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SSTN # 41 - June 21, 2007

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Totem Pole Activity: Creation to Cross

1) Memorization Incentives
2) Children's Sunday?
3) Special Needs Kids?
4) Bible Memory incentive

USA Patriotic Catcher

5) Summer Water Games
6) Bible Memory Incentives
7) Isaiah 55?
8) Water Games / Memory Activities
9) Fruit of the Spirit

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Totem Pole Activity: Creation to Cross

Check out our new "Creation to Cross Totem Pole" activity.

Read all about it at:

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1) Memorization Incentives

One system that I've found to work is:
I tell my kids a story. At the end of the story, I ask them questions. For
every question they get right, they get a ticket. (I use roll
For tickets, they can get small prizes. If they have 10 tickets, they can
cash them in for a coin (plastic coins- Oriental Trading Company) Coins
can be used to save for bigger prizes. If a kid brings a friend, they get
a coin and so does the friend.

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2) Children's Sunday?

I have just become the Sunday School teacher at my church, following the
unexpected death of the "old" SSteacher. I am unfamiliar with the "system"
that eveyone at the Church seems to know, what we do when, how etc.
This Sunday, (after church!), I was told that next Sunday is Children's
Sunday, and I have to organize some sort of performance. I don't know what
to do, I've only had a few weeks with these kids, and only 6 days notice!
It will be short, 10 minutes, reflecting their favorite Bible story. Any

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3) Special Needs Kids?

I have two bipolar, two autistic, and a blind child. I started using
puppets to get their attention.  Any other resources or suggestions? 
thanks ann

--from SSTN: make sure you check our archives too at:

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4) Bible Memory incentive

Hello ,
This is a good suggestion for memorizing Bible verses.. I printed out
different verses very big..
example, " For God so loved the world so much, that he gave His only life
for us." John 3: 16"
I show them the whole line first, let them repeat it a few times, and hide
a word at a time, then two words at atime.. till they remember all... It
works so great.. Just a sideline.. we did Psalm 23 last week. and when
they got to the end, instead of saying Psalm, because it was written as
Ps, they said exactly that P.S. 23.. so we explained to them.. try it..
Bless you

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USA Patriotic Catcher

Check out this fun activity in our Make N' Take Downloads section at:

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5) Summer Water Games

> some ideas on Games that can be played outside and that involves water. 

Some water games are: Game 1: Place water in one small swimming pool and
have the kids race (divide in teams) to see who can fill the most water in
the second swimming pool. Give them so many minutes using plastic cups.
Game 2: Get sponge balls and wet them. Have the kids get into pairs. One
will blindfold the other partner. Guild the blind folded partner to
picking up the wet balls. Next throw the balls to see if they are able to
hit anyone while being blindfolded. Partners then exchange places. Game 3:
Place marbles in a small swimming pool filled with sand. They use their
feet to get the marbles out of the pool. See who get the most. Game 4.
Soak the teacher or pastor. Sit him/her in a chair and allow the kids to
fill cups of water to soak him or her good.

From Jeanne

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6) Bible Memory Incentives

Hello Eusalene,
I also teach this age group and I have tried many things thru the years to
encourage them to do their memory verse. This year I started a lil "game"
that when you do your memory verse you will earn a ticket, (you can
purchase these at Wal-Mart), and ever quarter we have a drawing for a
special prize. The most fun we all have with it is I purchase the Prize
ahead of time and keep it displayed and the kids really want it so they
try their best to be the winner.
In Christ, Sherry

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7) Isaiah 55?

I teach 15-17 years of age in my Sunday School Class.  I would appreciate
some information on our lesson concerning the feast in Isaiah 55.  Any
suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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8) Water Games / Memory Verse Activities

I have a list of ideas for both. Email me at nazkidsinaction@yahoo.com for
a complete list. Put WATER GAMES or MEMORY VERSE ACTIVITIES in the subject
line. :o)


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9) Fruit of the Spirit

On Father's Day where doing Daddy's Hand by Holly Dunn

In June my Church can become extremely buzzy, Children Church will be
doing Christian Behavior lesson plan.  Pleases end me information on The
Fruit of the Spirit and anything on the Works of the flesh

--from SSTN: check out the following Fruit of the Spirit activities:

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