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SSTN # 49 - June 9, 2006

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1) Fundraisers
2) Getting children to come on Sunday
3) Object Lessons?
4) Kiddie Camp

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5) Fundraisers
6) Trash Object Lesson
7) Teaching About Zacchaeus?
8) Children's Day
9) Visual Teachings

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1) Fundraisers

If you have an Auto Zone in your area, check to see if they sponsor car
washes.  The one in my town supplies the water, hoses, sponges and soap. 
We used our own towels to dry off the vehicles.  We charged $5 for cars,
$7 for SUV's and trucks.  All the profit goes to you and/or your
organization.  Plus, the Youth Group can help!!    Hope this helps! 

YSIC, Patty  :)

--from SSTN: Even if you don't have something like an Auto Zone, our youth
have set up a car wash after church on a Sunday at the back of the church
parking lot. All you need is a hose, soap, some buckets, rags and willing
kids. In the past they've sold tickets in the courtyard between services
or they've accepted donations.
sarah <><

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2) Getting children to come on Sunday

Oh it sounds as if you are in a difficult position. I have a couple of

Take the children to another church, one that is more welcoming! As a
minister's wife I know how difficult this would be. However, the attitude
of the folks at your own church is very harmful to these precious and
fragile young people. I would be very honest if anyone asked why you were
doing such a thing. Sometimes congregations have no idea that the things
they are doing and saying are hurtful. 

You might consider running a worship program for them on Sunday mornings,
but that is a lot of work for you and it would mean that you couldn't go
to church very often. You would need to be careful that you didn't get
burnt out.

You may want to talk to your husband about moving. A congregation that has
no vision for outreach, no heart for passing the faith onto young people,
no compassion for children living in difficult circumstances isn't going
anywhere and will be the source of great frustration.  I speak from
experience here! 


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3) Youth Object Lessons?

I too am looking for object lessons as Linda requested in one of the
comments.  Please anyone if you have any ideas on project
lessons....lessons to young adult age...from twelve and up please send me
some ideas.....thank you...diane  

--from SSTN: check out the following youth resources on our bookstore's
main page, "Wild Truth Bible Lessons" and "Dares From Jesus"

Also, if you type "Creative Bible Lessons" into the bookstore search box
you'll find some great resources such as, "Creative Bible Lessons on
CD-Rom" and "Creative Bible Lessons on the Life of Christ".
Follow the link below:


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4) Kiddie Camp

Don't want to come across negative...having a Spend the night Kiddie Camp
for those ages is a big responsibility, not only for you and the
volunteers but your church's liability.  Before we can volunteer, we go
through a "keeping kids safe training" and a background check.  There is
too much in the news where children are molested or abused.

  If you are wanting to give parents time out, why not do a date night
once a week from 6 - 9:30 for awhile or VBS.  I can't imagine those ages
sleeping well away from home and then being manageable the next day to
actually have a schedule that has a teaching environment.


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5) Fundraisers

> I just was asked to do this recently and I want to get other
> ideas together for fundraisers that work.

A fundraiser that is successful and fun is a dessert auction.  We held a
fundraiser chili dinner in the fall immediately after the 11:00 worship
service, asking everyone to bring a dessert to be auctioned off.  We
didn't serve dessert with the chili dinner, to encourage folks to stay and
buy a dessert.  As most folks were finished eating, a very outgoing church
member as our auctioneer described each item and encouraged the bidding. 
We had all sorts of desserts from homemade to store-bought.  It was very
entertaining as various folks would try to out-bid each other for the most
popular items.  Some went for as high as $75!  Our modest sized church
about 300 active members) raised nearly $1000 for our youth to go on
mission trips.  We will definitely do it again.

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6) Trash Object Lesson

On object lessons on getting trash out of your lives:
Try using flashlights and let different members hold them.  Some of the
flashlights have batteries and some have other things inside such as small
cars, candy, small action figures, coins, clothes for small dolls, etc
that represent things in our lives.  If your life is full of these things,
your light will not shine for Jesus.  If you have the power of Jesus in
your life, your light will shine.
Also, the object talk with the rocks, gravel, sand, water.  If you put in
the sand, gravel rocks and water in that order, they will not fit, but if
you put in rocks, gravel, sand, water, it will all fit.  Object is to put
the things that are most important(Gpd) in your life first and there will
be room for other things.  If you put other things before God, then there
is no room for him.

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7) Teaching About Zacchaeus?

Dear Sunday School Network:
Please share some nemonic activities for preschool on the subject of
forgiveness or the story of Zacchaeus, and Jesus living forever. These
seem to be difficult lessons for ages 3, 4, and 5. Thank you for a prompt
Sue W. Page

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8) Children's Day

I am doing Children Day this Sunday.  The theme surrounds teaching the
children in the home.
A couple kids are helping make announcements.
One child is doing the main reading (Psalm 78:1-6).
We have kids acting as greeters...they are to shake hands and tell people
they are glad they came today.
The kids are taking up the offering.
Some of the kids are performing a skit to teach part of the lesson.
I have one child reading Psalm 23 during prayer time and another leading
the congregation with the Lord's Prayer.
I also took pictures of them last week and they drew a picture of what
they want to be when they grow up.
We are going to put it in a powerpoint and will play either "Future
Generations" or "I Can Only Imagine" in the background. 
The sanctuary will have helium balloons around it for gifts for the kids
and decorations.
As part of the sermon (based on Deuteronomy 6) the adults are going to be
asked questions and given gifts (candy bars) from the kids for whoever
answers correctly.
My denomination (Nazarene) has a couple great DVD
presentations on Connecting Generations and we will be presenting that
during the service also.  
We try to do this once per year and the kids love it.  It is a lot of
work, but it usually comes out wonderful!
Ann Salyer

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9) Visual Teachings

Are you asking about posters?  After teaching for 26 years, I cleaned my
closet and gave all my posters to our church, even though I will continue
to teach in September. (They give the regular teachers the summer off
since we teach every week during the school year).  Anyway I got some of
the posters from the curriculum from current and past years, also got some
on e-bay and I did keep all my Abeka religious packets. (They have a lot
of pictures in each packet and many subjects, such as Mose 1 and Mose 2,
Christmas, etc.)  I also got many of those from e-bay, but bought a few
from the Abeka web site.
God bless,
Joni in CA

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