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SSTN # 39 - June 4, 2007

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1) Water from a Rock
2) God never turns away - craft?
3) Statue of Liberty
4) No Father on Father's Day

USA Patriotic Catcher

5) No Father on Father's Day
6) Nehemiah 1-12?
7) Events / fundraisers?
8) Summer Water Games?
9) Statue of Liberty
10) Bible Memory Incentives?
11) Bringing unsaved friends?
12) Teacher Appreciation Sunday?

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1) Water from a Rock

In response to "Water from a Rock" request for lesson ideas:   I brought
in a regular rock from my garden (approx 8-9 inches or so).  I had it
hidden and had one of my helpers aware of where it was.  I started to
teach the lesson and in the middle of the lesson, stopped and asked her to
get me a drink of water please.  She brought over the rock and set it down
before me.  I picked it up to "take a drink", the kids all laughed. We
discussed different reasons why I couldn't get a drink from the rock.  It
made a great visual then when I stuck the rock with a small stick, my
helper then just brought me a real glass of water.  This may not be as
effective with 3 or 4 year olds.
Peggy in PA

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2) God never turns away from us craft?

We are doing a series based on some of the Psalms. One of the re-
occurring themes is that God never turns away from us. I would like 
to make a spinning/flying toy, or some kind of a weighted flipping 
thing that always always lands facing you. (We would write the words 
"God never turns away from us" on that side.) Any ideas?

Sharon (from Northern Alberta)

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3) Statue of Liberty

There is an old Southern Gospel song called "Statue of Liberty," which
draws parallels with the statue and the cross.
Do an online search. I think the Cathedrals sang it.

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4) No Father on Father's Day

> Any suggestions for Father's Day when you have students without a father
> in the life of the child?

We have a boy in our class whose father died two years ago. He was in our
class the first Father's Day after the death. He ended up not coming that
week--Perhaps his mom thought it would be too tough--but we had planned a
lesson that did not talk much about Father's Day, concentrating on the
main curriculum. The next year the Christian Ed. director provided all the
classes with a Father's Day project, so we had to include it. However, we
stressed that it could be for not just a father, but for someone who was a
role model for them. This child ended up making it for his grandpa.

It is important to be sensitive for occasions like these. Even some
children with both parents may not always have the best relationships with
their parents, so it can be hard on them when we compare God's love to
that of a parent, which is often done. I think if we are careful of our
words and if we provide other examples, such as grandparents, people
around the church, etc. to whom a child can relate or for whom he/she can
make a gift, it will be all right.

Susan M
5th-6th grade SS teacher

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USA Patriotic Catcher

Check out this fun activity in our Make N' Take Downloads section at:


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5) No Father on Father's Day
I, too, grew up without a Father - physically. Dad died when I was 10 of
cancer. But it wasn't too long after that that I discovered the scripture,
Psalm 68:5 that comforted me -- God -- "the Father of the fatherless...."
Even at a young age, that small phrase filled a void in my heart and gave
comfort. After that, whenever I saw the word Father in the Bible -- I
would claim it as a personal message from God to me. Through the years of
working with children in ministry and community, I have had opportunity to
share that scripture with other children that have needed encouragement
and comfort; especially when they felt the absence of a father. 
Isaiah 64:8 is another scripture that I love - because it talks about "my"
Father .. "we are the clay and thou our potter; and we are all the work of
thy hand." That scripture continues to lift me up - realizing it is my
Father that is creating the person I am becoming -- and HE isn't finished
with me yet. The Father that created us and is molding us into what HE
desires. Our dads here on earth have desires for us as well and can help
to point us in the right direction -- but there is no comparison to the
plans my Father has for ME!
Jeremiah 29:11 states that emphatically, "For I know the thoughts I think
toward you, says the Lord, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you
an expected end." Children want to call on dads for help when unsure of
themselves, and I found in Jeremiah 29: 12-13 that is exactly what my
Father instructed me to do -- to call to HIM with all my heart, to seek
HIM and I would always find HIM --- and that has always worked - just like
HE promised!
Take this perfect time of Father's Day to explain to all the children that
the Heavenly Father will be there for them - no matter what the future may
hold -- Our Heavenly Father is ultimately waiting for our call to instruct
us and love us. Honor their FATHER - and HE will honor them.
Joyfully Serving HIM,
Emmalea 1servinghim2@indy.net

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6) Nehemiah 1-12?
Does anyone have any ideas for games, discussions, activities or craft for
Nehemiah.  I am teaching 7-10 year old's over 3 weeks.  Thank you.

--from SSTN: Nehemiah is about the city walls of Jerusalem being rebuilt
by the Jews and the Israelites confessing their sin and turning back to
God. Games or crafts with a "building" theme, or games about repentance,
such as the one from the games section  entitled, "Repent" at:
would be appropriate.

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7) Events / fundraisers?

Hi all, I'm a youth leader in my local church for the ages 15 to 18 year
olds. We are planning our yearly fundraisers and events. If you guys can
send me some fresh, fun and funky ideas to use that will be great.

From South Africa, Cape Town
Reply to: cpetersen@crazystore.co.za

--from SSTN: make sure you check the archives too for "fundraisers".
You'll find dozens of great ideas at:

Also, for those replying, make sure you copy SSTN, so everyone can read
your great idea!

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8) Summer Water Games?

Hello my Sunday school is having a Field Day type day.  Fellowship will be
the main purpose of this activity.  I would like to know if anyone has
resources where I can get some ideas on Games that can be played outside
and that involves water.  Any ideas will be help full. 

--from SSTN: see archives too:
type water games into the search box.

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9) Statue of Liberty

> suggestions on a Biblical lesson in conjunction with a
> lesson on the Statute of Liberty?? I'll be teaching an English class in
> Bangkok, Thailand in October.

The serpent on a pole in the wilderness is similar to the Statue of
Liberty...those who looked to it lived. Jesus raised up on the cross is
our New Testatment equivalent, and brings freedom to our lives.

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10) Bible Memory Incentives?

I have recently started teaching Sunday School and I would be interested
in some ideas for encouraging the children (age 7-10) to memorize their
memory verses.
Also, some ideas for making the lessons interesting to them.

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11) Bringing unsaved friends?

Our church is one of several that hold an annual Kidzfest in our local
K-Mart parking lot.  Everything is FREE: inflateable rides, food,
activities - in order to share the gospel.  We have a tent for children
to  come  and hear the gospel.  Everyone entering the fenced-in area must
fill out a registration card. (helps with follow up on child).  Does
anyone have some ideas on doing a better job of having our church kids
bring unsaved, unchurched friends to Kidzfest?
What is the key to successfully reaching unsaved children and getting them
and their family into the church?

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12) Teacher Appreciation Sunday
Does anyone have some ideas for the children presenting something in the
church on this Sunday? I am looking for ideas as poems, recitation, ect. I
would need something that is relatively short maybe 10 m minutes.

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