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SSTN # 48 - June 8, 2006

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1) Tower of Babel?
2) VBS songs?
3) The Ten Commandments?
4) Games Challenge

Summertime Fun Lessons

5) VBS Prayer book?
6) Parent, Child Relationship?
7) Friend's Day?
8) Gospel Message In Schools
9) Small Group Games

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1) Tower of Babel?

I am doing an open Sunday school for all ages about the tower of babel.C
an anybody please suggest songs or chorouses I can use. Thanks and GOD
BLESS hazel UK.

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2) VBS songs?

I am trying to come up with an entertaining song for
my 2-7 year old class to perform at our VBS. It's hard
to find something for this many ages to enjoy doing.
If anyone could help, I'd really appreciate it.
Thanks, Tracee

--from SSTN: there are so many great songs for this age group, but without
telling us your theme it's hard to point you in the right direction.

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3) The Ten Commandments?

I would like simple introductions for ages 3-10 of the en commandments.

--from SSTN: Check out "God's Top Ten" in our Bible-4-Life curriculum at:

as well as some great finger memory techniques listed in our archives at:

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4) Games Challenge

>We also have a muli age group and sporadic attendance. 

I have found the Faith Weavers Friends Mid-week program works well
for Sunday School. 
Crafts- you can have a supply of art supplies on hand, but there is no
photcopying that needs to be done. Sometimes I  get the older kids to help
the younger ones with cutting, pasting etc.  

Projects with a Purpose and Surprise Station - usually involve an
experiment or other activity that can be done with 1-2 or 8-10 kids.
There is also a Game activity (low and high energy activity for each
week), a snack suggestion and a story.

I'm sure Sarah can let you know if this curriculum can be ordered through

Alberta, Canada 

--from SSTN: you can find it in our bookstore. Just type the title into
the search box at:

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Summertime Fun Lessons

What can bugs teach children about Jesus? More than you think!
In "Goin' Buggie For Jesus - I'm a BEE-liever", children will learn
important Bible truths using hands-on buggie crafts, games, lessons, and
yummy devotions. Great for mid-week or a refreshing change of pace during
the Sunday School hour!

Learn more in the Curriculum Creatives - Gospel Fun section at:

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5) VBS Prayer book?

I use to have a small prayer book that contained a daily prayer for VBS.
 It was given to the VBS workers and it contained a prayer for a specific
need for the children of VBS, their families and the workers of VBS each
 I had it in my computer and it crashed.
 Does anyone have anything like this that they would share with me?
 Our VBS is quickly approaching..I would love to give this to our workers
and church family.
Happily serving Him,

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6) Parent, Child Relationship?

Hello, I have been Member of SSTN for som months now and i have been
receiving mail from you and i really appreciate every contribution the
other members are making, thanks to you all.
Am Matthew Asije by Name, From Nigeria A Children teacher in my Church,
what am actually want to know is more information on how to dertermine or
how to know the realationship between parents and children. Because i have
come to understand that without that you cant really know how to address
parents at differents level of life.
i will be very glad if get this informatin ...
thanks Yours In the Lord,
Matthew Asije.

--from SSTN: Dear Matthew, I'm not quite certain what you are asking, but
something I think is important is to keep parents informed as to what you
are teaching their children, whether they're 2 or 17. I like to send a
letter home to the parents at the beginning of each semester to tell them
what their child or children will be learning. I also like to encourage
the parents to help their children succeed in memorizing the Bible memory
verses for each semester too.  


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7) Friend's Day?

> What is your focus? ie. Something dealing w/a skit, talent, or how to
After I posted, I decided I wasn't very clear.  Sorry.  I would like ideas
on how promote friend's day.  I think I can find a skit that our teen
group could do, but how do I promote the concept to the whole
congregation?  We have a Friend's day folder of material, not all there,
that is from the 70's.  I'd like to do something more up to date in order
to also appeal to our children and teens.  I've looked through the
archives & I've also used searched the internet, but not luck.  What has
all of your churches done in the past for this event?  I would appreciate
any help.  Thanks in advance.
Marsha Carpenter

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8) Gospel Message In Schools

WOW! What a terrific testimony from Emmalea Butler about starting that
program for after school Bible study. I had no idea that we God loving
people had the ability to go onto school property and start something like
this. May God bless you for your dedication to Him and those children's
lives you are impacting with His Word. In a world that often times leads
children to live a worldly existence you have managed to show them there
is a better way to live...A GOSPEL filled life with meaning.  My best to
you and your continued success. 
 Patti in Corpus Christi, Texas

--from SSTN: Emmalea is great! She's also a regular contributor to SSTN
and the website. You can read more Emmalea's ideas by typing her name into
the search box at:

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9) Small Group Games

You might try Tic/Tac/Toe.  Before they can place their "x" or "O" they
must answer a Bible question....I've done this in teams (sometimes only
two on a team)....You might try Hang Man........You could have them guess
a letter....you will tell them whether it is in the word, but then to
place it they must answer a Bible question correctly....Make a "Wheel of
Fortune" game.....with verses or names of people or places of the
Bible....How about Jeopardy?

--from SSTN: many of these type of games are available in the Games
section at:

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