May 12, 2014 -- Issue #4 - Volume 15


1) Simple Poem for Kids to Memorize

Years ago I asked my mom to write something each day, or most days, in a journal. She wrote a little something for about a year until dementia took her mind. I reread it yesterday on Mother's Day and discovered a poem she often recited that I had been trying to remember! I had even searched the internet for it several times without success! 

This poem sums up why mom was happy until Jesus took her home October 24th, 2013: 

"I love the Christ who died for me. I am content his child to be. Though the path ahead I cannot see. The Lord I love he leadeth me."

What a great poem for children to memorize!

Your webservant,
Sarah Keith <><



2) Answers to Your Prayers

Today marks the 7th month since my husband, Bob, fell and sustained a traumatic brain injury. Bob has been home now for almost a month. He is making incredible progress, beginning to talk, walking with assistance, and eating soft foods. Bob had a slight setback two weeks ago when he fainted again. But this time I was there to safely guide him to the floor. He spent a few days in the hospital. They ran several tests attempting to figure out why he fainted. Unfortunately, we have no concrete answers. I do, however, have some remarkable news to share with you. 

A few days ago, while having our morning devotions, I wanted to see if Bob remembered his way around Scripture. So I asked him to look up John 16:33, and he did! He also read it. (A few words were intelligible.) The second verse was Isaiah 41:13. He flipped the pages to the right. So I said, "It's in the Old Testament." He said, "You're right." then turned the pages to the left, found it and read it. (Again, a few words I could understand.) The next verse was Philippians 4:13. (Same results.) 

Then after lunch Bob was looking through the church directory commenting on church member photographs. Some of his words I could understand, most I couldn't. But when he came to one of our friends who sustained a stroke last year, before Bob's injury, he said, "How's he doing by the way? He had to quit everything."

Then today Bob and I took our first outing alone. We went to the post office. He stayed in the car while I ran in. Then we drove to the dry cleaners where he fell last October. One of the ladies was so happy to see him. She said she and the owners talk about him everyday, and have been praying for him. She told me that she is a single mom and that Bob always encouraged her to be strong and trust in the lord. She said he always told her that he prayed for her young daughter too. Bob was happy to see her, and cried. (He's much more emotional since his injury and cries when he sees familiar faces.) And then he began telling her that God loves her and will take care of her. How amazing! What a miracle! I was concerned that he'd remember the trauma, but he didn't seem to be negatively affected. Our prayers are being answered! PTL!

Thank you for your consistent prayers! Please don't quit praying for complete healing for Bob and strength and courage for me!

Your webservant,
Sarah Keith <><




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