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SSTN # 48 - August 10, 2007

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Captivating Bible Lessons for Children's Ministry!

1) Church History Day?
2) Pray for Muslims during Ramadan
3) Preparing for 80th Birthday?
4) Ice Cream social?

Bible Stack-O! Game

5) Daniel Lessons?
6) God Squad?
7) Bulletin Board
8) Creative teaching ideas?

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Captivating Bible Lessons for Children's Ministry!

Are you tired of teaching boring and watered-down Bible lessons?
Bible-4-Life has the perfect solution for children ages K-5th grade.
You'll find:

* Hands-on Bible activities!
* Enrichment ideas!
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* Coordinating Crafts, Bible Games, Skits and more!

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1) Church History Day?

We are planning this Rally Day to do a service based around some of the
great things that our church has been involved in over the past 50 years. 
I was looking for a short skit that would be about church history, or
being a family of faith and the importance of sticking together.  If
anyone has any ideas for a skit, music or anythig else, I would appreciate
it.  cindyjohn96@msn.com

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2) Pray for Muslims during Ramadan

Since September 11, 2001, we have become aware, as never before, of the
Muslim world -- and of vicious, all-out warfare against us by Islamic

Ephesians 6:12, however, tells us: "... our struggle is not against flesh
and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the
powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the
heavenly realms."

The real war -- and we must not forget this -- is not with Osama bin Laden
and al-Qaeda or the terrorists in Iraq or our own cities. The real war is
with "the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of
evil in the heavenly realms." And we must also not forget that our real
weapons in this war are the ones God Himself has given us. In Ephesians 13
through 18 we are admonished to use these weapons, including "pray in the
Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests."

This year, as they have for more than a decade, many millions of
Christians around the world will take the special opportunity provided by
the Muslim holy month of fasting, Ramadan (Ramazan in Turkish), to battle
in prayer for the 1.3 billion Muslim people of the world. Please join this

A daily e-mail version, which is an extract from the prayer guide
booklets, will also be available. To receive it, enter your email address
in the form at

The fact is that very few Muslims at present have any chance, humanly
speaking, of ever even meeting someone who can tell them that Jesus loves
them. All too often -- especially in the post-9/11 world -- the Muslim
population of the world is viewed as the enemy of Christianity, instead of
persons for whom Jesus died.

Please join with us in praying for Muslims to come to know Jesus this
Ramadan. Please also get your prayer group, your church, your Sunday
school class committed to winning this battle for the souls of Muslims. We
have posted a sample letter which your church can adapt for this purpose
at the bottom of the page at http://ramadan.everypeople.net/. We also
encourage you to use the many valuable resources at
http://www.30-days.net/ to help you pray more effectively for Muslims.

Let us believe God for mighty things as we join together this year to
focus on Him during this special prayer battle for the Muslim world.

God bless!

Mike and Linda

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3) Preparing for 80th Birthday?

we are preparing for someone's 80th birthday what
ideas can you give me as we celebrate in the church?


--from SSTN:  many years back there was a TV show called, "This Is Your
Life". People from the honored person's life would speak, one after the
other, from behind a curtain and tell how that person had influenced and
blessed his or her life. The hidden person would then come out from behind
the curtain to greet and hug the honoree.

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4) Ice Cream social

I tried to send email to this address about the Ice Cream social Pop
Concert and the address was unknown. If you can help please mail me at

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Bible Stack-O!

Have fun playing this fast moving game while learning the books of the

Discover more at:
(you may have to copy and paste the link to your browser)

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5) Daniel Lessons?

   I'm looking for curriculum for 4th/5th grade boys.  We'd like to do
lessons on Daniel.  Any information or ideas would be so helpful.  Thank

--from SSTN: Super Heroes of the Bible has a lesson devoted to Daniel.
The following link is a Yummy Devotion from that lesson:

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6) God Squad?

I have a question - I have to create a logo for our Children Ministry "The
God Squad" and I was wondering if anyone out there could give me assist in
creating a logo with the name of the children ministry.  Any help would be
appreciated - My e-mail address if "favorbyfaith@yahoo.com
God Bless!

--from SSTN: check out http://www.Creativeimaginations.NET 
I design logos and other visuals. You may contact me directly
or via the aforementioned website.

Sarah Keith <><

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7) Bulletin Board

> Wanting suggestions for a Sunday School Bulletin Board.

Try checking out www.daniellesplace.com. Look under Bible Themes, and they
have a list of 28 different ideas for bulletin boards.


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8) Creative teaching ideas?

Hello SSTN! I am a fellow Sunday School Teacher, and I really appreciate
SSTN Newsletters.

I'm a youth volunteer, and I would like to acquire some creative teaching

Thank you and God bless!

--from SSTN: Thank you! There are over 1400 pages of "creative teaching"
resources within our site. You can access them from our home page at:

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