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SSTN # 46 - June 3, 2006

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1) Changing Children's Church
2) (Better than) Children's Church   
3) Fundraisers?
4) Kiddie Camp?

Bible-4-Life, Multi-aged Curriculum

5) Key Bible Stories
6) Trash Object Lesson?
7) Getting children to come on Sunday?
8) Games and Small Class
9) Games and Small Class

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1) Changing Children's Church

Thanks to everyone who sent in suggestions, ideas and words of
encouragement. After many meetings with committees who help to direct and
decide on programs in our church they have finally  come to a decision.
Praise the Lord, they have all agreed that in order to run this new
program, the way that I have presented my vision, I am in need of my own
space. Not for me in particular, but to the benefit of the children and
the leaders. At the final meeting of presenting my dream, everyone was so
encouraging and supportive. I know now that God had a plan and I just
needed to give Him time to bring it all together. I am so excited to get
started on His plan, since now I have abundant space. One room to have our
Children's Church with actual mini pews, and an adjoining room, which they
have agreed to knock out a wall, so we have the look of one big room. I am
now looking for any ideas for decorating, since I have been given
permission to do whatever, to make this room the "Children's Church" room
The program we are using is "Noah's Park" by Cook Ministries. I have
gotten some wonderful ideas before from this website for my Sunday School
class. Keep up the great job Sarah, this is a wonderful wealth of
information and also it is great to be able to post
concerns and get feedback from others in the same situations. May God
continue to Bless you in this ministry.
Love and Prayers
Cathy from Canada

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2) (Better than) Children's Church   
I too have worked in the past at starting and co-directing a children's
church. Although there was reward within it - there were problems and
obstacles as well. BUT - I found something much more rewarding! A friend
of mine, that was from another church, and I, had such a burden for
children learning about Jesus - that we decided that the best way to get
the information to the most children was to go to them instead of hoping
and praying they would come to us.
We found out we had the right to be in the public school -- it was a
matter of praying hard and going through the right channels to see it
happen. To make a long story short - we approached our public school to
have an after school Bible club for grades K-5. We formed our plan before
approaching the officials. They saw we were serious and had the plan.
Where people said it couldn't  happen - it happened!
Our first 6 week program brought 285 children to hear the gospel in public
school building! 47 accepted Christ as Savior our first 6 week session!
Several families went back to churches that had not been for years! Local
VBS programs blossomed! Children started carrying their Bibles to school -
reading them at recess and practicing scripture with one another and with
teachers and bus drivers! (We have a lot of Christian support in our rural
area.) We had over 40 volunteers from 11 different churches working
together to bring more children to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.
For 3 years the program has continually changed. We split our location to
2 different schools. Volunteers have been less - but still - just this
spring well over 200 children heard the gospel repeatedly, learned more
Bible stories, were encouraged to put what they were learning into action,
and bonded with the faithful leaders that continue to serve.
Not only has this after-school Bible club become a solid part of the
elementary scene, but the older children that have moved on to middle
school approached us to have a club for them! It was different in that
location in that the kids had to approach the officials first. YAY for
them! They did so and this spring we have had our first 8 week session of
their "Faith Walking Club". We had approximately 70 middle school children
hear the Bible truths explained and put to them as a challenge for
their week. They were challenged to "walk" by "faith" to complete the
tasks - making a difference for Christ in "their" world.
The kids wore their "Faith Walking" shirts at least 1 day a week. The
shirts have a bold salvation scripture on the back. God's Word was in each
and every classroom of the middle school. We know that God's Word will not
return void. Teachers and children alike were "reading" God's Word in
I write to encourage those that have a true heart for the kids to THINK
BIG. There are children that may never be encouraged at home to go to
church. They need Jesus too! God tells us to go to the world with the
gospel. Where you live is your world. GO! Lives are waiting to be changed
for eternity.
If you would like further encouragement on starting an after school Bible
club - or are interested in the Faith Walking shirts - you may contact me
at 1servinghim2@indy.net
Joyfully Serving HIM,
Emmalea Butler

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3) Fundraisers?

Hi everyone,
My name is Meg and,  I want to thank you for all of your ideas.  I pray
God Blesses you all.  I am the fundraiser coordinator for my church and
youth group.  I just was asked to do this recently and I want to get other
ideas together for fundraisers that work.  If anyone has unique ideas
please email me at pearlynchrist@peoplepc.com or post on sstn.  THANKS!

--from SSTN: there are tons of ideas in the archives at:
also, if you post directly, then other teachers will not benefit from your

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4) Kiddie Camp?

