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Issue #52 - September 4, 2007

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"For where two or three come together in my name, there am I with them." -- Jesus

1) Jacob & Esau
2) Teaching Jacob and Esau
3) Interest Based Groups - Haggai Study
4) Jacob & Esau Rivalry

The BE-Attitudes 
"... Live Lives Approved By God!" 

5) Toddler's Tithing Games?
6) Toddler's Tithing Game
7) God's Watchful Eyes
8) Street Preaching Video

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Teaching Jacob and Esau

Ever since I read the entry about Jacob and Esau, I have prayed about it and been concerned.
It sound like the write thinks God is unfair.  There is no place in the Bible where fair or unfair is mentioned.  God is just. And that is written many times.

Our idea of unfair has to do with self--if God gives you something then I should have it, too.  In order to teach children, we need to truly know who God is.  God cannot do wrong because He is holy and sinless.
As we study God's Word, we learn his plan through the ages, beginning with Adam and Eve when he told them a Redeemer would come.  He chose Abraham and his family through which that Redeemer would come.
God, knowing all things, chose Jacob to carry out that line.  Esau chose to sell his birthright. God knew it would not be important to him.  Esau is like our generation--I want it now! A mess of lentils was an instant fix.
Yes, Jacob was sneaky.  His mom was, too, but Jacob had a heart for God and Esau did not.  And God changed Jacob--he became Israel. 

God is God and he can do what he wants to. As we are reminded in the Word, can the clay say to the potter what are you doing?  He made us.  We have all sinned. Jacob and Esau were both sinners.  As God gave us grace, as he did Jacob, we can only be amazed at his great  love when he is so holy.
Helen Setser


2) Jacob & Esau

The message is: God uses sinful people, despite our sinfulness, to fulfill his purpose. The Messiah was to come through the chosen line, of which Jacob was a part of that line. 

We may have to endure the consequences of our sin, but that doesn't mean we will not receive forgiveness. God says that ALL things work together for the good of those WHO LOVE God and who are called according to HIS PURPOSE.

God is merciful indeed!
Sam in Florida


3) Interest Based Groups - Haggai Study

>I would like to glean from so many of you with various and valuable experiences?

1st request:
I would love to receive this series as I also teach a wide variety of kids with children ranging from the every wealthy to the very poor (living in the local informal settlement).

My email address is kenjackson@absamail.co.za

Thank you.
Val Jackson
Hout Bay, Cape Town

2nd request:  
Yes, could you please send me a copy of your Haggai Bible study. This sounds very exciting.
God Bless,


The Be-Attitudes
"Teaching Kids To Live Lives Approved By God" TM

The Beatitudes teach us how a follower of Jesus should think, act and "be". They are concerned with one's inner life and attitudes. They also tell us what rewards are in store for those who abide by them. It is the goal of this series to help you teach the children in your ministry how to make the Beatitudes their daily attitudes and to live their lives approved by God! K-5th Grade.

To learn more, go to the following page: 


4) Jacob & Esau Rivalry

> I would love to hear any of your ideas as I try writing some lessons
> dealing with sibling rivalry using the Jacob & Esau stories from the
> Bible. At this point I am having a difficult time getting beyond the
> human "unfairness" of it from Esau's point of view--he was tricked out of
> the birthright! Please help me to understand how

While we know that the name Jacob means "deceiver", we also know that Jacob
was God's chosen.  These two men represented two nations, and the firstborn
would serve the latter. (Not the custom of that time).  God had a plan for
these two men even before they were born.  Just as they were at odds growing
up, the nations that would rise up from them are still at odds today.  I
believe Jacob was wise in worldly ways (he knew how to get what he wanted),
but God had a plan to humble him and teach him what true wisdom is ... God's
wisdom.  Please remember this story has a lot to do with strength of
character and making choices.  Esau knew the responsibility and value of his
birthright, and he was quick to give it up - just for a bowl of pottage!  If
he had told his brother no, do you really think Jacob, or God for that
matter, would have allowed Esau to die?  We have to make decisions every
day.  Some of them are very important - even worth dying for!   Hope this
has helped... In Christ's Love, Janet


5) Toddler's Tithing games?

Does anybody know of games to use in teaching toddlers how to tithe?  I teach the 3 1/2 yrs - 6yrs class and i am just starting to teach them how to tithe.  but i wanted a game to help them and get them motivated.  Can anybody help me?? Please e-mail me back!!!!!!!!!!

thanks Mallory


6) Toddler's Tithing Game
Children must race to collect or find ten items (candy, pieces of popcorn, cereal, plastic eggs filled with goodies, etc). Since some toddlers might not be able to count to ten or keep track of ten items, you could have a placemat for each player with ten spots designated on it. Children would then have to gather the ten items, one at a time, and race back to fill their placemat with those items. Once they've collected their ten items they must then give one of those pieces back to the teacher.
This is a concrete way to show kids that 1/10 of what they've "worked" for must be given back to God.
Your webservant,
Sarah Keith <><


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7) God's Watchful Eyes

Random letters typed to use as stepping stones of praise:  "qgigfkr"

Quicker than any eye can see, or any ear can hear,
God discerns the thoughts of men.
Inventions of witty things
God looks into by his Spirit of wisdom.
Forever he sits between the Cherubims
Keeping judgment and justice for all the earth because of the blood of Jesus.
Relying on his righteousness, the inhabitants of the earth come for relief.



8) Street Preaching Video

Watch these two guys on Godtube. An awesome video:


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