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February 4, 2013 -- Issue #3 - Volume 14


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1) While You Were Working
2) "Blessigns"
3) Palm Sunday Skit

4) G.Y.R.I.G. & Spiritual Salad
Are You Numbered with God?
6) At the End of Your Rope? It's just the beginning!


1) While You Were Working

You've got to see this: 
AND share it!


2) "Blessigns"

The other day I wrote an email to a colleague and signed off with Blessings; only I misspelled it and wrote blessigns. That typo held a message for me. (Maybe for you too?) When I look for the various ways God is faithful in my life, call it a "God-sign," then I receive a blessing by being aware of God's presence and knowing he shows up in my life! And if I share that "blessign" with others, they too will receive a blessing!

So, what "blessigns" could you share today? How is God showing up in your life and ministry to kids?

Sarah Keith <><


3) Palm Sunday Skit

I was hoping to use the "Palm Sunday Live" skit by Lori Peterson with our Sunday School this year. I was hoping for your permission to print and use it as part of our kids service. We regularly take part in the church service and I thought this cute skit would be perfect. 
Thank you
Cheers Megan 
Donkin, Nova Scotia

--from SSTN: Dear Megan, sure, you may use the skit. That's the purpose of the site. ;o) Please do include copyright, name of author, and our website in all printed materials pertaining to the skit. To read our copyright guidelines, please visit the following page: 

For anyone else interested in our Bible Skits, visit the following page: 

Sarah Keith <><
"Home of the Sunday School Teacher's Network"


4) G.Y.R.I.G. & Spiritual Salad

GYRIG is a health encouragement group that I started at our church a couple weeks ago. It stands for Get Your Rear In Gear.

I did NOT want this to be about weight - I wanted it to be about health - and more importantly taking care of the Temple of the Holy Spirit. Its not just ladies. We have 1 gentleman that comes with his wife because they both wanted to do better with their overall health. 

We have 3 in their 60s, 3 in their 40s, one in her 30s and a just married teen (19). All "KNOW" things they could do to be better with their Temples. I lead off discussions and encourage them to share tips they have done that worked for them - or things they want to do and have researched some. We share healthier recipes, exercise tips, online sites and plan on participation events. 

This week's class I also shared a Spiritual Salad. I cut green paper in the shape of lettuce leaves. Each one had a "Let us" scripture* reference on it. Each person looked up the scripture read it and we shared the encouragement from God to keep on pressing toward the mark! 

For more "Let us" verses, follow this link: 


5) Are You Numbered With God?

Read now at: 




6) At the End of Your Rope? It's just the beginning! 

This is an excellent video presentation for teens and adults:  


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