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SSTN # 48 - August 16, 2007

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Improved Downloads and More e-books!

1) Revitalizing 6th Grade?
2) Topics for Upcoming Sessions? 
3) Sunday School Kickoff skit?
4) Comment to SSTN

Captivating Bible Lessons for Children's Ministry!

5) Children's Power Point Presentations
6) Bulletin Boards
7) Life Without Limbs
8) Kaleidoscope Christians

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Improved Downloads and More e-books!

All of our Curriculum Downloads have been upgraded. You will notice a
marked improvement in the print-out quality! I hope you enjoy the change!

Check out our current selection of downloads and e-books at:

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1) Revitalizing 6th Grade?

Who has ideas for revitalizing the 6th grade Sunday School? Our
attendance drops off in 6th and 8th grade (confirmation is the 7th grade
Sunday School focus). What can we do to encourage those two difficult
groups that Sunday School is the place to be on Sunday morning at 9:45?

Sandra Warren
Director of Discipleship
Sydenstricker United Methodist Church

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2) Topics for Upcoming Sessions?

I am curious how other teachers decide what topics to cover in their
children's ministry? Specific themes? Do you have a one year plan? etc.

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3) Sunday School Kickoff skit?

Our Sunday school kickoff is going to be September 9th, and we are having
a breakfast with some singing and a skit or two. Does anyone have any good
ideas or maybe a website where we can find some free skits to do? We have
done the same ones over and over the past five years and it's time for 
something new. I did find one for just two people...one being someone who
is saying the Lord's Prayer and God is talking to him from "somewhere" off
stage. I'd like something else that would be geared to the little kids.
Thanks for any help! Kathy Clark

--from SSTN: there are dozens of skits to choose from at:

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4) Comment to SSTN

Thanks for the good work the sunday school network is doing. Congrats and
May God Bless all Sunday School Teachers> May he add them great knowledge
and wisdom as they teach children and May the Children Gain the required
wisdom and knowledge.

--from SSTN: thank you to you and all those who help to make the network a

Your webservant,
Sarah Keith

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Captivating Bible Lessons for Children's Ministry!

Are you tired of teaching boring and watered-down Bible lessons? 
Bible-4-Life has the perfect solution for children ages K-5th grade.
You'll find:

* Hands-on Bible activities!
* Enrichment ideas!
* Bible Memory Verses
* Song-Time Suggestions
* Coordinating Crafts, Bible Games, Skits and more!

Follow this link to discover more at: 

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5) Children's Power Point Presentations

Hi I just recently joined and have been enjoying the ideas for Sunday
school. I'm not a teacher but I've been making powerpoint presentations
for bible stories for kids, specifically street children in my country
(Philippines). So far I've made the stories of David and Goliath, the
Three Trees, and Noah. I'm currently making Joseph (and having quite a
difficulty as the story is so long and I don't know where to cut it!)
Anyway I was wondering if any of you could make use of the presentations-
you'll need a computer and an lcd projector. I thought of this project
because there are about 200 street children that He Cares Foundation feeds
and teaches bible study to every Saturday morning and it's not practical
to use a book for the presentations. To download, go to my website 
and follow the instructions below the picture of Noah with the rainbow.

:^) patsy

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6) Bulletin Boards

> There were some Wanting suggestions for a Sunday School Bulletin Board.

Try checking out boardsgalore.com

--from SSTN: once there, go to Member's Directory.

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7) Life Without Limbs

Nick Vujicic has a powerful, encouraging testimony. Please take the time
to watch it. It’s about 30 minutes long. It’s worth every minute. The
link is below.


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8) Kaleidoscope Christians

Christians are like kaleidoscopes. Jesus said, "I am the light of the
world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the
light of life." John 8:12. When Jesus is living in you, his light shines
through you; only then are you able to reflect the beautiful person God
intended you to be! 

To learn more about this object lesson, go to:

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