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SSTN # 4 - January 13, 2006

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Lady Bug Hunt

1) Games involve kids
2) Teaching Preschool
3) Sunday School Music?
4) Words to Cowboy song?

The Alpha & Omega...

5) Skit, an awesome blessing
6) Soul Survivor Camp Ideas?
7) Nursery kids can learn
8) Nursery Age
9) Christmas Party Games

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Lady Bug Hunt

If you had fun finding the Lady Bugs @ ChristianCrafters.Com,
then you'll love the book, "Big Thoughts For Little People".

This beautifully illustrated ABC book designed to teach Christian values
will win the hearts of children and parents alike! (For ages 2 to 6.)

There are surprises in every picture. For example, how many ladybugs can
you find in each illustration? You'll also have fun finding all the
objects on the page which begins with the theme letter. The questions are
thought-provoking and an important part of each lesson.

You can find "Big Thoughts For Little People" by typing the title into the
bookstore search box at:  http://www.christiancrafters.com/bookstore.html 

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1) Games involve kids

I also agree that playing games and doing crafts that help reinforce the
lesson plan are a great way to get the kid involved and coming back to
Each week as I plan out my lesson a large group of 3rd Graders, I use
a format
a) Greet each child by name as they come in and ask about there week.
b) Gather around our Prayer table and say The Apostle Creed (the hardest
to memorize)
c) Do this weeks book lesson (our book has a scripture reading in each)
d) Have each child have there bible (We are lucky enough to have one for
each student to use) Game: We race to see who can find it first. Then we
reread it and compare it to our book version and discuss it. (Winner gets
to help hand out snack)
e) Snack
f) Craft or Game time permitting (90min class)
* I also have a game the children love for a filler, if I under estimated
my time
We call it the M&M game
(In Our Church 3rd graders work on learning their prayers and The Church
How to Play:
30 flash cards/ pictures one side is an item in Church or Thing they
should know.
The other side has the word of what is pictured.
1st child gets 1 M&M for saying the word and Second M&M for telling me
where in the church item can be found. But if the child can't name it goes
to the next child until someone can name it then again until someone can
tell me where it is found. If everyone is ask and they do not know I give
hints. or tell them the word and let them guess where in church. Then we
go back to the next person in line (Child #2...) with the new flash card. 
This game never ends we just play until the parents come. We may only get
to 10 cards or less usually everyone is at least asked once if they know
the answer at some point. (Some times I give each child 1 M&M before they
leave if it was a short game)
Samples: Procession (picture of priest and alter servers lectors entering
before mass)
Pew (Picture of benches inside the church that we sit on)
Chalice (Cup the wine is in)
Jesus (on the cross in front of church) sometimes they say all over and
that makes me :)
I have found this not only lets them know the correct names but they can
impress there parents with there knowledge. We also tour the church in the
middle of the year so they can match each card with where it is at in
church. This game could be adapted to learn anything you want on
One year I did have a child allergic to peanuts and we changed it to the
Skittle game.
Hope I wasn't to long windid....LOL
God Bless
Deb from Michigan

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2) Teaching Preschool

Ok, I LOVE three's and four's and this is what my "day job" is. I teach a
three's and four's preschool at a small private Christian center. I also
teach a three's Sunday School at a large church. Most children I have had
on one Sunday is 36. I love it.

I have used the same format in Sunday School for six children as when I
have had 36.

The first 15 to 20 minutes is free play. Materials that are set out are
set UP for the bible lesson. I "tip off" my parent helpers as they come
in. I say, "we have coffee sand and toy animals in the sand table so we
can talk about how dusty it might have been for Abraham and Sarah as they
walked along the desert..." I might bring in my play tent, I might have
puzzles out of people, I might have toy people etc. The lesson papers or a
craft is also an open table that children are encouraged to attend.The
children head for the centers to simply play but as they play you can
mention the bible lesson. Then, we clean up and do some gross motor play.
Songs and dancing for about 10 or 15 minutes to get the wiggles out then
slow it down and sing a few songs.

I then read the bible story using the bible on my lap but paraphrasing, I
might have flannels, I might have a story prop...after the bible story I
might read a preschool book like "Sheep in a Jeep" as I read the story I
can say, "We had sheep in our bible story today do you think they
travelled by Jeep?" after the story I remind them that the sheep book was
a silly book and not really true was it? but the story of Abraham was from
God's word and that is true isn't it? We might do another preschool book
the same way, talk again and pray. Then we go back for more free play and
snack. One of the open play centers will be the lesson page or craft from
earlier. Sometimes as I read the bible story children who did the paper
will chime in that they know this story. I always invite the children who
didn't get to do their paper to go to the art table. That way almost all
the children do their paper or craft. It works quite nice. This age group
defiently can do bible verses. (we do that as we quiet down in group time)
Our preschool at my center memorizes monthly verses but for the summer we
do a bigger verse. Two summers ago they memorized the Fruits of the
spirit. That's a big verse. I LOVE this age group and learn more prepping
for my class and listening to children put a bible story or verse in their
words than I ever learn in any adult Sunday School. Anyone who might need
more tips is free to email me.

