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SSTN # 44 - July 11, 2007

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1) Bible memory tips
2) Adult Sunday School Workshop?
3) Samson and Delilah
4) Lord's Prayer In Candles?

Creation Totem Pole: Introductory price!

5) Skits for Children?
6) Multi-aged Class
7) Multi-aged Class 
8) Connie G?
9) Children's Church Moment?

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1) Bible memory tips

I appreciate very much all the responses to my request for tips for
children to memorize their Bible verses. I have enought ideas now to work
Thanks to everyone for their input.
Eusalene Bruce

--from SSTN: all those tips can be accessed and searched out in our
archives at: http://www.SundaySchoolNetwork.com 

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2) Adult Sunday School Workshop?

Could you give me some ideas as how to organize and present a Sunday
School Workshop for Adult teachers as well as adults students.  Most
material I find is catered to young people and children.  Thanks
Hilder Marie Madison

--from SSTN: begin with a planning outline of what you want to achieve.
What are your goals? What do you want your teachers to accomplish?

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3) Samson and Delilah

When I started to teach childrens church. I know that, I had a Problem
with the story of Samson and Deliah. How do you explain this story to
children?  After thinking about it and reading some books. Especially a
Bible children's coloring book. It simply says that Samson was in Love
with Deliah. But She didn't love him back. Hope this helps anyone new to

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4) Lord's Prayer In Candles?

Sometime earlier this year I asked if anyone knew of a devotional that
used various colored candles to explain the Lord's prayer. A person by the
name of Sarah responded with what I believe is the devotional for which I
search. However, the e-mail address she provided did not get to her--it
was returned to me as non-deliverable.
Does anyone there know Sarah and, if so, what is her correct e-mail
Does anyone there know of the devotional for which I search? If so, please
be in touch with me via e-mail at JeanGrippin@msn.com. Thank you and God

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5) Skits for Children?

do you have any skits for children

--from SSTN:  I'll be releasing two skit books later this summer, one
based on the Gospel according to Mark and the second on the book of Ruth.
You can also find bible skits in our bookstore by typing "Bible Skits"
into the search box at:  http://www.sundayschoolnetwork.com/bookstore.html 
Finally, we have an entire section of free skits in our "Free Stuff"
section at: http://www.SundaySchoolNetwork.com    

Your webservant,
Sarah Keith <><

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6) Multi-aged Class

Look for a good multi age curriculum and purchase it. Every teacher needs
a copy. That way you are not telling the same lesson week after week.
If you do a search on Children's church curriculum you can find a lot of

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7) Multi-aged Class 

>I teach kids from 4 years old until they reach like junior high. 
>Does anyone have any ideals on lessons and activities that I could do. 

I teach the same wide age groups and try to have a coloring sheet or
drawing project for the younger ones and have the older ones look up
verses and copy them after the lesson.  Sometimes we all do the same
drawing lesson – like trying several sketches similar to those in Good
News for Modern Man to illustrate the story we heard or read together. I
make crossword puzzles with questions from the story or missing words from
the key Bible verses.  I draw (or the kids copy) the puzzle on the board
and the younger ones can fill in the answers as the older ones give the
answers. Play pictionary, (have papers with words from the story) where
the kids choose a paper with a word written on it and then draw what that
word depicts on the board. We all work on memory verses, but shorten it
for the younger ones. And we all sing together.  Paper and crayons or
pencils go a long way.

Sue Cameron

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8) Connie G?

I found a note from Connie G stating that she had created series lessons
on attitudes of the heart and if we wanted them to let her know. The
problem is that there is no email address listed so I did not know where
to send my email.
Darlene Stone

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9) Children's Church Moment?
I would like to start a chidren's moment in my church. If you have any
ideas send them to me.

--from SSTN: our church coordinates the pastor's message with a simplified
child's view of the same message. The children are called forward at a
designated time during the service and one of the pastors or Children's
director will speak to the kids. They look forward to this time and it
encourages parents to bring their kids to church. We also provide activity
bags for them.

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