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SSTN # 50 - June 14, 2006

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Get em' in the LOOP!

1) Children's Day
2) Be Sensitive on Father's Day
3) Games & Small Group Challenge
4) School Bible Clubs
5) VBS songs
6) Trading Places VBS Songs?
7) Tower of Babel Songs
8) Tower of Babel
9) Friendship Day

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1) Children's Day

To Cathy:

We had the kids wear white and we had our glow in the dark necklaces and
bracklets, we turn out the lights in church and we did 2 scripture memory
songs with motions. If looked really cool and the kids loved it. I also
made a giant glow in the
dark cross for the background (not necessary, but effective). I buy 4X8
sheets of styrofoam from any hardware store, Put any print on your
transparency. Draw your pattern on 4X8 sheet, then color anyway you want.
I use a big sponge and glow in the
dark paint. you can also decorate with these sheets, they are wonderful.
In Christ  peg

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2) Be Sensitive on Father's Day

When planning lessons and programs for Father's Day, please be sensitive
to children who do not have a father (or a good father) in their lives. 
I've tried to to be careful but can see the hurt when those holidays roll
around.  When my grandson was small our pastor had a powerful sermon on
what it takes to be a good father - putting an emphasis on those who are
not, he ended by making the point that no matter what we have on earth, we
have a Father in heaven who loves and cares for us. But by that time it
was too late, my grandson was sobbing - because sadly his father was
anything but good.  I'll never forget his hurt.

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3) Games & Small Group Challenge

I have found that balloons are the best thing
to have for games for small groups
the one my kids like the best is blow up a balloon
tie a long piece of string to it and then tie
it around their leg, the game is that they have
to pop their opponents balloon while protecting
their own another one is rolled up newspaper for each child
and a balloon each /pair them up and they bat each others balloon
back and forth keeping the ballons up in the air, the first balloon
to drop, then pairs up with the other winner until only one is
left, need to give each pair diferent colour balloons of course
  Their are heaps of things you can do with balloons and we always have
some in our ss cupboard
I find also that the kids never get too old for balloons and often give
them as a prize

Rev. Norma

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4) School Bible Clubs

Hi Sarah and All,

Yes, it is true, we can hold Bible clubs in the public schools. It was
cleared firmly by a Supreme Court decision that is referred to below-

"In 1996, sponsors of the Good News Club, a private Christian
organization, applied to the Milford Central School in upstate New York to
use a school facility after hours. The school officials denied the group's
request, although they allowed other community organizations to use the
space. The club sued the school in 1997 on free-speech grounds, claiming
the school discriminated against it based on its views.The U.S. Supreme
Court ruled on June 11 that Milford Central must make its facilities
available for religious organizations in addition to other community
groups. Justice Clarence Thomas authored the 6-3 decision.In a June 12
freedomforum.org analysis, Tony Mauro wrote that the Good News Club ruling
"appears to erase a line that several appeals courts had drawn between
permissible clubs that discuss social issues from a religious perspective
and organizations that can be barred because they are too much like
worship services or are aimed at converting students.""

This info is from the freedomforum.org website and the article does hold
more re: the ruling.

Here in the state of Maine there are numerous towns where Good News Clubs
are held each wk after school. The leaders go to the local officials to
request use of the space in much the same way that scout troops, rec
councils or other groups do to make their requests. A few districts have
been a bit difficult, but I am not aware of any denials in Maine since the
ruling in 2001.There is 1 school near us where a GNC has been meeting for
nearly 10 years.

Yes, it is legal and yes, our God does indeed bless such efforts. -- R

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5) VBS songs

>I am trying to come up with an entertaining song for
>my 2-7 year old class to perform at our VBS.

We are not using a structured VBS this year like other years.  We are
using, Animal Crackers that is from Heifer International.  I am using some
animal songs. 

If I were a butterfly
I just wanna be a sheep - might be too hard for 2 year olds
Arky, Arky - might be too hard for 2 year olds
Jesus Loves the little children
He's got the whole world in his hands

Hope this helps, Cindy

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6) Trading Places VBS Songs?

I was looking for songs to perform for our
congregation at our VBS commencement. Our age group is
from age 2-7. This years theme is Trading Places. I
have a CD of songs from Trading Places, but none that
I really like. If anyone has any ideas, I would really
appreciate it. Thank you, Tracee

--from SSTN: the one song that comes to mind and would be in keeping with
your theme is called, "Trading My Sorrows". It speaks of trading our
sorrows and pain, and laying them down for the joy of the Lord. It's
readily available online.

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7) Tower of Babel Songs

I wrote this one--don't know if you'd be able to use it or not, but here

(to the tune of The Animal Fair)
"I heard a story today...
Some people had to pay...
They tried to build a tower to God
And here's what He had to say:
'You can't build a tower to me,
Your pride's in the way,
Can't you see?
I'll confound your voices,
You'll only hear noises,
And 'gobbledy-gookedy-gee!''"

When I teach about the Tower of Babel I also teach the kids how to sing
chorus of Jesus Loves Me in Spanish (the emphasis on another language fits
right in!)
Any other songs you might find in other languages would be cool as well.


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8) Tower of Babel

There is a great song on Kidz Tunz called "Babel." We did it with puppets.
Email me for more info. puppetshoppe1@aol.com

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9) Friendship Day

Typing in friendship day craft  in a search engine brought up several

even www.friendshipday.org !

Maybe this could help you?

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