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SSTN # 51 - June 21, 2006

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1) VBS song for 2-7 year olds
2) Fund Raising idea
3) Fundraisers
4) ISO Ser Shaw Missionary Story?

Fun Arts Camp Project

5) Beatitudes?
6) Teaching About Zacchaeus
7) Fundraisers
8) Games for ages 5-15?
9) Uncommon Stories?
10) Trash Object Lesson

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1) VBS song for 2-7 year olds

There is a great song I learned many years ago called "The Little Red
Box".  Little children love to sing it and it is always a hit with the
audience.   I am unable to write out the tune but I can attempt to put it
on paper for you if you would like to e mail me....
There are four verses. The first verse goes as follows:"Oh, I wish I had a
little red box to put my good friends in;
I'd take them out and I'd [ (kiss, kiss, kiss) the top of their own hand]
and I'd put them back again."
The second verse sings about their bad friends [(slap, slap slap) their
back sides or the top of their hand]
Third verse sings about the devil and locking him up
and the last sings about Jesus and taking him out and putting him in your
Dianne   eugenendianne@otelco.net

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2) Fund Raising idea

Several years ago we did an "Airlines" theme VBS.  It was a one day event
from 9am-3pm.  However, about two weeks prior to VBS  we gave each child a
sponer sheet in which they were to get people to sign and agree to pay "X"
number of cents or dollars per linear foot they were able to toss their
plane at the end of the day. During the second session of craft time we
gave each child a Balsa Airplane set which we put together at that time
adding their names and a Bible verse to the wings.   We had the parking
lot marked off in five foot measurements.  At the end of VBS all the
children and their parents (also many sponsers) came to the picnic and
Balsa Airplane throwing event. Each child took turns throwing their plane.
The distance was measured and then recorded on their sheets. We had a very
small number of children, I can't remember for sure, maybe an average of
17 kids per night, but we brought in over $300.00 for that event....We
gave the children two weeks to collect from the sponsers. What fun we
had.  DAR

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3) Fundraisers

>> I just was asked to do this recently and I want to get other
> ideas together for fundraisers that work.
One thing that has been very successful in our church -- and a lot of fun!
-- is a white elephant sale. Everyone in the church goes through their
stuff for "white elephants" -- basically anything they don't want any
more, knicknacks, pictures, games, candles etc -- and they wrap them in
newspaper. We bring all of them to the church and have an auction. It's a
lot of fun because no one has any idea what they are getting.
Just a caution on these, though -- we always emphasize that everyone bring
good stuff. We've had people bring things like home interior pictures and
the recepient are always delighted with those! Some people like to make it
fun by wrappin packages that contain candy, etc. Sometimes people will
trade things around too -- what one person finds useless, another person
thinks is great!
We generally have a potluck kind of deal with this too, so it turns into a
wonderful evening of fellowship. =)

Hope this helps.


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4) ISO Ser Shaw Missionary Story?

I'm in search of a little book I believe it is called Ser Shaw or Sher
Shaw. It is about a missionary who is climbing the hillside of a village
in India. She comes to a house and they invite her to rest, while she is
catching her breath she is praying for a way to shat eh gospel with this

As she waits the children are begging the grand mother for a story, well
all know boys want stories about strength and courage and girls want
stories with girls in them, so the grand mother tells a story to satisfy
both. It is about a village where there is a man eating tiger. The people
are all afraid to go out and hunt and the women are all afraid to go out
and gather forage for their cattle. Finally Shanti a young lady in the
village gathers all the women together and says, Let's all go tomorrow,
early so we can get back before dusk, our cattle are growing thinner and
we have to feed them. We will all stay together in a group and come home

The next day they all take their sickles to the woods and are working very
hard to gather the food necessary for the animals. All of a sudden TEROR
strikes them as they realize it is dusk, when the tiger comes to hunt.
hurry along the small path home, but Shanti's bundle breaks and she stops
to gather it back together.