Yours sister in Christ,
Diane B/MI

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3) Sunday School Music?

I am wondering if anyone has any ideas for Music/praise 'n worship with
aged between 3 and 13 at our Sunday School. I would love to know of any
that teachers have used with children and also if they know of any simple
music books that we could get hold of. I would love to get some singing
going as part of our hour together with the children every Sunday but am
sure where to start looking!!!! I would like to develop a songbook with
simple songs in.... what are your ideas???

from SSTN: there are some great choices in our bookstore. Type "Sunday
school songs" or "bible songs" into the search box to locate them. You can
listen to some clips too:  http://www.christiancrafters.com/bookstore.html 

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4) Words to Cowboy song?

I have lost the words to a song about being a cowboy that is sung to the
tune, I'm in the Lord's Army.  The only phrase I remember is "I may never
stomp on a rattlesnake"
Can anyone help me?

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The Alpha & Omega...

This is another one of the names of God children will learn about in the
hands-on Bible series: "His Name Shall Be Called... ".

You can read more on the following page:

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5) Skit, an awesome blessing

Hi There,
My name is Kenndy Medeiros and I attend Hope Chapel Waianae.  I wanted to
inform you that we used one of the Christmas Skits.  I presented the play
called "A Christmas Play" to our Youth Ministry.
They looked over the play and they liked it, but they wanted it to be more
"Local". The youths got together and they revised it.  The play was really
great and our Youths did a great job in acting out the play and also
revising the play to make it more on the local style.  I did get
feedback and everyone said they enjoyed it.  Even the Youths and the Youth
Ministry Leaders enjoyed doing the play.  The Pastor of our 
church also was pleased and said that the Youths and their leaders did a
great job.  I  Thank God for all the Hearts that were involve in making
our Christmas Program happen.  It was awesome! 
Oh yea there is one more thing I wanted to share, it was a blessing and
that made the
play more AWESOME was that we had two SALVATIONS  that evening,
Kenndy Medeiros
Hope Chapel Waianae  

--from SSTN: thank you for sharing that awesome news!

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6) Soul Survivor Camp Ideas?

My husband and I are youth leaders for Jr. & Sr. High.
We are planning a "Soul Survivor Camp" this summer for
four days.  We would like any ideas anyone might have
that would pertain to this type of camp.  We are going
to have 3 different "tribes" and they will compete with
physical and biblical challenges.  We did this last year
and I was able to get some ideas from the website, but
now we have to perfect on last year's camp and could
use some help!  You can reply through posting on SSTN
or you can email me directly at nunez227@msn.com.
Thank you!!  Michelle Lopez

--from SSTN: please respond to SSTN so all may benefit. As to a Survivor
check out the Survivor - Temptation Island lesson in the Sermons and
Lessons section, under Bible Series, Clubs & VBS at:

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7) Nursery kids can learn

Absolutely nursery kids can learn.  A problem is that a 2-year-old's needs
are hugely different from a five-year-olds.  You need to do something that
can help all of them. 

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8) Nursery Age

I am the Director of Preschool Ministries at our Church. In response to
your Nursery age question, we actually started this year buying curriculum
for 1 year olds. It's amazing how much they can comprehend from pictures,
songs, games. Last year our 1 year olds and 2 year olds were combined into
one class for Sunday School. This year the 1 year olds have their own SS
class because it is a larger group (8-10). We have a 2 year old SS class,
as well as a 3 year old class and a separate 4 year old class.

June Eschenmann
Director of Preschool Ministries
Simpson Creek Baptist Church

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9) Christmas Party Games

>I'm having the kids a Christmas party and I'm trying to find some games
>use at the party.  My problem is - the kids range from 5 years old to 11

Too late for this year, but may be helpful for Christmas 2006 --
A game that I "revised" for my Primary Sunday School Class' Birthday Party
for Jesus is Pin the Tail on Mary's Donkey.  I purchased an inexpensive
($1.00) Pin the Tail on the Donkey game and attached it to a large piece
of tag board.  I made a nice colored sign that says "Mary's Donkey" and
attached it to the top of the tag board and game.  I hang the tag board on
the wall and the kids take turns pinning the tail on Mary's Donkey. 
Everyone gets a bookmark, pencil or some other small prize for playing,
the one who gets the tail closest to where it should go gets the prize and
also some type of candy.  I have found that it is better to tie a scarf
around the children's head instead of using the mask that comes with the
game, because they can sometimes see out under the mask.  The kids love to
play this game and it is good for a wide age group.

God Bless You.

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