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SSTN # 40 - June 5, 2007

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1) VBS Fruit of the Spirit
2) VBS Fruit of the Spirit
3) Fruit of the Spirit Lessons
4) June Mother’s Day celebration?

USA Patriotic Catcher

5) Vine & Branches
6) Father's Day?
7) Fruit of Spirit book
8) Fruit of Spirit book
9) Bringing unsaved friends

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1) VBS Fruit of the Spirit

Group also has a Fruit of the Spirit book that we'll be using
this summer. 

--from SSTN: you can find this in our bookstore by typing
"Kids Travel Guide" into the search box at:

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2) VBS Fruit of the Spirit

We had Fruits of the Spirit during our Faith & Family (S.S.)  last
summer.  We made coloring sheets for each of the fruits, baskets to place
fruit into (this was used as their attendance too).
If you would like to see any of these, please e-mail me for the publisher
files.  CTBCsecretary@neo.rr.com

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3) Fruit of the Spirit Lessons

I have a whole summer's worth of lessons on the fruit of the spirit I used
few years ago. If you'd like to email me at nazkidsinaction@yahoo.com I'd
happy to send them to you (or anyone else). They're in Microsoft Word
format-- they're lessons I compiled with activities from many different
sources. Just put "Fruit of the Spirit" in the subject line so I'll know
to delete the message :o)

In His Service,

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4) June Mother’s Day celebration?

There will be Mother’s Day celebration in my Church on the 10th of June
2007.  Please help me with an article to discuss with mothers/ women as
a whole.

Awaiting yr response.


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USA Patriotic Catcher

Check out this fun activity in our Make N' Take Downloads section at:

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5) Vine & Branches

I am a Sunday School teacher in a small church and I teach students from
6-11.  I try to use an some sort of object that goes along with Sunday
School lesson.  For the lesson "Jesus is the Vine".  I used a vine of
grapes.   Jesus is the Vine, Christians are the branches and those we tell
about Jesus and salvation are the grapes. It sounds simple, but rest
assured your students will not forget, and they can explain and teach
In His Service,
Sherryll, Long Beach, CA
Primary/Junior Sunday School Teacher

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6) Father's Day?

  I am teaching Sunday school on Father's Day.  I have a craft ideal, but
don't know what to do for a lesson.  I found one lesson on the website but
I don't think that would work for my class.  Can anyone give me some
ideals for lessons that I can do that has something to do about father's
day in it?  Thanks
Kali in New Jersey

--from SSTN: make sure you check the archives too at:

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7) Fruit of Spirit book

Hi Melissa,
there's a book by Elizabeth George called "A Young Woman's Walk with God".
This book takes you through each fruit of the Spirit and I found it very
insightful and relevant. While it is not really a children's book Im sure
you'll be able to get a great deal of inspirations out of it that you can
use as your content.

God bless!

--from SSTN: you can find this in our bookstore too:

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8) Fruit of Spirit book

Try the book "Abundance of the Heart: Rejoicing in the Fruit of the Spirit
" by Emilie Barnes. It has some of the most beautiful illustrations of
fruit that you will find anywhere. It is not specifically for children,
but I think it is fabulous!

Judith, Oklahoma City, OK

--from SSTN: you can find this in our bookstore too:

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9) Bringing unsaved friends

One thing to consider when encouraging those who don't have a personal
relationship with Jesus to come to a "church" event would be to find out
what they really want to do and offer that.  An easy check-in process
makes things even better - staffed points of entry/exit (to keep track of
the kids), secure way of handling any parental drop-off and pick-up ( i.e.
this kid belongs to this guardian), and perhaps even some computer screen
where they can tap out their name.  To encourage registration, offer a
prize drawing only available to those registered, perhaps one prize that
is specifically geared towards non-members.

Don't try to get a bunch of information if you don't have to - Name,
parent/guardian, age/DOB, phone and/or e-mail - address if they're willing
to give it, but no pressure there.

Matt McKee @ Horizon Community Church has a blog site he maintains about
Children's Ministry that's usually a good read.  He's mentioned holding
science camps, soccer camps, etc as alternatives to VBS.  He polled his
neighborhood to find what kids wanted to do and what wasn't readily
available, then partnered with a great company (checking references) to
offer a camp for the top 2 things.  The company provided the expertise,
the church provided volunteers and a little extra program to present the
gospel, the kids loved it and came (even though there was a cost

Prestonwood Church in Plano, TX holds an annual Fall Fest - similar
concept.  Invite the neighbors in, have a blast, and follow up later. 
Another church in the DFW area did something similar, but capture the
names for follow-up so they would know who was attending (members,
non-members, family, people who come annually to these types of things,
etc).  Great way to even target some of this towards people who may just
want to have a "good time".

Alternatively, another church one year gave kids a small bag of candy when
they showed up and expected them to stick around for the relatively lame
attractions (most of you probably have a visual of something like that). 
Why would anyone want to show up or stay at an event like that?

Anyway, I hope this gives you some ideas if nothing else.  I think the
main thing is to make it attractive to the kids and make it something
they'll want to attend, not a half-hearted attempt at entertainment.  If
the kids remember that fun event, they'll probably want to join in for
similar events.  If they get to hear, see, take part in the gospel message
while it's fun, even better!


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