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Issue #45 - October 28, 2008              For where two or three come together in my name, there am I with them. ~ Jesus

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1) SSTN now ranks #1 in Christian Education!
2) Christmas Skit for Preschoolers
3) Who gets your vote on Nov. 4?
Combined Classes?
5) The 911 Prayer

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6) Call to Prayer?
7) Pre-school Christmas Play
8) Christmas Skit for Preschoolers
The Authentic Nativity Play

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SSTN now ranks #1 in Christian Education!!

Hello Christian Educators, 

Thanks to you, and in case you missed it, according to, SSTN currently ranks "numero uno" (#1) among Christian Education websites! I hope you'll invite your friends, co-workers and pastors to join us too!

Your webservant,
Sarah Keith <><


2) Christmas Skit for Preschoolers

This is in response to issue #44, post #1 about Christmas skits for preschoolers. This year I am going to be playing the song "Unto Us This Holy Night" by the Wiggles. I have a very generous lady that is going to dress Cabbage Patch Dolls for me to match the characters of the Nativity Scene. As each character is sung about in the song, a preschooler will take that doll dressed up and place it at the front of the church. When the song is all over, the preschoolers will have built a Nativity Scene right in front of everyone. I did this a few years ago. I read the scripture and the kids placed my Precious Moments Nativity Figures up on a table. This year we will do it to the song with the dressed up dolls. The kids just loved doing this. Good luck. Thanks for a WONDERFUL newsletter! God Bless.

--from SSTN: fantastic idea! For anyone who's interested, you can find the song for .99 cents in our affiliate bookstore, click here.


Journey to the Manger...
a great gift idea for families!

Pastors, directors and teachers:
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Click the cover!

3) Who gets your vote on Nov. 4?

Participate in our newly published poll at:

It is so important that Christian teachers vote. Do you know that between 3 and 4 million evangelical Christians did not vote in the USA 2000 elections? We cannot complain about, or be surprised by, the spiritual decay in our world if we do not participate in the process of electing our leaders. I want to urge my fellow Christian teachers to become informed, learn about the candidates' record, and then vote for leaders (locally and nationally) whose platforms are most closely aligned with Scripture.

USA teachers, exercise your right to vote on Tuesday, Nov. 4, 2008!

Your webservant,
Sarah Keith <><

4) Combined Classes?

Regarding the respondent who said she "combined all our classes ages 4-11" Could you provide more info on what curriculum you use, your schedule, etc.? You can email me directly We have done this because of small numbers, but under one teacher (me!) and worksheets are too hard for the little ones and too boring for the older ones, etc. I also never know if there will be two kids or 12 show up. Thanks.


--from SSTN: the Bible-4-Life curriculum works great for combined ages (K-5th grade):


5) The 911 Prayer

Sometimes in our hectic lives we forget that prayer is our first resource - not our last resort.

For yourself or your church - claim a 911 Campaign of prayer and see how God blesses.

Why 911? The numbers alert us to an emergent situation. 
What is more emergent than a need that drops us to our knees to cry out to God?
I have asked my church to use the 911 approach for inviting lost to attend worship services BEFORE Christmas, and most certainly, the urgency of our Nations leaders is at hand.


The 9 is for 9:00 - A.M. And 9:00 P.M.
The first 1 is for 1 specific urgent matter or person
The second 1 is for 1 minute --- just one minute of calling upon God with all your heart for this person, or situation.
That would be requiring praying only 2 minutes a day -- but praying with all possible intensity.

I heard of a church that did something similar - only 1 time a day - for 1 person - for their salvation.
Their campaign was for 8 weeks before Easter. Within 2 weeks reports were coming in that a new boldness had begun in individuals to speak to lost friends and relatives. Hearts began to soften and within a month several visitors were coming from invitations. On Easter - the church was blessed to see most of those that had been prayed for sitting in the pews. Several came to Christ for salvation that day - others were saved within the next few weeks. The prayers were answered, the praise was magnified and offered up to the Heavenly Father. They called. HE answered. HE blessed them beyond what they could have ever imagined. For 1 minute of focused prayer a day for 8 weeks.

Times are urgent -- 911 urgent! Do you have 2 minutes (at 9 AM and 9 PM) to cry out to God for HIS help? 

6) Call to Prayer?

I am interested in the article about the call to prayer and what the lady copied and is handing out. My Sunday School class is doing a section about prayer and this sounds like it might be a good addition to our curriculum. Thanks,
Denice Pinder
Fallon, NV

--from SSTN: Hi Denice,
She was referring to SSTN's article on prayer (#43). If you still have it in your inbox, you can read it there, 
or from the archives at:

Your webservant,
Sarah Keith <><

7) Pre-school Christmas Play

I may have shared this once before but it may help you as you prepare for the holidays. Memorizing can be tedious for some little ones...This skit (play) (presentation) requires no memorizing. 

Prepare several tee shirts using ties or hot glue as follows: Tee # 1 lots of candy canes; #2 lots of Christmas cards; 
#3 Christmas lights (battery operated); #4 musical notes....and so on.... 

You can also have children carry on stage the following:
a small Christmas tree; a cut out snowman; a star; a Christmas present...and so on....

Then you could have several costumes such as:
shepherd; angel; winter coat and mittens; one wrapped in tinsel from head to toe; apron and oven mitt...and so on...

Finally you must have a mother Mary and baby doll (LAST but not least).

Each child walks out to the microphone (one at a time allowing for laughter at times) and have them say, "Don't forget the _____. " (what ever it is they are holding or dressed as) Mary should be last and say, "But the most important thing to remember is Don't forget the baby Jesus!" 

Have the children come up as a group at that time and sing "Mary had a little lamb or Away in the manger" or some other song appropriate for Christmas and their age. 

Dianne, AL

--from SSTN: very sweet.

Christmas Skit for Preschoolers 
I wrote this skit for our S. school, and it would work well for preschoolers since they are 'props' rather than actors. 


--from SSTN: you can also find Tanya's skit at:

9) The Authentic Nativity Play

For an easy-to-produce nativity play, check out "The Authentic Nativity Play" available in our affiliate bookstore.
Click here or type the title into the bookstore search box at:

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