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SSTN # 43 - July 2, 2007

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Christian Crafts...catalogued by ages!

1) Praying for Soldiers idea
2) Children's Sunday
3) Children's Sunday performance
4) Children's Sunday

JULY 4th Activity: USA Patriotic Catcher

5) Multi-aged Class?
6) Christian Behavior Lessons
7) Kingdom of Heaven?
8) Joseph Sold Into Slavery
9) CEF Tranining

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Christian Crafts...catalogued by ages!

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1) Praying for Soldiers idea

My son leaves for the Army this summer,at his graduation party I handed
out little army men as a reminder for people to pray for him while he is
on active duty. I am going to give them to the church family as well
because we have several young members from our church serving in the
military. If any of you have other ideas please post them.
 Serving together, Nancy

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2) Children's Sunday

Wtih regards to Children's Sunday... First, let me commend you for
accepting this position.  I believe you'll find that teaching children God's Word is
one of the most rewarding ways to serve Him.  Now, you didn't say what
ages you have, but if you choose one of the most popular stories, such as
Noah's Ark, Daniel in the Lions Den, Jonah and the Whale, etc., there is much you
can learn from simply typing one of these in your favorite search engine,
such as Google.  I personally, think you should call one of the teachers
in the church, and ask them what to do.  You should find them more than happy
to help.  God Bless and Guide you, Janet

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3) Children's Sunday performance

In response to a quick Children's Sunday performance, how about doing a
pantomime?  I don't know the age of your students, but you or an older
student(s) could read the Bible story from a children's Bible and choose
students to act out the different parts in pantomime while it's being
The kids would have a great time dressing up and playing the parts and
would be able to perform with a quick rehearsal.  If they know a song that
relates to the story, they could sing that too. You could also have some
students tell why they like that particular story so much.  Voila, a mini
children's sermon!
Bless you for stepping in as the new Sunday school teacher.  I know how it
feels to come into a church and experience the "this is how we've always
done it" attitude and yet having no guidelines as to what those traditions
are.  Hang in there!

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4) Children's Sunday

>This Sunday, (after church!), I was told that next Sunday is Children's
>Sunday, and I have to organize some sort of performance...

"Casting Crowns" has a song out called, "If We are the Body"  It basically
two short stories put to music. The first is about a girl who comes into
church and there are girls in front of her whispering and giggling about
her. She runs out of church upset. Second scenerio is a "travelor" is
visiting church and sinks into the back row. The people give him scronful
looks based either on his appearance or his not being one of them and he
gets up and leaves.
The point is, "If we are the body...then why aren't his hands healing,
why is His love not showing?"  The kids really get this message and it is
an easy skit for them to act out. The only props are the kids and some
folding chairs set up like pews. When my kids did this, they carried teir
own chairs in for the inro and when they left they took their chairs out
with them. it was a hit for young and old. This is called a "Human Video"
and it always a great, quick thing to come up with. Blessings!

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JULY 4th Activity: USA Patriotic Catcher

Check out this fun activity in our Make N' Take Downloads section at:


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5) Multi-aged Class?

Hi,  my name is Kali Ploucher and I am one of a few teachers in my church
that is just starting out.  I only teach sunday school on the third sunday
of every month.  I teach kids from 4 years old until they reach like
junior high.  Does anyone have any ideals on lessons and activities that I
could do.  Its also hard right now because we don't have our own church
building, we are renting out a few rooms in a christian school.  Thanks
for any help you  can give me.
In Christ,
Kali Ploucher

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6) Christian Behavior Lessons

I created a series of lessons on attitudes of the heart.  The lessons talk
about both the good and bad attitude (i.e. anger/peacemaker,
gossip/praise, etc.).  Please let me know if you are looking for a lesson
plan on a specific attitude of the heart.  If I have it, I would be glad
to share my lesson plan with you.

Sincerely, Connie G.

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7) Kingdom of Heaven?

--from SSTN: there's a great book for younger kids called,
"Someday Heaven". You can find it in our bookstore
by typing the titles into the search box at:

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8) Joseph Sold Into Slavery

Hi Anna,

I have a lesson plan on Joseph being in slavery.  If you would like a copy
please e-mail me at scioart@yahoo.com.

Connie G.

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9) CEF Tranining

I was glad to read tanya's comments about Child Evangelism Fellowship's
miistry to their town.
Years ago I took CEF training and have always been grateful for the
opportunity.  Today they have special trainng for your people who go to
Warrenton, Mo.to learn how to hold Bible clubs.  Several of our church
kids have gone are teaching classes. My own great grandson hopes to go
next year for training when he is in the 9th grade (earliest they take
Helen Setser

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