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SSTN # 45 - July 17, 2007

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1) Bible Heroes?
2) Camp curriculum?
3) Object Lessons for Teens?
4) Daniel Song

Christian Crafts...now catalogued by ages!

5) Bulletin Board Sunday School attendance?
6) Praying for our Soldiers?
7) Contact Connie G.
8) How do I donate?
9) Children's Church / Gabby the Flamingo

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1) Bible Heroes?

I teach ages 3-5 years old and i wanting to do lessons on  Heros of the
Bible. If you have any suggestions on lessons, crafts and decorations I
would really appreciate it.Please mail me at kfc924@bellsouth.net.


--from SSTN: check out our Super Heroes of the Bible series at:
even though it is for k-5th grade, there are many ideas which could be
for younger kids.

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2) Camp curriculum?

I am looking for curriculum for a summer children's camp in 2008 on the
Armor of God.  Do you have anything on this order, or can you recommend

--from SSTN: Yes, we have something for you. Check out our Armor of God
series under Bible Series, Clubs & VBS on the following
page: http://www.sundayschoolnetwork.com/sermons.html   
This series can be expanded into a 5-6 session program.  

Your webservant,
Sarah Keith <><

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3) Object Lessons for Teens?

Do you have any object lessons geared toward teenagers – middle school and
high school ages – ages 12/13 and up? Teaching materials for teens are so
hard to find.

--from SSTN: We do not produce lessons for this age group.
However, we do have some recommended resources for this age
group in our bookstore section at:  http://www.sundayschoolnetwork.com/bookstore.html  

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4) Daniel Song

I just finished a song to teach along with Daniel in the lion's den.  If
you want to use it, you can. It is to the tune of Jesus Loves Me. (On the
choruses the notes are held on the first syllables.)
There was a law that none could pray
Except to just the king each day
No matter what the law might say
Daniel knew that he would pray.

To God Daniel prayed
His God he obeyed
Although the law said
That Daniel would  be dead..
Hungry lions filled the den
They opened wide their mouths and then
God sent an angel who all night
Kept them closed til morning light.

Oh, Daniel, please say
You’re safe and okay
Yes, king,  for you see
My God took care of me.

Because of Christ,
Helen Setser

--from SSTN: awesome, Helen. Thanks for sharing it!

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Christian Crafts...now catalogued by ages!

Check them out in the F-R-E-E Stuff section at:

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5) Bulletin Board Sunday School attendance?

Wanting suggestions for a Sunday School Bulletin Board. I have pictures of
everyone that attends each class and want to use each of their faces on
the Bulletin Board. My goal is to challenge others to invite someone and
watch our Sunday School Class grow? So I thought of flowers and placing
their faces in them? I want to keep this up a year and add pictures of
others as we grow? Any suggestions??? I am open for any suggestions?

A Sinner Saved By Grace

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6) Praying for our Soldiers?

any other ideas for praying for our Soldiers would be appreciated.  I
wanted to have a USO show for Rally Day.  The kids and adults would do
Patriotic and Christian arts and drama.  It would be called, "Serving
Those Who Serve".  Singing, dancing, skits, arts and crafts.That day would also
be a kick off for collecting items for our soldiers.
Thanks, Cindy

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7) Contact Connie G.

For those wishing to contact Connie G. about lesson plans on "Attitudes
of the Heart" use the e-mail address of scioart@yahoo.com.

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8) How do I donate?

Hi Sarah, Would it be possible to set up direct debit banking for
donations to SSTN? It would be so much easier for us international
subscribers to pay that way.

Thanks for your wonderful work for God!

--from SSTN: Dear Sharon, yes, I think so. But you will need to speak with
your local bank to make sure. I have a few supporters who do this here in
the USA, so I know it is possible here. Make sure you send it to SSTN's
"d.b.a. ("doing business as").
See info below for Support Ministry or follow this link:

Thank you so much for asking and for your willingess to help further
this ministry! You are a blessing!

Your webservant,
Sarah Keith

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9) Children's Church / Gabby the Flamingo
>I would like to start a children's moment in my church. If you have any
>ideas send them to me.

This is a great way to use Puppet Ministry. I'm from Grace Lutheran
Church in St. Charles. We have our Pastor read the Gospel and then he
calls the kids up front to visit with Gabby and her friends. Gabby is a
pink flamingo puppet. Gabby's interpretation of the Gospel reading is
from a child's point of view and can be somewhat mixed up and sometimes
hilarious but allows the children to identify through Gabby in trying to
understand the message. However, I have found that the adults in our
congregation enjoy Gabby's visit as much as the children. Several of
Gabby's skits are located on this wonderful website. Contact me if you
need additional help with puppet ministry. gpeterson@cauto.com

Gail Peterson
Grace Lutheran Church/St. Charles IL

--from SSTN: we've set aside a whole section just for Gabby! You can find
Gails' skits in the skit section of the site under the F-R-E-E Stuff
section at:

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