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SSTN # 53 - July 7, 2006

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1) Fishing Songs
2) VBS on the Streets?
3) Fruit vs. Gifts of the Spirit...the difference.

Kaleidoscope Fun ... a great summertime activity for home or church!

4) After VBS?
5) Fishing Songs
6) Fishing Songs
7) Fishing Songs

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1) Fishing Songs

There is a song "Go Fish, Go Fish" on the "Sunday School Sing-A-Longs" CD
by Wonder Kids, Wonder Workshop, Inc.

Of course, "I Will Make You Fishers of Men"  & "Peter, James & John in a
Sailboat" are both classics.

A few years ago there was a VBS theme "Hooked on Jesus" which also had
fishing songs. I believe it was by Standard Publishing.

Hope this helps.
Laura, Cayman Islands

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2) VBS on the Streets?


If anyone in the USA has ever done a VBS on the streets on their 
city, I would be interested in hearing about the type of preparation 
that is involved.  For example, were the City Leaders favorable to 
the idea?  Did you need to acquire the permission of the residents of 
the local neighborhood to block off a section of the street during 
various hours?  Did the church receive a good reputation for 'going 
out into the community?  Anything else?

I know they do this in other countries, but am not sure if the USA 
Christians have ever had it done.

Your responses would be most appreciated as we continue to pray this.

Thank you


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3) Fruit vs. Gifts of the Spirit...the difference

When Jesus cursed the fig tree, because it had no fruit, it was a warning
that a life without fruit is cursed (Matthew 21:19). In Galatians 5:22-23,
Paul paints a word-picture of a fruit-filled life: "...The fruit of the
Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness,
gentleness, and self-control. Against such things there is no law."  These
Christian virtues are produced by the indwelling Holy Spirit; not by
observing the law and moral self-discipline. These Christ-like
characteristics cannot be squeezed out or forced to occur; in fact they
flow naturally from a life that keeps in step with the Holy Spirit,
yielding to Him and his prompting (Galatians 5:25).

The Bible refers to the FRUIT of the Spirit, singular, and not fruits,
plural. In other words, when you have the Holy Spirit dwelling within you,
you have the capacity for all of Jesus' inner virtues. It is also
important to note that the Fruit of the Spirit is different from the Gifts
of the Spirit. The Fruit of the Spirit refers to the inner virtues of
being a Christian, while the Gifts of the Spirit are those inner virtues
put into action. For example, the inner Spirit-fruit virtue of KINDNESS,
could be expressed by the Spirit Gift of contributing to the needs of
others (Romans 12:8). Or the inner virtue of FAITHFULNESS could be
expressed through the Spirit Gift of teaching (Romans 12:7).

To learn how you can more adequately teach children about
the Fruit of the Spirit and the Gifts of the Spirit,
go to the Bible-4-Life Curriculum page at:


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Kaleidoscope Fun ... a great summertime activity for home or church!

Check it out in our Easy Make N' Take section at:

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4) After VBS?

I'm curious to know what everyone does during your
summer midweek programs after your VBS programs are over?

Sam in Florida

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5) Fishing Songs

I have a great song called "Life is Like a Big Wide Ocean" that would 
fit. It's by Captain Alan  and the Captains Crew, off a Cassette 
called 'Get on Board'. Words and music by Capt Alan Price. We used it 
years ago for a VBS type program themed around ships.


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6) Fishing Songs
You can find "Fishers of Men" on the "Kids Sing Praise" audio CD at:
Also, search the SSTN archives for "fishing", "fish" or "ocean":

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7) Fishing Songs
Kremer's "Gone Fishing VBS" has fishing songs.

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