I am the Children's Pastor at a small church and we want to do a kiddie
camp this year for the little ones too young for camp. We plan to do a
three day camp at the church for ages 2 to 6 year olds. We are sleeping
out in tents and I need ideas if anyone has done a similar project or just
has good ideas for camp games, crafts, Bible time,food etc. for this age
group. Our funds are also limited so cost is a factor as well.Thanks

--from SSTN: Hi Janie,
Are the parents camping too? I don't know too many people who would allow
their 2-4 year olds to camp out without them. Maybe it's just the area (or
era) I live in.
Sarah Keith

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Bible-4-Life Curriculum, A Multiple Age Hands-On Bible Series.

Great for summer classes too. Check them out at:

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5) Key Bible Stories

Can be gleaned from rotation.org

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6) Trash Object Lesson?

I teach a group of young people from ages 7 to 17 and I am trying to
impress on them to get the TRASH out of their lives. Not to quit tv, video
games, rock and roll but to be able to sort out the TRASH in their lives
but I need some ideas for object lessons. Please Help.  Linda

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7) Getting children to come on Sunday?

My husband is the pastor of a small church, and I am the Sunday School
teacher for 8 thru 11 yr. olds when we have any that is.  We have a great
group of youth on Wed. nights, 38 on the attendance chart.  The problem is
they come on Wed. nights, but don't come on Sundays.  Which I am glad they
come on Wed. at least they get taught once a week.  I have tried
everything I know to get them in church on Sundays and nothing has
worked.  When my husband and I started at this church they had no program
at all for children, what is so sad is that everyone seemed to be
satisfied with having a handful of adults, and no children.  Since God has
called me to minister to children I really could not sit back and do
nothing.  With God leading I started the Kidz for Christ on Wed. nights,
which has been a huge success. 
I came against a LOT of opposition. The Kidz for Christ has grown by leaps
and bounds.  I am afraid the children feel that some of the older adults
at church don't want them there, and sorry to say they are probably
right.  How do I get past this and get these children in church on Sunday,
most of these children are from broken homes and have one or both parents
on meth. Some have no parents and live with relatives, all they want is
love.  And I can't help but get angry at the people at church who would
rather have their comfortable seats on the pew and look the other way.
When we do have children come in, "church members" say things the kids
overhear and really hurt their feelings. If anyone has any suggestions to
help please let me know.

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8) Games and Small Class


In response to your issue with having only one or two children attend your
class each week, my advice is that you take the time to get to know each
child on an individual basis.  I'm not sure what curriculum you are using
to teach, or if you choose the lesson each week, but you could try to
incorporate some verse manipulation exercises (for example, hitting a
balloon to one another while saying each word of the verse of the week),
or some individual crafts.  I have a similar situation in that, although
my class consists of 12 or so students in my roll book, only half show up
each week.  I go ahead and faithfully prepare for all 12, but use
activities that don't require so many students. Also-- don't get
discouraged!  Remember that although you only have a few each week, God
may have sent those particular students to you because they need to hear
your lesson, and need your personal attention that particular week.

May God richly bless all your endeavors.

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9) Games and Small Class

> I don't know any games or activities for, say, one child
> plus myself or two kids plus myself. Does
> anyone have any insight or ideas that may help me?

This is a problem for me, as well. It can even seem awkward to be in a
situation with one child and one teacher...but when you think about it,
what an opportunity to show the kids how very special they are to you and
to God!
Even if he or she is the ONLY child at church, YOU intend to teach him or
her because s/he is THAT important! Even if I was the only one who needed
a Savior, Jesus would have died for me! WOW!

Now, that should ease the awkwardness we feel, huh?

But for engaging one or two children, we have to get WAY creative...think
of some things you'd do with your own child or grandchild or niece or
nephew if you were babysitting and wanting them to feel special.

Cook (even if it's preparing a cold snack) with them;
dance and sing together (you have more freedom to do silly songs with a
small group because even if they get hyper you can still handle them! you
can have them make their own instruments to play or praise
streamers--attach long lengths of party streamers to large craft sticks
with tape);

do art projects that are too messy or take too much time with larger
groups--like painting;

let the kids cut pictures from magazines to create collages that represent
the topic of the day--for example, if you're discussing creation, they can
cut and paste pics of animals and plants;

do "mad libs"--these are stories where the kids insert other words. For
example, in the first line of the night before Christmas, you might ask
"a holiday," "a place to live," and "an animal." When the child fills in
the blank with "Easter," "a trailer," and "a tiger," the story becomes
funny: Twas the night before Easter and all through the trailer not a
creature was stirring, not even a tiger! Even if it's silly or cheesy the
kids will think it's the funniest thing ever!

You could even have some Christian board games on hand for situations like
this! :o)


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