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SSTN # 42 - May 22, 2006

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Take-A-Look Inside: "Tell Me The Story of Jesus"

1) Crippled Lamb program?
2) Disruptive teens?
3) Room Themes?
4) Da Vinci Code is Fiction

Pentecost Rusher

5) Day Care?
6) Ideas on tithing - 4 to 5 yr olds?
7) Changing Children's Church
8) Obtaining Teaching Materials
9) Christmas in July: Camp Christmas
10) To All Committed Sunday School Teachers

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Take-A-Look Inside: "Tell Me The Story of Jesus"

Click on the following link to take a look inside, "Tell Me the Story of Jesus,"
a hands-on Bible lesson series for K-5th grade:


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1) Crippled Lamb program?

I think this is a GREAT idea and a refreshing presentation at Christmas! 
Max Lucado is a very talented author.  Please provide more details of the
program...what was great, what didn't work, etc.  Did you use a real
lamb?  I would love to do this with our kids pre-K through 6 grade.
Tami Phillips

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2) Disruptive teens?

Anyone have any tips on disruptive teens in the Sunday School Class.  I am
so happy they are attending (even if coerced by parents) and walk that
fine line of wanting to make class enjoyable and of course Biblically
based, and not offend them by calling them out with their behavior.  Most
of the time it is just constant talking among the couple of friends that
sit together. Any new suggestions from experienced teen ministry leaders?

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3) Room Themes?

Hi there.  First off I want to say how much of a blessing it is to have
this website as a resource.  As I’m sure many others would agree it is
great to have so many things at your fingertips in one place.  It leaves
less time searching and more time focusing in on the children.

I am a nursery director at my church and we are getting ready to open a
daycare.  I teach children ages birth – 5, and soon with the daycare, we
will have many age groups.  We are getting ready to redecorate all of our
classrooms.  I am looking for a few new themes.  If anyone has any ideas
they would be greatly appreciated. 

Thanks and God Bless,
Elaine in VA

--from SSTN: any/all of the "famous" Bible stories make great visuals:
Noah's Ark, Jonah and the Great Fish, Moses in the Basket, Shepherd and
Sheep, etc.

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4) Da Vinci Code is Fiction

I hope everyone realizes that The Da Vinci Code is found under the
"fiction" section of Book Stores and Libraries!

--from SSTN: yes, exactly. However, you should be aware that the author,
Dan Brown, states in his book that his story is based on "true" historical
documents; which in fact are not true at all. The greatest thing about
this controversy is that it forces Christians to examine why they believe
as they do. God's Word will stand as it has for centuries. There is a
great online video that discusses this further.
You can view it at: http://www.TruthOrUntruth.com 

"Be wise as serpents and gentle as doves." Matt. 10:16

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Pentecost Rusher

Check out this fun Pentecost activity in our Curriculum Creatives section
under the, Easy Make N' Take Downloads section at:


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5) Day Care?

We have launched a day care ministry in our church, and we want to start a
Christian preschool in the fall.  What curriculum do you recommend? 
Realize that we are just starting off and have very limited funds.

Rev. Chris Dodson

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6) Ideas on tithing - 4 to 5 yr olds?

Hello, I've been involved in our Childrens Ministry for the past year &
have started teaching the 4 & 5 yr olds a few months ago.

Can you please help me with ideas on how to teach them to tithe & ideas to
do altar call.

Thank you also for all the helpful info that I find on this site.


Lorraine Govender

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7) Changing Children's Church

Having to share a room can be very frustrating....I have been there...What
I did was use tons of object lessons. (You can get books at most Christian
book stores)  I passed out two or three lessons (to older teens and
adults) the week prior to the lessons....asked them to present the lesson
in five minutes or less, if possible.  They supplied the "objects"
needed.  They brought them to class and took them with them....This gave
each participant opportunity to be part of the ministry and keep the
ministry bubbling each week since the children did not know who or what
was going to happen....The rest of the hour was spent singing to music
tapes and scripture memory. I tried to pull all lessons, music, and
scripture together by asking the children "How did the two lessons work
together?".  Hope this helps. DAR

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8) Obtaining Teaching Materials

I teach 3rd and 4th grade Sunday school and have only been doing it a
year. I have noticed that there are a lot of postings on ideas for
teaching etc. Our church orders our curriculum 3 months at a time. When we
are done with the lesson, teaching pictures and all we (try to remember)
collect them from the other grades and send them to church's that cannot
afford to buy these. Maybe there is a church that would be willing to keep
their lessons and all and hand down to some that may need it. Maybe
calling around your town and asking if they could "adopt" you and instead
of throwing these lessons away that every month or so you could go and
pick them up and use them.
Also.. this can be a challenging thing.. to teach and everyones support is
always appreciated. If God brought you to it, He will help you through it.
God Bless... Debbie

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9) Christmas in July: Camp Christmas
Best VBS I ever had was Camp Christmas. We did ours the last week of
Christmas break when kids and parents were all bored. We had LOTS of help
and lots of participation.
We honed in on JESUS is the REASON --- for each and every season.
We transformed our church into a forest camp with people of the church
bringing in their artificial trees, small tents and lots of white sheets
(for snow).
We did rotation a rotation basis - starting with all together and ending
with the entire group.
The kids were split into multi-aged troops (ages 4-12) with the older kids
being responsible for the younger in their group. This worked out
wonderfully. Each group also had at least one Teen Rangers that kept
troops moving from campsite to campsite and intervened if there was any
problems (bathroom breaks mainly).
Camp Discovery that was an interaction of a "very smart" Ranger telling
the kids about things in the forest -- however - this Ranger didn't know
about creation -- so the Field Leader that interacted with him, also led
the kids in teaching the Ranger about creation. It was precious to see the
kids transform this non-believer into a Christian by the end of the week!
(This interaction also was part of the opening and closing).
Game Camp - we used the nativity story and created ideas for games;
Camp Chow Down (kids concocted some of their own snacks);
Camp Hide-Away was one scripture for the week. The kids did different
scripture games each day and also "hid" God's Word in their heart by
learning the scripture in sign language;
Craft Camp was one craft for the week and troopers worked on it each day;
International Camp -- the troopers learned about Christmas in other
countries and even had a young Chinese man from a local Bible College
interact with the kids on one day.
The General Store for the campers to "purchase" inexpensive items with
camp money they received for bringing a friend, their Bible, outstanding
behavior, and learning their verse for the week.
Snowball Games were planned the last day, using paper wads for snowballs.
We made sure the campers knew that Jesus was part of the world each and
every day - not just Christmas and Easter.
I wrote the following as a song - however there is no sheet music - (God
gave me a gal that could hear it and play it - but not even read music
The words are:
Jesus is the reason - we celebrate ALL seasons
We celebrate ALL seasons of our lives.
If you know Christ as Savior,
There's a change in your behavior
And folks will know that you know Jesus Christ.
In Spring and Summer
In Fall and Winter
We GROW as we study in God's Word.
So you can tell others,
Your sisters and your brothers,
How trusting HIM can TRULY change your life
Jesus is the reason,
We celebrate ALL seasons.
We celebrate ALL seasons of our lives!
Have a blessed Christmas in July -- and every month!!
Joyfully Serving HIM,
Emmalea Butler1servinghim2@indy.net

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10) To All Committed Sunday School Teachers

Traci, it is all well and good to say respond as Jesus would have
(although even He was not always gentle), but you did not answer her
questions or offer her help either. 

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