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February 11, 2013 -- Issue #4 - Volume 14


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1) Ash Wednesday Lesson Plan
2) Palm Sunday's Bad Boy Skit
3) Skit: Ananias and Sapphira Rap

4) Observing "LINT?"
5) Lenten Lesson or Activity?

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1) Ash Wednesday Lesson Plan

Can you believe this Wednesday starts the 40 day period leading up to Easter? It seems like I just put my Christmas decorations away! Download an Ash Wednesday lesson plan from our Easter Lessons section at: 



2) Palm Sunday's Bad Boy Skit

The joy of Palm Sunday is counterbalanced with the betrayal of Judas; his hard-heartedness and greed separated him from his beloved Master. The play ends anticipating Resurrection Sunday and forgiveness of sins for all those who trust and follow the Christ. (A two-minute video presentation is also provided.) Download the script in our Easter skits section at: 


3) Skit: Ananias and Sapphira Rap

A humorous approach to a serious Bible story of the consequences of not telling the truth--it's no laughing matter!
God won’t take excuses,
God just wants the truth.
God can see what’s in your heart
No matter what you do. 

Download it from our Anytime Bible Skits section at:


4) Skit: Observing "LINT?"

A comical confusion over the terms, Lint vs. Lent, which is then resolved with an explanation of the meaning of Lent. Find it in our Easter Season Skits section at: 


5) Lenten Season Lesson or Activity? 

Have you written a Lenten lesson or activity? Then please share it with the teachers on SSTN. Reply to this email with your idea.






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