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SSTN # 50 - August 22, 2007

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After-School Bible Club Activity

1) Praise Technique
2) Sunday School Kickoff skit
3) Sunday school enrollment kickoff?
4) Gideon, David & Saul?

Captivating Bible Lessons for Children's Ministry!

5) Shining Like Stars Banquet?
6) Jacob & Esau Rivalry?
7) Interest Based Groups - Haggai Study?
8) Revitalizing 6th Grade

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After-School Bible Club Activity

Bible Stack-O! is an exciting new card game for kids and families!
A great activity for after-school clubs, Christian schools, churches and
family-time fun. Discover how to play at:

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1) Phrases of Praise

Ray, a subscriber to SSTN, sent in the following technque. He randomly
writes letters, then uses those letters to begin phrases of praise. For
example, he first wrote:
"omhbyu". Then he wrote this:

On wings that are carried through the air
Missions of mercy can be found.
Heights of grace are for depths of despair.
Bringing in the harvest is what we seek.
Yesterday we lived by hope, not knowing what we see today.
Under the eyes of God, we are kept by Jesus.

Very cool, Ray! Thanks for sharing your writing technique with SSTN!

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2) Sunday School Kickoff skit

>Our Sunday school kickoff is going to be September 9th, and we are having
>a breakfast with some singing and a skit or two...

This website has a multitude of skits.  Some are funny, some not. The
Psalm 23 looks a little different than what you are used to.


Good luck!

--from SSTN: address also sent in by Debbi, NE Ohio

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3) Sunday school enrollment kickoff?

Please share Sunday school ideas for enrollment kickoff
thanks, Ester Mitchell

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4) Gideon, David & Saul?

Hi everyone,
I'm looking for some exciting activities or crafts for 2 lessons I have
coming up: 1 about Gideon & the other about Temptation - with David & Saul
(how David resisted killing Saul when he had the chance).
My class is small, about 20 kids but the ages range from 5yrs - 12yrs.
A lot of them are non-Christians & pretty fussy about what they like doing
- it has to be "cool" so colouring in pages etc are out!
Can anyone help me please?
Thanks heaps,
Nicola (New Zealand)

--from SSTN: make sure you do a "Site Search" in the archives too at:

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Captivating Bible Lessons for Children's Ministry!

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5) Shining Like Stars Banquet?

My church is having a teacher appreciation banquet at the end of
September.  The theme for the banquet is 'Shining Like Stars'.  I plan to
have a 'Hollywood Walk of Fame' with their stars in it.  However, I need
some help coming up with some simple activities, that reflect the theme,
for the teachers to do that will showcase our teachers and their
abilities.  I don't think a talent show would work.  Does anyone have any
ideas on what I could do?

In much appreciation,
Connie G.

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6) Jacob & Esau Rivalry?

I would love to hear any of your ideas as I try writing some lessons
dealing with sibling rivalry using the Jacob & Esau stories from the
Bible.  At this point I am having a difficult time getting beyond the
human "unfairness" of it from Esau's point of view--he was tricked out of
the birthright!  Please help me to understand how it was God's will that
things be done the way they were ...and I would love to hear any lesson
ideas you have for teaching our kids this.  (On the surface, a child could
gather that "Hey, it pays to be deceitful!  Guess I'll try to be more like
Jacob!!") Thank you all and God bless, Amy S.

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7) Interest Based Groups - Haggai Study?

I would like to glean from so many of you with various and valuable
I have the awesome privilege of teaching kids from a wide variety of
backgrounds.  In order to keep the "church kids" interested last semester,
we started with a seldom studied section of the Bible - Haggai.  This was
for grades 1&2 and 3-5.  It was well received and "leveled the playing
field" so to speak.  I would like to make this curriculum available to any
who wish it.  My weakness is putting it in a form detailed enough that
others would indeed benefit.  Please let me know if you would like to know
more of this and if you might be able to take what I have and help me put
it into a more useful format.
My second area of comment is this.  Rather than dividing our kids
according to ages/grade this year, we have decided to divide it according
to interest and learning style.  We will have the following areas: team
sports which will likely be soccer, creating film and drama, music lessons
and crafts.
The Lord has provided a leader for the film and drama who has quite alot
of initiative and for this I am thankful.  She will guide her group into
selecting a Bible story, scripting, acting and filming it.  While they may
well be familiar with the story, the group process involved in creating
this will be huge opportunity to apply Christian principles such as
submitting one to another etc.  We will finish up the section with an open
house for the parents to view the video.  This doubles as an outreach as
many of the parents do not know Christ, nor are they involved with the
Christian community.
The Lord has provided a leader for the soccer who himself is a very active
man.  There are some kids who attend who are overly active and we pray
that this group will meet some of their needs.  We would like to see this
as an opportunity rather than a challenge.  I am wondering if you have
ideas of how to intigrate Biblical teaching with coaching and playing
soccer.  Some ideas we have would include the uniform.  As they put it on
one area of the armour could be discussed.  During warmup excercises they
would repeat the books of the New Testament, Old Testament or recite a
memory verse.  Huddle groups and time outs would be taken for a two minute
mini lesson.  I would very much appreciate your input as I didn't realize
that this leader would need specific guidance to develop his area. 
We have many kids who play a variety of instruments at a range of levels
of accomplishment.  A couple of ideas for this group would be that they
learn to play and lead the worship songs, or that they compose songs which
of course would require theological and Biblical content specific
knowledge, thus providing teaching opportunity this way.  However the Lord
has not as yet made it clear who would be available to lead such a group.
The craft area is very straightforward.  Whew!!
Please pray for me as well as this is a completely different way of doing
a group.  Any and all suggestions will be very very appreciated.

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8) Revitalizing 6th Grade

Use interactive materials (skits, games). Kids in this age group need lots
of hands-on acitivites to get your message across. They also want to see
how the Bible applies to their lives (make it personal).

Launch your new program with a party to draw kids back, then make sure you
use interesting materials to keep them interested.

--from SSTN: check out "The 24/7 Experience" or "Wild Truth Bible Lessons"
for this age group. You'll find them and other great resources too in our
Bookstore at:

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