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SSTN # 45 - May 31, 2006

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Pentecost Sunday Is June 4

1) Tithing Idea
2) Room Themes
3) Tithing Idea
4) Day Care

Bible-4-Life, Multi-aged Curriculum

5) Disruptive teens
6) Disruptive teens
7) Looking for music?
8) Friend's Day?
9) Palm Trees, Thanks!

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Pentecost Sunday Is June 4

This Sunday is Pentecost Sunday, the day Christians celebrate the giving
of the Holy Spirit. To mark this day, have your kids make the Pentecost
Rusher. You'll find it in the
"Easy Make N' Take Downloads" section  at:

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1) Tithing Idea
HI Lorraine,
  Here is what our church does to teach tithing, bringing your bible to
church, saving and  a few other things get covered in this approach. 
Frist we ordered assorted give away gifts from Oriental.  We put these
items in bins and gave them a value of 1,2, or 3 coins.
The way the children earn coins is to show up for children church(1 coin),
bring their  special church bag(1 coin) and bring their bible.  This earns
them 3 coins each week. We keep their coins in individual large baby jars
with their name onthe  jar, we call this our bank.  On the last Sunday of
the month we allow the children to shop at the store with the coins they
have saved all month.  We have a special God's Bin and the children are
told they have to return at least one coin to God and more if they felt
led.  You would be surprised how many little ones give God 3 or 4 of their
Hope this helps
Dianna Rogers
Richmond, Virginia

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2) Room Themes

Hi!  Since you are redecorating, I saw the cutest thing at a church I
visited.  At least it certainly stuck with me!
In their nursery, right above the changing tables, they had the verse: "
shall not all sleep, but we all shall be changed!"
Another good verse was 'I will both lie me down and sleep.'  They just had
this on the wall in huge letters.  It was right as you came in the door,
for all to see.  Too cute!  Kathy

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3) Tithing Idea

A simple thing for young children to comprehend would be to put 10
beautiful, shiny apples on a large plate to represent the bounty God gives
us.  Take one away to "return to Him" - leaving nine!

Then take all but one away to represent a smaller portion.  But when that
one apple is cut into 10 pieces - take one small piece away - and we still
have nine pieces left!


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4) Day Care

I have been part of a two day Mom's Day Out for three years.  I have found
that it is helpful to teach the bible stories by month.  For example-
Creation is divided up week 1- Days 1&2, week 2- Days 3 & 4, week 3- Days
5 & 6, week 4- day 7 (we do PJ day for this) and review. Another example:
Noah's Ark-building the ark, loading the ark, safe in the ark, the
rainbow.  Noah's Ark month would be good to have a petting zoo or to bring
animals to show the kids.  
We also teach numbers 1-20, colors, letters and shapes. We have a seperate
music time, outside time, lunch time, and a centers time.  Online are
several ideas, crafts and lessons that you can adapt.  SSTN is a great
website :).  So is Danielle's Place.  General preschool ideas also are
plentiful such as those at Preschool Express and DLTK Kids websites.  Just
a few ideas... Amy

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Bible-4-Life Curriculum

Great for summer classes too. Check them out at:

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5) Disruptive teens

My husband teaches the teenagers at our church.  One Sunday morning one of
the teens was being terribly disruptive and rude.  He finally told that
boy that it was his job to teach the class the next week.  He handed over
his teacher's guide and sent him off.  The student learned how much work
goes into preparing a lesson and how frustrating it can be when no one is
paying attention.  All the kids are going to have a turn teaching the
class and if everyone does well then they get to have a pizza party.  It
might work for you.
God bless,
Misti Bridges

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6) Disruptive teens

This is for the person with the problems with teens in class. i have the
same problem. If u want to drop me an email and we can bounce ideas off
each other. Anyone with ideas please email me as well.

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7) Looking for music?

Looking for the music and the rest of the words to this hymn:


much appreciated

God bless

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8) Friend's Day?

Just to narrow down your options. What is your focus? ie. Something
w/a skit, talent, or how to invite/promote the event.

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9) Palm Trees, Thanks!

A few weeks ago, someone posted directions on how to make palm
trees.  THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!  My church's children's choir
recently put on a musical called "King of the Jungle."  We used the
directions to make 13 awesome palm trees for the background of our set. 
We also placed a zoo tram in the center, and surrounded the platform with
zoo animals, borrowed from a local business.  Your ideas really helped to
pull the set together.  Pictures can be found at my church's website,
http://www.pennforestcog.org/kojgallery/ , or I can send them to you
individually if you would rather.  Once again, THANKS!

Lindsey Hull

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