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SSTN # 47 - Aug 1, 2007

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Captivating Bible Lessons for Children's Ministry!

1) Bulletin Board Ideas
2) Bulletin Board Sunday School attendance
3) Communion Story for children?
4) Past SSTN Topics?

Bible Stack-O!

5) Sunday School Workshop
6) Ice Cream Social
7) Confirmation Style Materials?
8) Ice Cream Socials
9) Object lessons for teens

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Captivating Bible Lessons for Children's Ministry!

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Bible-4-Life has the perfect solution for children ages K-5th grade.
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1) Bulletin Board Ideas

An idea that I just had while reading the posting about the woman who
wanted more ideas than just the flowers with pics.

You could use the theme "I am the vine and ye are the branches"
Put a large grapevine coming up from the bottom of the board.  As it
spreads across the board and branches out on the branches put clusters of
grapes for each child with their pic on the cluster (one branch per
child).  As they bring visitors and help the class grow you could:
a) add more braches per child
b) add a cluster of grapes with the new childs pic on to the branch to the
child that brought them.

Have fun with it!

Sister in Christ,
Sherrie Gantz

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2) Bulletin Board Sunday School attendance

>>So I thought of flowers and placing
their faces in them? I want to keep this up a year and add pictures of
others as we grow?<<

I plan to do the same type of board and have thought about entitling it
any of these: "Look Who's Growing in God's Garden" 
"With God's Help, Flowers Bloom" 
"Growing (Basking?) in God's Love"
"Treasures in God's Garden"
Hope this helps,

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3) Communion Story for children?

I  am teaching the childrens group on communion and I found a story about
a happy meal that I would like to see again.

--from SSTN: you can find it in our Archives by typing "Happy Meal"
into the search box: http://www.SundaySchoolNetwork.com 

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4) Past SSTN Topics?

Dear Sarah:  Good Morning!!! I am interested in accessing some of your
back issues for ideas for our VBS and I was wondering how I can do this!!!
Blessing to you - Julie

Hi Julie,
You can search past issues of SSTN by going to our Archives under "Site
Search" at: http://www.SundaySchoolNetwork.com .
There are two ways to search. You can look for specific numbered issues
or search by topic.  

Your webservant,
Sarah Keith <><

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Bible Stack-O!

Have fun with this fast moving game
while learning the books of the Bible.

Discover more at:
(you may have to copy and paste the link to your browser)

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5) Adult Sunday School Workshop

Do you want to do a workshop for teachers of Adults, or are you training
adults to teach children?
Several groups put on workshops around the country. Group Publishing, and
INCM do annual workshops (check their web sites for locations). We also
offer workshops. Email me at faithcmw@aol.com for locations.

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6) Ice Cream Social

>My husband is in charge of planning an Ice Cream Social as an outreach to
>the neighborhood around the church. We need ideas for the event.  Has
>anyone done ice cream or something similar?  Activities?

We just had one at our church a few weeks ago. They held a Pops Concert
(which was awesome) so contact me and I can get you some more info.

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7) Confirmation Style Materials?

I am wanting to move our junior high/high school SS class into material
that will teach them why we believe what we do, what our church believes,
etc. Kind of like I went through at my Lutheran church in confirmation,
Luther's Catechism, etc.  We are an Evangelical Free denomination. I'd
like to find something that is denomination-neutral, if that makes sense.
The things that most evangelical christians agree on! Tall order, I'm
sure, but if you have any suggestions, I'd appreciate it.

Tanya McIlravy

--from SSTN: a good jump point would be to delve into the Apostles Creed
and dissect each part. You can access the Creed in our "Statement of
Faith" at:

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8) Ice Cream Socials

We used to do Ice Cream Socials in June right before the closing of school
for the summer.  We used the large 5 gallon buckets. We kept the flavors
at a minimum. We kept the toppings at minimums also and made sure helpers
did the toppings. We charged a minimum fee just to cover our cost.  We had
lots of games as you might have for a Hallelujah party, such as: bean bag
tosses, darts at balloons, fish ponds, etc.  People had to buy tickets for
these games.  If you are doing it for church people might be able to earn
the tickets for bringing friends, Bible, learning scripture, attendance,
etc.  We also had people set up craft booths where they could sell their
wares. It was a big ordeal and a lot of fun. Dianne R

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9) Object lessons for teens

Object lessons are just that...a lesson using an object.  It really
doesn't matter the age. Jesus used object lessons all the time...well,
parables anyway.   If you find a lesson you like...why not just do the
lesson then ask the teens how that lesson could be applied to their life
or situations they come in contact with. You would be surprised how they
could relate things and lessons to their lives, friends, problems, etc.
Dianne R

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