All of a sudden they hear that terrible SCREAM, the scream of Sher Shaw
the tiger. The scream that is so terrifying it will make even the strongest
man stop in fear. The women hurry home and realize Shanti is not with them.

They go back with all the men of the village and find her laying in the
path with horrible wounds where the tiger has malled her.

They start to pick her up to take her home and she says "NO" I cannot
recover from these wounds, Leave me here and hide quietly for the tiger
will come back for his meal and then you can kill the tiger.

They wait afraid to even brush a mosquito away...when they hear the twig
break and know Sher Shaw is coming. The next thing a pounce, the pounce
that takes Shanti's life and they are all able to attack the tiger and
kill it.

So just as Shanti gave her life for the whole village; the missionary is
then able to share the story of the Lord Jesus Christ who gave his life

I have done umpteen searches and only come up with some person is History
by the name of Sher Shaw, I've tried missionary story searches man eating
tiger searches all different searches. Please does anyone know where I can
get this book again?

Thank you so much
Sharon Cash

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Fun Arts Camp Project

Check out the project we did at Fun Arts Camp last year:


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5) Beatitudes?

Do you have any materials on lessons , crafts or skits for the Beatitudes
for children ?
Thank you.  Sr. Anne

--from SSTN: I'm currently working on this for a soon-to-be-released
series. Additionally it will have an adult version so that kids and adults
will be able to study the Beatitudes simultaneously within their church!
Sarah <><

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6) Teaching About Zacchaeus

The curriculum we use has great ideas for these lessons. Email me for more
info and ideas. www.puppetshoppe1@aol.com

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7) Fundraisers

It wasn't a  BIG  money maker but it was a cute idea. We  asked the local
carpet outlet  for  old carpet squares.then we bought arcrilic paint and
had the  children  use their foot and  hand prints to make designs. Like
using  a foot and two hands to make a moose add a  red nose and its 
Rudolph  for Christmas, use two feet and two hands and make an angel with 
the phrase "God Bless this house." Or "Welcome to the (Smith ) home " My
daughter  make  one for her uncle , painted herself and her uncle with a
basket ball and  it said "the greatest uncle lives here "  The idea was 
to use them  as welcome mats. and we sold them  for 10,00-15.00  each.
What parent wouldn't buy them ?   You can always make  make templates  
and let the  children  trace them for your not so  talented  children. 
Even if not for a  fundraiser its always a wonderful gift idea.

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8) Games for ages 5-15?

a games session is being arranged for 5 - 15 year olds, please could you
suggest a few ideas.

--from SSTN: that's a huge span of ability, hopefully you can separate the
ages for different game activities. Also, it would be helpful if you would
tell us your theme and/or goal you have in mind. Make sure you check our
games page too at:

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9) Uncommon Stories?

My name is Michele
I am teaching children at my church durring the sermon.  Their ages range
from Pre-K to 1st grade.  I could use some ideas to teach the children.  I
am looking for stories that are not commonly taught such as Noah and the
ark, Jonah and the whale, Daniel in the Lions den, Zacheus, Joseph,
Issac.  Please help

--from SSTN: the following books are great resources for this age group
and can be found in our bookstore by typing their titles into the search
box at: http://www.sundayschoolnetwork.com/bookstore.html 

"Pray & Play Bible", "Pray & Play Bible 2", "Tomie DePaola's Book of Bible
Stories", "First & Favorite Bible Lessons For Preschoolers", and "Read
Aloud Bible Stories".

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10) Trash Object Lesson

I once used the following object lesson to demonstrate how we can often
“look good”  and put on our “Christian mask” on the outside but how we
are “trashy” in the inside.

Purchase or bake a fresh loaf of Italian bread.  Very carefully cut a
large section off of the bottom.  Next, scoop most of the inside of the
bread out.  Fill it with trash- the yuckier the better!  Glue the bottom
onto the bread.  Ask the students if the bread looks good.  Ask if any
would like to have a fresh baked piece.  Allow a student to
slice it.  They will soon discover that despite the pleasant outside
appearance, the inside is disgusting!  This was a great lead in to a great

Mary Pat

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