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SSTN # 4 - January 16, 2007

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1) Planning A Conference?
2) Can you name this Bible book?
3) Building Solomon's temple?
4) Luncheon with parents and kids?

Fruit of the Spirit Series ... includes bonus game and craft!

5) Theme morning ideas?
6) Mary’s Dream
7) Children's Church?
8) Prayer Songs?

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1) Planning A Conference?

To whom it may concern.
Greetings in the name of the Lord. My Sunday School Department will be
holding a Confrence soon for this department. The purpose of the Confrence
is to make sure my Teacher are fully prepared in teaching their students.
can you please send me some guidlines in planning this events.

Thank You
Sis. Rose

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2) Can you name this Bible book?

Below you'll find three clues. If you guess correctly on the first clue,
you get three points. Guess correctly on the second clue, you get two
points. Guess correctly on the third clue, you get one point. Don't guess
at all, zero points. ;o)

Ready? Let's play, "Diminishing Returns"!

"One of two books named after a woman."
"She was a Gentile who went to live with her Jewish mother-in-law Naomi
and remarried Boaz."
"She is an ancestor in the royal line of King David and Jesus." 

How did you do? Get the answer at:
(you may need to copy and paste the link to your browser)

Want to play again?

This next round is worth "4 points":
"Written to Jewish Christians."
"Jesus is the High Priest"
"No longer are animal sacrifices necessary, because Jesus is our
Sacrificial Lamb"
"Contains a great chapter concerning the faith of Godly men and women."

Get the answers to this round on our Bible Stack-O cards.
Learn more at:
(you may need to copy and paste the link to your browser)

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3) Building Solomon's temple?

I'm wondering if anyone has attempted to have kids build a model of
Solomon's temple. Our children's Sunday School (elementary grades) will be
around this theme for the next several months and I'm looking for a
project for their small groups to work on. I'm looking for something
fairly small (to fit on a table perhaps), cheap and simple, that can be
worked on over numerous weeks, bit by bit. Perhaps something made from
popsicle sticks? papier mache? cardboard? Maybe someone has a good website
they used for reference and pictures? Thanks in advance for your ideas,

--from SSTN: an easy and simplified way to do this is to use a shoebox and
then provide your students with small, "birds-eye view" pictures to paste
into the bottom of the box. Another great reource can be found in our
bookstore. It includes a diecut to build your own temple. To locate it
type: "Kregel Pictorial Guide to Solomon's Temple Model" into the search
box at:

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4) Luncheon with parents and kids?

i want to have a luncheon with children and their parents. i want it to
include lunch, a craft project they can do together and some games and a
bible lesson. I would like some suggestions on maybe a theme or decorating
ideas ,craft and games.                                                   

Thank You So Much,
Wanda H.

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Fruit of the Spirit Series

The Fruit of the Spirit is an 18 week Bible curriculum series for children
Kindergarten - 5th grade. Through the use of hands-on Bible lessons,
skits, crafts and Bible games, kids will have fun learning what it means
to have Jesus growing in them and through them!

Book includes "Fruit of the Spirit Bingo" and the pattern to make the
"Fruit of the Spirit Spinner toy"! 
Find it in the Bible-4-Life section at:

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5) Theme morning ideas?

Hi All
We're holding a theme morning soon for the children from the local schools
and our Sunday School. So far we have children from ages 4-12 coming.
I need a theme!! and some ideas of what to do, that would be enjoyable for
all sorts of ages. Any ideas gratefully recieved!

--from SSTN: Valentine's Day is coming up. A theme on "Love" would be
appropriate. "How great is the love the Father has lavished on us,
that we should be called children of God!" (1 John 3:1)

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6) Mary’s Dream

Just to say I found “Mary’s Dream” from 3 January very powerful.  I have
now placed it in my Christmas folder for use next year.  Do you know of
any sites where you can find similar thought provoking stories/messages. 
I am often involved in introducing services and would like to find a site
where I can browse through and find “thoughts” for openers to my services.


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7) Children's Church?

I have been asked to take over our children's church program - ages 5 -
8.  We need some changes in order to make this an effective program and
keep it going.  I need help as I don't know where to start or how to get
organized (not experienced in this but don't want to see the program
end).  As of now we have 2 teachers/helpers and need to know how to
get people interested in helping.....need new material.......I need help
and prayer.  Thank you!

Linda in Mar

--from SSTN: there are a number of things you can do:
Use an easy-to-implement curriculum program such as the
Bible-4-Life series at:

Two other resources to help get you started are:
"Let's Have Fun: An Interactive Approach to Children's Church"
"101 Creative Worship Ideas for Children's Church"

You can find both of these books by typing their titles into the search
box at:

Finally, check our archives for "recruiting teachers". Also, consider
having the parents take turns helping on a monthly or quarterly basis.

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8) Prayer Songs?

We are doing our VBS with the focus on prayer.  I am looking for songs
that could be used to go with it.  Mary Ann

--from SSTN: check out the "The Prayer of Jesus" series. Once there
you can listen online to the "The Lord's Prayer Song" at:

Also, search the archives for "prayer songs":

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