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SSTN # 52 - July 3, 2006

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1) Dessert Fundraisers
2) Trading Places
3) Acronym Thank you

JULY 4th - USA Patriotic Catcher ... download it today!

4) Adult VBS Craft?
5) Sheet-music or hymnal angels?
6) Fishing Songs?
7) Popcorn Trees and Bushes

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1) Dessert Fundraisers

Just wanted to comment on the dessert fund raiser. We have done that
several times and it is always a hit and generates good money.
Best wishes on your Fundraisers.

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2) Trading Places

We used Trading Places this year and just wrapped up last week. It was
hard to really get into but if you really set back and give it a chance
and get into the theme there is about 7 songs that can be used that are
good. We didn't use the theme song they chose, we used 'God Loves
Everybody'. Then we used 'I've Got Joy', 'God Changed My Heart', 'When God
Looks on the Inside' or something like that. When we did our commencement,
we re-wrote it just a little bit, but at the end we included the Flag of
Nations and had each child introduce their flag of the countries we taught
them about and they said 'Jesus Loves Me' in that language. Then we sang
'Eternal Life'. Just to name a few. Our congregation is an old-fashioned
southern gospel kind of place, and they have been saying it was one of the
best programs they've seen us do in a while! Good Luck

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3) Acronym Thank you

I just writing to say thank you to our sister that came up with the idea
of the acronyms to teach the old testament books. I tried it with the
children in Sunday school and they came up with their own and really
enjoyed the activity. Thanks again to everyone for their ideas they are
very helpful. Thanks Sarah and may The Lord Bless You always.
Your sister in Christ Aida Alonzo from Texas.

--from SSTN: for anyone who might be interested in this idea,
you can find it in our archives at:

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JULY 4th - USA Patriotic Toy ... download it today!

Want a fun activity for July 4th? Kids will learn the answers to eight
basic USA citizenship questions! Check out the USA Patriotic Catcher paper
toy in the "Easy Make & Take" section at:


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4) Adult VBS Craft?

At my church we have VBS for all ages, including adults. 
I have an assignment to come up with a craft for the adults
to do during a four day period.  Please help with some
ideas for a project that can be started the first day and
each day add to it to have a complete project on the final day. 
Any ideas will be very much appreciated.
Thank you,

--from SSTN: the following projects in our Crafts section are great for
adults or older teens: "I Am The Vine-Mosaic" and the "Wire Beaded Cross".

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5) Sheet-music or hymnal angels?

Does anyone have the pattern for sheet-music or hymnal angels?

--from SSTN: I think this was posted a few weeks ago. Check the archives
at: http://www.sundayschoolnetwork.com/archives.html  

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6) Fishing Songs?

I do not have any ideas but I came across your website looking for Fishing
songs to use for VBS.  I really need some help finding something that
would go along with our theme.  Can you help??
Michael Barnes

--from SSTN: "Fishers of Men" is a classic.

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7) Popcorn Trees and Bushes

In May, when spring had sprung, I used white popcorn glued above a stick
to create a flowering tree.  I also used yellow popcorn to be a bush next
to the tree. I then had the kids glue a bowtie noodle next to the tree as
a butterfly.  All they did was draw antennas.  Some of them colored on the
noodle with markers.  If you are real brave, they can paint them.  You
can’t use construction paper, because it isn’t sturdy enough.  Use oak tag
or cereal box cardboard. (Always save thin sheets of cardboard that come
with packs of paper etc.  They are so handy for craft projects.) I ended
up using computer paper printed with a sky and rainbow for a background. 
I use a few small pieces of 2-sided tape to get the computer paper to
stick quickly to the cardboard.  You could just use a light blue paper to
represent the sky.  Just have the kids color some green grass onto the
very bottom.  The parents were as thrilled with this as the kids were.  I
also sent each child home with a baggie of popcorn to eat on their way
home from church.  Tip:  Use popcorn that pops on the stove, for the
white, so that you don’t have the greasiness and salt associated with
microwave popcorn.  Used ready made butter- popcorn, sold in dollar
stores, as the yellow. Think of other colors of popcorn that stores sell,
or mist some with squirt bottle mixed with food coloring to make pink or

This lesson can be used for creation or spring Bible stories.

Jesus Loves the Little Children,
Carla Amarosa
Tabernacle Baptist Church
Tioga, PA

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