2) Esau-Jacob rivalry

I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who shared their thoughts on the Esau-Jacob rivalry. Thanks, Sarah, for such a wonderful network of friends in Christ! -Amy S.

--from SSTN: you are welcome! SSTN is a blessing to me!
ysic, sarah <><


3) Autumn Leaves Theme?

Would someone be able to give me a suggestion using a tree with autumn leaves with a Christian theme? The tree is a purchased pre-made bulletin board set. I would like to use it with a Christian theme for a fall decoration. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. 
Thanks. Tina


The Great Promises of the Bible
From Genesis to Revelation

This series presents a "broad brush stroke" of God's Word from Genesis through Revelation! 

Follow this link to discover more at: http://www.sundayschoolnetwork.com/curriculum_bible4life.html 


4) Grandparent's Day?

do you have anything for my preschool Sunday school class to make to give out to grandparents on grandparents day.
angel davis

--from SSTN: check out the Puzzle Frame in our Christian Crafts section.


5) Christmas Ideas?

I would like some awesome ideas for Christmas.



6) Ten Commands for Pre-Schoolers

I have used the idea that we should tell small children what TO DO rather than what NOT TO DO. The memory verse for the term was " I can do all things" and then each week we looked at something even little kids can do to please God and receive His blessing. The bigger kids were encouraged to also learn the 10 commands

1. Praise God 
2. Pray to God only
3. Use my manners.
4. Build (or Go to) the church.
5. Obey my parents
6. Be Kind
7. Be faithful (keep my promises)
8. Share
9. Tell the truth
10. Be grateful (give thanks/ count blessings)

If you look at these along side the regular commandments you will see they carry the same under- lying principle. I believe this is a God idea rather than a Good one so I thought I'd share it. If anyone wants more info on lesson plans I can send that too.


Get rid of boring, watered-down lessons!

Captivating Bible Lessons
for Children's Ministry

Get your kids involved by
using hands-on Bible activities.

Follow this link to discover more at:


7) Baghdad Prayer Patrol

Please consider taking 1 minute to pray at the Baghdad Prayer Patrol: http://prayercentral.net/baghdad/today



8) Haggai Study

For the original Poster, please send SSTN your email address.

Sarah Keith <><


9) Toddler's Tithing Game

> Does anybody know of games to use in teaching toddlers how to tithe?
>  I teach the 3 1/2 yrs - 6yrs class...

Two & three year olds can be considered toddlers, anything older than that is pre k, K or 1st grade. While the little ones may be too little, the older ones can certainly learn about tithing. My question is - what are they being taught at home regarding tithes and offerings? 

Provide a bagful of change. Children sort according to denomination and place the change in piles of ten. Each child should have a stack. Pass the offering plate and let them figure out what belongs to God.


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This issue's Bible trivia answer is: "James".
(Used by permission from the game, Bible Stack-O!.)



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